Goodwood Oval Needs You

Goodwood Oval & the Millswood Park sports complex will be the subject of master planning that will commence very soon.

I reported on this back in August and September of last year. I understand that tenders have been called and if not let yet will be soon to undertake the consultation needed to identify the issues we need to address at both complexes as we try to have both venues suitable for the Unley of the future.

Goodwood Oval has for some time now had a group of people interested in ensuring it is the best it can be for the community that uses it. The committee includes there councillors, Jennie & I and Bob Schnell for the Goodwood Ward. It also includes representatives of each of the sporting clubs that use the oval’s facilities.
Two resident representatives round out the committee. This is not enough we believe in order to satisfactorily have the views of the residents of the area catered for.
A letter co-signed by both Jennie & I and hand delivered to homes in the immediate vicinity of the Oval by Jennie is seeking applications form at least 2 more residents.
If anyone reading this blog believes they could contribute to the group please let me know.
This is an exciting time to get involved and an important time with the master planning to commence.
No such group exists for the Millswood complex. This will remain the same unless there is interest enough to have us look at it.

Goodwood Oval/Millswood Park Master Plans

After much time and focusing our energies on that Oval east of here the time is nearing when master planning is about to get under way out here in the west.

I expect Council will be asked to endorse a briefing at the upcoming council meeting this month for calling tenders from Consultants to conduct the master planning. If this happens I will update you in this blog space.

As I see we have no need to resurvey the clubs as I firmly believe we know what their respective wish lists are. It would be great to simply go straight out to the residents and others for their views on the precinct and how they see it in 20 years time.

Whether this happens first up or not it will happen and I look forward to what my neighbours in Millswood and surrounds have to say. It will be good to move on from the State Government’s rail revelation project onto something where we all CAN positively influence.

Goodwood Oval Community Opportunity

Following on from my post of 11 September last I can now advise that the people of this newly formed group, be they club representatives or residents, are (in the absence of control being exercised by Council) taking ownership of the Group and has a web site of its own.

As I noted in my last blog this new committee met for the forts time on 11 September. A number of key issues were acknowledged and is evidence of the need for a strong representative group to liaise with Council on issues of relevance to this precinct.
One of these is that at this stage there are only two resident representatives, and as indicated on the website (see below) we are keen to have more resident representatives. Unfortunately Council received only a limited response when calling for resident representatives.
Taking interest in joining the group is canvassed on the website. I encourage you to have a look at
If you are interested I encourage you to contact the chair of the group Greg Wilson, whose details are on the website. He will then liaise with council to ensure eligibility and provide an invitation.
As before, watch this space for more.

First Meeting of Goodwood Oval Reference Group was Lively

The first meeting of the newly badged “Goodwood Oval Reference Group” met tonight for the first time; and there was some frank discussion in the group with issues impacting on the Oval precinct in the near future. This includes the upcoming master planning of Goodwood Oval and nearby Millswood Reserve.

The meeting started with members introducing themselves. Each club was represented, two residents represented their neighbours, three councilors were present and one member of council’s staff.

It was agreed that one of the resident representatives chair this and subsequent meeting. He will also keep a record of the discussions of the meeting.

The meeting was briefed on the structure and format of the new meetings. The group understand that they are a reference group and not a decision making committee of council. This will not stop them from making requests of Council, be it administrative in nature to the member of staff that will be present or via their elected members if there is a request of council in a strategic area.

We were also briefed about the upcoming master planning process for the precinct. Tenders will be cancelled soon to start this process off. In anticipation of this their was an exchange of views regrading the wishes of the Hockey Club and Tennis.

Finally the Goodwood Tennis Club were challenged over their use of large logo sponsors signs on new shade cloth. The club has become aware after resident complaints from a month ago that they require approval for any signage. Under the lease to Tennis SA council approval is required for any signage and council would definitely take on the views of residents before providing approval.

I felt discussions between the club and residents may have actually come up with a solution that could prove workable. Having said that the club indicated they would have further discussions with their sponsors and with council, and hope to have a solution enacted prior to the group’s next meeting.

This meeting showed the power of community groups working together. Another example of how those in the west of Unley are showing the rest of Unley how it should be done.

Watch this space for more reports from this group.

Back to successful sporting clubs in the west of Unley

A club not mentioned before in my blogs who deserve some accolades is the Forestville Hockey Club.

Forestville Hockey Club is proudly the oldest hockey club in Australia having celebrated their centenary in 2005.
The strength of their club, as I have identified with a number of western based clubs has been their junior development focus. They have a great community interaction, and the positive social and family environment will ensure that Forestville Hockey Club will continue to flourish and maintain itself as one of the great sporting club’s in the country.
With over 250 senior and junior members they have teams for people of all ages and abilities which extend from their Junior “Minkey” program to their Men’s and Women’s 1st XI teams, which compete in their respective Hockey SA Premier League competitions.
Well done Forestville. Another jewel in the crown of the sporting clubs based in the west of Unley.

