Congratulations to Chloe: 1st BP winner for Goodwood Butterfly Guides

The western suburb clubs of the City of Unley continue to shine with Goodwood Butterfly Guides being very proud to announce their very first Junior BP of Goodwood Guides, Chloe.

The Junior BP award is a very prestigious peek achievement award within guiding. Chloe is a very fitting winner from what I hear. This and  number of other awards was presented by State Commissioner Michelle Stone.

She also presented Leader Awards as follows:

Penny -Brumby 5 yrs
Deahne – Platypus 10 yrs
Caroline –Kookaburra 10yrs
Sheralie –Koala 20 yrs

Eight of their guides where in the top 65 in the state for selling the famous guide biscuits, with one in the top 10.

Well done everyone. We are proud of you.

PS Residents living near the Scout/Guide Hall will be happy to know that they have received a grant from Communities SA to assist in rebuilding their front fence.

PSS For some of you this may be old news. I held off printing until knowing it was OK for me to publish. I have withheld last names too for reasons of privacy.

Goodwood Butterfly Guides Annual Christmas Market

The Goodwood Butterfly Guides held their Annual Christmas market today.

I called in around lunch time with my wife Dianne, prior to heading off to the DPTI thank you at Forestville Reserve.

The kids were there showing their selling skills and raising money for the benefit of the future of the club. Stalls included In-Genie-Us, Fifth Avenue Jewellery CollectionPanda HatsAll Over Make Over and other local, hand made produce.

This is community.

Children Present Signs due in Frederick Street

“Children Present” signs are due to be installed in Frederick Street Clarence Park, adjacent the Scout/Girl Guides hall.

After seeing evidence of unacceptable speeds in the southern end of Frederick Street in Clarence Park I pushed for us to look into what we can do to make this area safe.

Our traffic staff investigated options and it seems a number of initiatives I would like to have seen applied were not possible under the guidelines of the State Govcrnment Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure. The one thing we can do is erect signs in an appropriate location to remind people that this is an area where kids are present.

Hopefully this will see car drivers slowing down a bit.

Goodwood Scouts Street Safety

Council has recently conducted an investigation into traffic volumes and speed in Frederick Street Clarence Park after my observations of the last survey taken.

The last survey raised my concerns that traffic speeds are unacceptable given the presence of a scout and girl guides hall at this end of the street.

I expect to get the results of this new survey late next month. If the results warrant I will be advocating for a solution that will make the area safer for our kids.

Another Local Group alive and well

The Goodwood Girl Guides had a fund raising Easter Market today. This was a chance for my wife & I to purchase some goods, have a sausage and help them in a quest to get girls to Tasmania.
It is good see yet another of our many community groups out there and working hard towards success and identified goals. They were supported by a number of networking business selling their products at reduced prices.
Well done everyone involved.