What is happening after the Fairfax Avenue street meeting

Jennie and I have just been briefed on what is happening as a result of our recent street meeting with residents of Fairfax and Graham Avenues.

We have been advised as follows:
ü  The driveway line marking will be reviewed in the street to improve access to properties.  This is scheduled for February.
ü  Line marking and signs installed to direct motorists not to park within 10 metres of the junction
ü  Parking on both sides of the road which restricts access for large vehicles is proving a challenge as the only foreseeable solution is to restrict parking on one side of the road which is felt will be counterproductive.
ü  It is proposed therefore to conduct a parking turnover study in March 2012 once sporting activities re-commence to determine level of usage.
ü  Line marking is also to be reviewed to determine if a space can be provided without limiting access
ü  An investigation into vehicles speeding though the junction at Meredyth Avenue, Graham Avenue and Cromer Parade shows that vehicle speeds in Graham Avenue are low with very few vehicles exceeding the speed limit.  In Meredyth Ave and Cromer Parade, previous traffic data showed vehicle speeds are higher with a significant proportion exceeding the speed limit and the speed observation trailer will be deployed in both of these streets in Feb.  New counts are scheduled for this month  and SAPOL will be advised if this data shows excessive speeding.
If anyone has anything more they wish to contribute to this exercise please respond so we can include it in our research.

GAP water flowing

The GAP (Glenelg to Adelaide Pipeline) water is soon to flow. Subject to auditing by SA Water of the existing infrastructure Goodwood Oval and Unley Oval should be running befroe Christmas.

This water will guarantee water supply to our parks and gardens whilst substantially reducing our ongoing cost of supply.

A number of parks in Unley will benefit from this, the least of which will be Goodwood South Ward’s own Goodwood Oval (shown above)

Commnity Asset Review

Council’s City Strategy & Policy Committee last night endorsed consultation to commence on the Community Asset Review (CAR).

This review involves a strategic review of many of Council’s community facilities, including their design and functionality, and the services operated from them. A key part of the project is consultation with all stakeholders, particularly the clubs and groups who lease Council’s community facilities, and others who use them.

The full report is available on Council’s website at www.unley.sa.gov.au, click on Council, then City Strategy & Policy Committee, then November 2011 agenda.

The CAR consultation plan requires final endorsement at the full Council next Monday, after which time Council staff will commence discussions with the key stakeholders.

As a member of the CAR committee I will be available to all stakeholders, and when the time comes others in our community, to ensure we get the best possible solution for our community groups.

As one of your elected members (Goodwood South) I will be particularly interested in the groups that use our facilities at Goodwood Oval & Millswood.

This review has been a long time coming and is needed provide those groups concerned about their future an opportunity to shape their future with certainty, with our help.

Community & Council working together in Millswood

Concerns by some residents expressed recently to my co councillor Jennie Boisvert prompted a “street” meeting, or perhaps I should say an “oval” meeting.

A group of around 20 people responded to an invitation to attend the meeting called to address the issues raised. Jennie and I, along with council’s manager of traffic and transport, Charles Mountain, talked with residents about a number of issues of concern to some of them.

Concerns around parking on match days on the south side of Goodwood Oval (in Fairfax & Graham Streets), was accepted by the majority as one of the prices to pay when living next door to an oval. Other issues raised however warrant Council looking into and addressing.

Fencing at the south west corner of the oval, whilst included in our current year’s budget, has yet to be erected. Discussions on this revealed it is a good idea we check what type of fence is being considered as there were concerns regarding the safety of children. Jennie and I will follow this up.

The fence is yet to be erected – watch this space

A number of issues were also raised by residents of Graham Avenue. All these issues are worthy of Council responding to and we will.

It was good to part of a very productive meeting and I thank the residents who participated.

100 Years of football in Goodwood.

Last night Unley Councill hosted a gathering at the Town Hall to celebrate 100 years of football in Goodwood and the end of a big year for the Goodwood Saints Football Club as they recognised the history of previous clubs having called Goodwood Oval home.

This was a night of nostalgia for many and a great opportunity to reflect on the past, be happy with the present and confident of the future as a previous coach is quoted in a recently published book on the history as having said.

A strong history of providing a service to the local community and certainly a very successful era in recent times for the current club calling Goodwood Oval home, the Goodwood Saints.

Well done guys!