Goodwood Oval Reference Group to meet

The re-badged formerly called Goodwood Advisory Group is set to meet for the first time in the first week of September.

The new group is  made up of resident representatives, representatives of the various sporting clubs using the oval and surrounds and three elected members, Bob Schnell (representing Goodwood Ward) and Jennie & I representing Goodwood South Ward.

This will provide an opportunity for the clubs and residents to discuss items of mutual interest, and like the previous advisory group, ensure there is a good relationship between all users of the oval and its surrounds.

The first meeting is likely to be an opportunity to simply get to know each other, be advised on the changes to the terms of reference and have a discussion about purpose of the committee and its goals
The meeting will also look to appoint a Chairperson (and minute taker if required) and agree dates for future meetings. It will be up to the committee to determine how often they will meet.
I expect our council staff will update the committee on the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Reserve Master Plans. The group is bound to want to contribute to this.

Another Sporting Club in the West doing well

The successes of the sporting clubs in the west of the City of Unley continues with the Tennis Club at the Goodwood Oval complex being the subject of a storey in the Eastern Courier this week.

The Goodwood Tennis Club is reported  (on page13 of the current edition) as proving to be a breeding ground for future stars.

Four junior members of the club – Amber Marshall, Nikki Milner, Brooke Milner and David Abfalter are shining both on the state stage and the national stage.

The club President is of the belief that the current crop of juniors is at least as good, if not better, than what the club has had for the last 10 or 20 years.

Great to see yet another of our sporting clubs setting the pace for others to follow.

Community Asset Action Plan 2012 – 2015 Update

Community Consultation is well underway on the plan with a handful of people attending the two open meetings held at the Civic Centre this week.

Have only heard from two others, one of which I will be catching up with next week regarding how to develop the eastern side of Millswood Park.

Apart from that I can tell you that we have let a contract for the Master Planning of Unley Oval. Master Planning of Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park awaits budget allocation in (hopefully) next year’s budget.

Community Asset Review Goes Public

Community consultation has now commenced on the Draft Community Asset Action Plan 2012 – 2015, closing 2 November. Finally we are in a position to allow public to input into the futures of Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park in the west of the city and also Unley Oval.

So whatever the outside agendas that have been promoted and all the theories being thrown around can now take a back seat as our thoughts are now made public. I encourage you to read the information at the link below.

As you will see from the report we are looking at all of our facilities and notwithstanding that we have determined there is a need for master plans at the three facilities mentioned above.

Your input is not only encouraged but, with the encouraging reaction to suggestions being put in the last three months at ALL THREE complexes, requested. We need and want your input, as is the way we do things in Unley.

 These are your facilities.
 You will note a public information session is planned for 24 October at the Civic Centre. This will be an opportunity to talk with the authors of the report and it is my intention to be there in person at both sessions.
There is also a list of frequently asked questions, and a short survey on the website that we can access.
In closing I note that the apparent threats by the Goodwood Junction project have been difficult to manage and got in the way of preparing the brief. Likewise the media representations of what is and is not being planned for Unley Oval.
Foot note:  We have called tenders for the Master Planning of Unley Oval so we will be raedy to hit the ground running on thast facility when the consultation is complete.




Tennis at Goodwood Oval

Changes are in the offing with tennis at Goodwood Oval.

My Co-Councilor has picked up on comments in the minutes of a recent Goodwood Oval Advisory Group Committee meeting and made some observations regarding this in her blog site.

It is true that Tennis SA is applying for a liquor licence for their premises at Goodwood Oval. The process of applying for a licence requires public consultation so those near the ground will hear more on this later. It is my understanding that this licence will be similar to that which both the Football Club and Cricket Club already have. I understand also that there will be no change to the hours the courts are used.

It is also true that the use of the 4 northern courts was discussed, as it has been for most of this year. As a member of the committee I can tell you there is nothing untoward about this and that in fact the change is council inspired in that the move is to ensure the general public DO get their rightful access.

Our neighbouring Ward Councilor, Bob Schnell highlighting the lack of awareness of who has access to these courts, raised the issue earlier this year.

Their lease is also due for renewal.

As part of the lease renewal negotiations the situation of public access has been identified as one condition of the lease that needed tidying up. This is happening with Council likely to sign post the area to indicate they are public courts. The club will be allowed access on an agreed regime when events are to be held.

Be assured everyone that this is about more public access through awareness and not less access to allow the club more, as I am sure your resident representatives on this committee would attest.

Community Asset Review Update

As we move toward the next phase of the Community Assets Review we are being challenged with things that have the potential to de-rail all the good work done to date.

