Colin “Tiny” Nelson honoured

As I reported in my post on this website back on the 29 th April Colin “Tiny” Nelson was honoured today with the naming of the grandstand at Goodwood Oval.


A truly life time servant to Football in Goodwood Colin”Tiny”Nelson has been recognised by the City of Unley, the AFL and even with an AOM. Today the Grandstand at Goodwood Oval, as approved by Council back in April and reported by me, was named the Colin “Tiny”Nelson AOM Grandstand.





Today was a good day with the weather behaving as well as it has for a month or so. The Sainters had a good day too with both the A’s and the B’s winning. I trust the U18’s who will be playing under lights very shortly will fly the flag also.

As I indicated in my previous blog about Colin “Tiny” Nelson being recognised, he is absolutely the sort of person a grandstand should be named after. What I learnt today adds to what I have previously said about “Tiny”. Not content with the service he provided as a young man unable to play because of a bad injury, service that prompted life membership of the then Goodwood Football Club in his early twenties, he probably can be considered the saviour of the club during its darkest moment.

Colin Nelson had the foresight (guts if you will) to consider and encourage the amalgamation of the Goodwood Football Club with St Raphael’s Football Club at a time when the club was not succeeding at any level. This is the stuff of a true leader.

The story of the amalgamated club is one of ongoing and continuous success. Who knows the club may not existing in any form today if not for the bravery of one Colin”Tiny”Nelson. As it is however the Goodwood Saints Football Club is the most respected and revered club in the amateur league.

Mayor Lachlan Clyne was on hand to unveil a picture of the occasion which he presented to Tiny.




The Colin Nelson Grandstand

Goodwood Oval is set to have it’s Grandstand named after a stalwart of the Goodwood saints Football and the local community. It is to be named the “Colin Nelson Grandstand”.


Colin Nelson GrandstandColin “Tiny” Nelson has been with the club since the days of his youth back in 1948. Colin Nelson OAM or Tiny as he is known has been involved with the Goodwood Saints Football Club as both a player and administrator since 1948.

The grandstand is owned by Council and leased to the Goodwood Saints Football Club from April to September, and to the Goodwood Cricket Club from October to March. The Saints wrote to Council and asked if we would be happy to approve the naming of the stand, just like has occurred at Unley Oval. The Cricket Club  have already indicated their approval.

I was thankful, as a regular attender of Goody Saints matches and a user of the ground, to have been given the opportunity to move the motion for Council to approve the naming. There is no more fitting recipient of such an honour.

Tiny joined the Goodwood Football Club (now the Goodwood Saints Football Club) in 1948 and in 1949, was elected to the management committee and also appointed manager of the A Grade team of the club at just 14 years of age. Since this time, he has continued to hold a volunteer position on the Club’s management committee and has worked tirelessly for the club, particularly assisting them through difficult periods.

The football Club will be paying for all costs associated with the project and Council will oversee the work.


Goodwood Oval & Millswood Sporting Complex back on the agenda

A staged implementation plan for Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex in accordance with the resolution of Council on August 2014 I expect to be presented to Council at this months full council meeting.


This report should outline the approach for further community engagement, detailed design, priority projects and funding options.

The consultants for the project have taken on board what we heard during the public consultation last year. Their report will be their response to all the information garnered during the consultation.

It remains to be seen what they recommend but I am hopeful there are a number of initiatives that we can take on that will not impact significantly on our budget. This plan has been in the pipeline now since 2006 and I believe it is time we actually get to the point sooner rather than later of actually achieving something on the ground.

There are some little ticket items that I believe we can reasonable undertake. Bigger ticket times will always have to wait on Government funding. These need to be designed and costed so they are ready for implementation of funding becomes available.

Whatever is proposed will be taken back out to the public for their information and edification.



Goody Saints in a Clean Sweep

Goody Saints, that powerhouse in the west of the City of Unley has won the SAAFL Division 1 premiership….again!

With three premierships from their three senior teams this may well be the club’s finest hour, eclipsing their recent 5 in a row.

They beat Rostrevor OC in the Grand Final 14.10 to 7.7 in a convincing display. They went through the season undefeated apart form one minor hiccup in the 2nd Semi Final. If they had to lose that was the one to lose.
This backs up the win earlier in the day when the B grade won the Division 1 Reserves premiership beating (again) Rostrevor OC 13.10 to 6.4, another drubbing.
Last week the C Grade started the scene winning the Division 3 Premiership beating Adelaide Uni in their division 9.9 to 8.5.
What a year. This is a club that deserves success. They have been an exemplary club since the amalgamation of the then Goodwood FC and St Raphaels FC way back in 1985 and have been the pace setter since their famous five in a row between 2005-09.
Celebrate guys. You deserve everything you get. (sounds familiar)

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Reserve Open Day

If you have an interest in how Goodwood Oval or it’s neighbour Millswood Park will look in the future and what they can provide the community don’t forget that the open day is this Saturday.