I recently posted that I expected the next phase of the review would occur in September. That phase is going out to public consultation on the draft initiatives that have emanated from the consultation earlier in the year from the principal stakeholders, the clubs and associations who use the facilities being reviewed. With side issues getting in the way it will now be October before we can give you a chance to comment.

We had to deal with a suggestion on Unley Oval to experiment with trial fencing around part of the Oval. This will not be happening.

We then had to deal with DPTI wanting to use the Forestville Hockey Ground as the main works depot for the Goodwood Junction Project. With lobbying from Jennie (my co-councillor) & I this will now not happen as it will be located in the Showgrounds.

We are currently dealing with a proposal for DPTI to use part of the Millswood Sporting Complex as a minor works depot for the same project.

The interference caused by these have been noted in previous posts.

A motion will be put to Council on Monday night to approve calling tenders for master planning for the Unley Oval precinct. If passed this will allow us to start with master planning as soon as the results of the public consultation have been received and collated.

Of course the financial status of the Sturt Football Club is a concern as we move forward but this should not stop us from calling tenders.

We should have a better understanding of their financial position and the results of the public consultation before being in a position to let the successful tender.

Calling of tenders for the other two precincts, Goodwood Oval and Millswood, are not anticipated yet.

Community Assets Review Advances

Council last night endorsed the recommendations of the Community Assets Review Committee to advance to the next stage.

Much has been achieved thus far with the review. Recommenced late last year with yours Truly a member of the committee overseeing it after stalling a few years ago we have achieved our original aim of consulting with the key stakeholders.

These stakeholders, the sporting clubs and other organisations using our various facilities, were asked to provide us with their visions for their future, to advise us their needs going forward. In some cases they were asked about recommendations stemming from the results of those older stalled consultations.

As a result of the review it has been determined that Master Planning IS required for the Unley Oval, the Goodwood Oval and the Millswood Sporting Complex.

With blessings last night stage II is ready to commence.

More on that later other than to say we would hope to be in a position where, subject to funding, we can start the Master Planning Process early next year.

Update on Goodwood Junction

After the printer provided us with our newsletter delivered to affected residents over the weekend Jennie & I received information that we have had a success.

One our concerns (item 3 in our newsletter) was the proposed sighting of the works depot at the Forestville Hockey Club. The depot now we are told will be at the location suggested originally by myself when first consulted on this. That will be at the Showgrounds.

Of particular concern had it been where they were intending would have been the implications on our community for the type of compensation that would be provided the club for losing the facility for a full season. It would be fair to compensate them and the most appropriate compensation from the club’s point of view would have been getting a synthetic pitch.

With the City of Unley working towards creating a master plan for this precinct which would naturally include significant community consultation it would be totally wrong to have a synthetic pitch installed just prior to commencing the master planning.

Community Assets Review Update

Following on from posts of the14th and 25th April on this blog site I had cause to respond to a question from an interested ratepayer regarding the possible redevelopment of the Unley Oval. Picket Fences and Grandstand extensions having been in the News lately.

Below is my responce to our ratepayer. I felt it prudent to bring all those who watch this blog in on the answer as soem of you may have similar questions. Whilst the answer is in responce to Unley Oval, it applies also to Goodwood Oval and to Millswood Sporting Complex.


Back in 2006 or 2007 Council commenced a community assets review. The aim of the review was to review all the building assets of council to determine the state of the building and to determine if they were fit for use for the clubs and groups in our communities that use them.
This review stalled until the current council picked it up. I am a member of this committee.
Over the last 12 months we have liaised with the clubs and groups using our buildings and other key stakeholders. We have determined that a master plan will be required not only for the Unley Oval precinct but the Goodwood Oval precinct and the Millswood Sporting complex.
A number of recommendations will be put to Council possibly in August and with their endorsement we will be going out to the wider community to seek their input. I expect this to be in September of this year.
Once this is done we will be moving on to creating master plans for all three areas.
Realistically there can be no action at any of these venues until master plans are done and approved and included in the long term financial plans of Council. I suggest we’re talking a  20 year plan in all cases to see anything come to fruition.
The Sturt Football Club clearly would like things to happen sooner. In my opinion, whilst there are some things they might have on the WishList, they don’t have their own clear strategic plan going forward. Having said that some of those things may come to fruition.

Success at Night for Goody Saints

The Goodwood Saints Football Club hosted another successful night match at Goodwood Oval tonight. This time the success included victory on the Football Field.

Yes the Goodwood Saints Football Club defeated Plympton High Old Scholars-Camden Football Club by some 6 goals. This victory will see Goody Saints move ahead of the PHOS-Camden on the premiership ladder as they progress toward the top five. An important victory after the round 1 loss to the same club.

The boys of the A grade team finished off a good day for the Goodwood Saints Football Club after both the B and C grades had significant wins of their own. Well done all round.

The real success however, noting the weather conditions did not encourage a strong spectator attendance, was seeing so many multi generational families at the ground. Players of all grades were there to watch the A grade strut their stuff. But with them were their parents, their grand parents, their kids and in a couple of cases their grand kids.

This is local community at its best.

Night Football at Goodwood Oval again has presented itself as an event that can occur without importantly causing inconvenience to the local community, to the local residents. The lights at the ground are designed such that areas 10 metres outside the boundary line are in darkness. As last year this was demonstrably obvious.

Last year the feedback from residents was encouraging. The prevailing feeling was the nearby neighbours experienced no interference. I trust this will be confirmed this time around. I will get feedback from this shortly when the Goodwood Oval Advisory Group meets again shortly.

The attendance numbers was not like last years successful night debut against Sacred Heart Old Collegians but given the weather conditions I reckon it was better.

Last year the boys lost, from memory by 1 point. This year they recorded a comfortable victory after a strong (premiership) 3rd quarter.

I asked a question when I posted some time ago, earlier this season ….. what makes a successful Football Club. Indeed what makes a successful community …… not for me to say other than …… look at what is happening at Goodwood Oval. You might get an idea of what is needed for success.


Well done again Goody Saints. You deserve every success you get.

Commmunity Asset Review Update

The Community Asset Review Committee met this week in preparation of  a proposal being put to council ready for public consultation maybe in August of this year.

As a member of  that group I am keen having had input now from the key stakeholders (the clubs and groups using our buildings)  to move the project forward and see what the residents and rate payers believe about how we should utilise our facilities into the future.

I am also a member of both the Unley Oval Advisory Group and the Goodwood Oval Advisory Group. Both these groups have indicated a desire to see what the club’s wish lists are and offer opinion on this.

Both Goodwood Oval and the Millswood complex are likely at the end of this consultation to go down the road of having master plans developed for them.

I expect the report to be put to next months City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting so watch this space.

Goody Saints Host Night Match

A night game is scheduled for the 23rd of this month as our Goody Saints make moves towards the top five.

For information about the event please follow the link to the City of Unley website.

These nights are good fun and well run, and nearby residents are invited to join in.

Community Asset Review Update

The first stage of our Community Assets Review has been completed and the committee is preparing a report for council to consider. This report will advise Council of the results of the primary stakeholder consultation and the committees recommendations for going forward.

All the clubs have been consulted and we believe we know reasonably well how they see their future’s and their plans for the future. The clubs were invited recently to one of two BBQs we organised to thank them for their participation in the consultation. This was valuable exercise as we (and in particular the elected members of the committee, Mayor Clyne, Cr Salaman and myself) got to hear first hand the issues facing the clubs.

There will be a number of recommendations put to council directed at the use of our facilities by these clubs.

We will also be recommending a path forward for consulting the larger community who want and need to access our open spaces, and maybe our buildings. The larger community is you and me. We all need to get a benefit from our parks and gardens. This process will take us through August to October, allowing us to put a proposal to Council in November or December.

At this early stage it looks like we will be heading down the path of preparing master plans for both sites in Goodwood South; Goodwood Oval and the Millswood Sporting Complex. The same will apply in the eastern side of the City at Unley Oval. And yes that is likely to mean we will not see anything physically happening at any of the venues for some time, meaning leases to the various clubs should not be seen as in jeopardy.

Let’s face it, we are looking at how our assets may be employed not next year but 5 years from now, 10 years from now; indeed 20 years from now.

Community Asset Review

Reviewing our assets to help our various community groups move forward is back on the Radar.
Council has endeavoured for a number of years now to complete a review of all our building assets, many of them having run down over time due to a lack of appropriate or programmed maintenance. Unfortunately the review stalled some time back.
A committee was reformed last year to and I volunteered to participate as a member. I have recently been asked to chair this group. This committee has, using data collected years ago form the various community groups using our facilities, supervised our officers going back out and consulting with these key stakeholders.
This process has all but been completed and a report is expected to be put before council in May or June to advise the findings of this key stakeholder engagement. We would then seek authority from Council to go out and consult with the wider community to seek their input into how we can best utilise the assets we have.
This has been a necessary exercise in that the City of Unley has a limited supply of green space when compared to other councils but we have a significant number of buildings and premises, some well utilised by our community, some not so well utilised. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your rates are spent in areas that provide the greatest community benefit.
As we move forward and there is an expectation that our population will grow and recognition that our age demographic is heading north, it is time to plan now for the future so that we might leave a positive legacy for future residents and indeed future councils.

Two key sites in Goodwood South are included in this review; that being the Goodwood Oval complex and the Millswood complex located in Millswood Crescent. The clubs have all co-operated with the review and I applaud them for their understanding of the challenges council faces to provide for their collective futures. Having spoken with each club one on one, we will shortly mix with all of them collectively before finalising the report to council.