The sessions will be as follows:
  • Goodwood Oval from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm
  • Millswood Sporting Complex from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm

From there you can catch the showdown, either at the Adelaide Oval, or at home.

Goodwood Oval/Millswood Reserve Improvement Plans

While Council’s survey on the improvement plan closed a week ago your input can still be provided.

The project team is currently collating the information received. I suspect they will notify what they have received at the  community information day on Saturday 29 March at both sites.  This is your last chance to inform the options that will be considered in the concept plans the development which will commence after the community information day.
The sessions will be as follows:
  • Goodwood Oval from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm
  • Millswood Sporting Complex from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm

From there you can catch the showdown, either at the Adelaide Oval, or at home.

A Heads up on Goodwood Oval/Millswood Park Improvement Plans

Jennie & I have had a briefing on the process of developing the improvement plan with the Consultant. 

They (the consultant) have commenced with one on one discussions with the various clubs and have advised we have received a number of responses from residents already. A good start.

The purpose of this blog post is provide everyone with an idea of what to expect from the process going forward. Obviously the one on one stalks and the assessing of responses will continue.

As you are already I trust aware we will have two forums on the 29th Match (one month from now, one at each location. The members of the Goodwood Oval Reference Group I except will be given personal invitations to the Goodwood Oval session.

A week later it is proposed to have a meeting with all the clubs from each location, again in tow sessions. It is then expected that the consultants will be able to brief all elected members in the 1st week of May, followed by a session with all stakeholders a coupe of weeks later.

The consultants final draft should then be ready to go out for public edification mid May.

An Opportunity of a Generation for the Generations of the Future

What do you think Goodwood Oval & Millswood Park should look and feel like in the future. We are keen to know your thoughts as we plan for the future use of these two facilities.

I am blogging again on this topic as I am passionate in making sure you know you have and take the opportunity to shape the future of the premier sporting facility of the west side of the City of Unley.

Council is keen to have a blueprint for future improvements so that we can take advantage and any future grant funding opportunities that may come our way from the Federal or State Governments. If we fail to have a blueprint then we will fail to attract funding if ever it becomes available. In other words we need to be project ready if ever an opportunity presents itself.

As I noted in previous posts on this blog site Council has, through its Community Assets Review, spoken to the sporting clubs using these facilities. We have determined each have a wish list that they see are important initiatives for the future of their respective clubs.

You will have a chance to respond to these wish lists. But more importantly we need to know what you think can be improved.

The public consultation currently under way has seen all residents within a 1.5 km radius of the grounds receive a letter requesting their thoughts. You can snail mail or email this back to council. A survey is available on our Have Your Say webpage at to facilitate this.

And the Goodwood Oval Reference Group website provides opportunity to have a say. They can be found at and the have your say option can be found at the top right hand corner of the screen.

The upcoming public forums at Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park will be on us soon, indeed as soon as next week.

Goodwood Oval will be held from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm
Millswood Park (shown on the map as SASMEE Park) will be held from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

If there are things that you think would help make these facilities better then please contribute. A facility for all to enjoy not just now for the current generations, but for those who will follow us.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Park Improvement Plan

After protracted discussions over a number of years between Council and the various sporting clubs using both Goodwood Oval and Millswood Reserve we are ready to consult with residents adjacent both facilities.

The consultation will be conducted by Suter Planners. They have been appointed as the lead consultant after their tender was found to be the most suitable. Having over 20 years’ experience in the industry, particularly in developing plans for similar facilities, I am confident they will do an excellent job.

The consultants have commenced work reviewing relevant documentation from the Council Club consultations. It is foreseen that public consultation will commence in mid-February, with the final plan completed by June 2014.

I expect that they are likely to hold public forums but more on how they will go about it will follow in future blog posts on this site. 

The re-badged Goodwood Oval Reference Group will also participate in this process and no doubt the improvement plan will be a focus of upcoming meetings. For more about this group and how to communicate with them check my earlier post of today.

This is your facility so when the opportunity presents itself we want to hear from you.


Goody Oval Resident Rep applications closed

With Consultants now commissioned to seek public feedback on the Improvement planning for Goodwood Oval the Reference Group is taking shape.

The reference group (previously known as the Advisory Group) is a community that has been in existence for some time now. It is a forum that allows interchange between the clubs and residents on a range of ongoing issues.

The group has been quite successful in ensuring an undertaking of each others views and needs. It is growing to a new level with the name change and a website has been created to keep track of the issues under discussion.

Nominations for the last 2 residents representatives of this new group closed today. The response has been fantastic with more people nominating than can be accommodated.We expect to know who have been successful sometime next week.

In the meantime the Goodwood Oval website has become interactive which is fantastic. Check it out at

Success out west again (Go Goody Saints)

The Goodwood Saints Football Club continue to build on their successes with two premierships this year, one to their U18’s just recently and to the Div 1 Reserves today against Salisbury North.

And this is hot on the heels of the Div 1, and Div 3 teams finishing 3rd.

And they thumped them what’s more ……. 20.10 130 to 4.3 27

Boy! Do we breed them well out in the west of Unley.

Seen vision of the boys singing “when the saints” on Facebook. If you are on Facebook go and check it out.

Goody Saints Juniors on show under lights

Goodwood Oval Lights

The Under 8’s, 9’s and 10’s got to strut their stuff tonight under lights.

Well done again to the Goody Saints. Tonight they gave their juniors a chance to play under lights and a good night it was albeit a bit on the cold side.

The Saints played PHOS Camden and the boys had a great time playing at this time.

A couple of observations from yours truly…… firstly I noticed two umpires for the under 10’s. And I was thinking while watching the under 9’s that it would be good to get out there again and umpire (after a 20 year break that is). Any doubts as to whether I would be fit enough was dispelled when I saw 2 umpires come out for the late game.

The other observation……no toilets.

It may be a good idea for the club and council to work out how to ensure the toilets are available the next time he under age teams play at night. I will raise this at the next Goodwood Oval Advisory Group meeting.

Oh and thanks to the Goody Saints Facebook site for the photo I pinched from you. I forgot to take my camera.

Success at Night for Goody Saints

The Goodwood Saints Football Club hosted another successful night match at Goodwood Oval tonight. This time the success included victory on the Football Field.

Yes the Goodwood Saints Football Club defeated Plympton High Old Scholars-Camden Football Club by some 6 goals. This victory will see Goody Saints move ahead of the PHOS-Camden on the premiership ladder as they progress toward the top five. An important victory after the round 1 loss to the same club.

The boys of the A grade team finished off a good day for the Goodwood Saints Football Club after both the B and C grades had significant wins of their own. Well done all round.

The real success however, noting the weather conditions did not encourage a strong spectator attendance, was seeing so many multi generational families at the ground. Players of all grades were there to watch the A grade strut their stuff. But with them were their parents, their grand parents, their kids and in a couple of cases their grand kids.

This is local community at its best.

Night Football at Goodwood Oval again has presented itself as an event that can occur without importantly causing inconvenience to the local community, to the local residents. The lights at the ground are designed such that areas 10 metres outside the boundary line are in darkness. As last year this was demonstrably obvious.

Last year the feedback from residents was encouraging. The prevailing feeling was the nearby neighbours experienced no interference. I trust this will be confirmed this time around. I will get feedback from this shortly when the Goodwood Oval Advisory Group meets again shortly.

The attendance numbers was not like last years successful night debut against Sacred Heart Old Collegians but given the weather conditions I reckon it was better.

Last year the boys lost, from memory by 1 point. This year they recorded a comfortable victory after a strong (premiership) 3rd quarter.

I asked a question when I posted some time ago, earlier this season ….. what makes a successful Football Club. Indeed what makes a successful community …… not for me to say other than …… look at what is happening at Goodwood Oval. You might get an idea of what is needed for success.


Well done again Goody Saints. You deserve every success you get.

Goody Saints Host Night Match

A night game is scheduled for the 23rd of this month as our Goody Saints make moves towards the top five.

For information about the event please follow the link to the City of Unley website.

These nights are good fun and well run, and nearby residents are invited to join in.

Goodwood Saints show why they are one of the real success storeys of the City of Unley’s Goodwood South Ward.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Guernsey presentations for the junior teams of the Goodwood Saints Football Club. They are truly a great club and an icon of the local community.

It was a tremendous night where some 250 young lads received their Guernseys for the 2012 season. 250 kids mainly from the Millswood, Clarence Park, Black Forest area and attending local schools like Black Forest Primary School, Goodwood Primary School and St Thomas Primary School.

                                                                          Not only is it exciting to see so many kids at Goody Oval, it was great to see the army of volunteers (mums and dads and others) supporting the development of young minds, helping them to progress into adulthood as part of a structure that knows and is success.

And Mums and Dads and others just supporting by being there.
We can all believe what we see and hear from our media that the kids of today are lazy, that they don’t get outdoors and don’t get exercise other than their thumbs on play stations etc. Or we can get outside ourselves, go along to the local oval and see what IS actually happening. 250 kids using Goodwood Oval….I rest my case.

Well done Goody Saints. I congratulate you; and may you continue to get the success you deserve. As an elected member of the City of Unley I will help any way I can to support a club that so clearly supports the local community.

PS           Is what I saw because of their success or is what I saw why they are successful?

They know!


100 Years of football in Goodwood.

Last night Unley Councill hosted a gathering at the Town Hall to celebrate 100 years of football in Goodwood and the end of a big year for the Goodwood Saints Football Club as they recognised the history of previous clubs having called Goodwood Oval home.

This was a night of nostalgia for many and a great opportunity to reflect on the past, be happy with the present and confident of the future as a previous coach is quoted in a recently published book on the history as having said.

A strong history of providing a service to the local community and certainly a very successful era in recent times for the current club calling Goodwood Oval home, the Goodwood Saints.

Well done guys!