DPA 2 – Your last chance to be informed

The second and last of two forums explaining the tail of the development plan amendment council must pursue for and on behalf of the State Government is this afternoon.

If you live in Black Forest or Clarence Park, west of East Avenue this is something you should familiarise yourself with.

This amendment to the Development Plan is designed to encourage the potential for denser development allowing many properties an increase in their value in that there will be potential to build two houses in lieu of one, or maybe three where you can only now achieve two.
In some streets, including maybe yours there is potential for redevelopment of your property or properties next two or adjacent you (or to properties behind you fronting the next street) of up to three stories. This will impact significantly, if and when any development may occur, on the amenity of your property as you know it.
In particular there are three zones within Goodwood South that have the potential for 3 storey development, namely adjacent the Emerson Railway Station and north of there into Dryden and either end of Aroha Terrace, trespassing south to the next streets.
As I have discussed with a number of residents already this is your best chance of influencing the sort of re-development you could do to your own property or that your neighbour might contemplate. 
Please find out what is proposed and if you wish to make representation to PO Box 1, Unley, or to [email protected], or fax to 8271 4886. You have until May 22 to make your submission. 
You will also have the opportunity to elaborate on your submission by presenting to the Development, Strategy, and Policy Committee (of which I am a member) at a public meeting to be held in the Unley Civic Centre at 7pm 16 June 2014.

This could affect you so take the time to participate.

Spoilt for coffee choice in Goodwood South.

Goodwood South has joined the cosmopolitan scene with its 3rd coffee shop to start up in 12 months.

As can be seen in the photo the finishing touches are being applied to the fit out of what was last a hairdressing salon, and before that a deli.

I understand this coffee shop will be a little upmarket from Carnevale 500 m down the road. It is therefore likely to catch a different market.

It is certainly well placed, like tram stop 4 down by the tram line, to take advantage of rail commuters boarding at Clarence Park Rail Station.

And not just coffee but take home meals and catering which puts it in competition with the other new shop adjacent the tram line, be gourmet.

So little ol’ Goodwood South is now in the same league as it’s eastern neighbours and we can truly claim to be part of the cosmopolitan Unley culture. And all within walking distance.

Millswood on the World Stage.

The Millswood Croquet Club, a small club nestled quietly and neatly away form view of the world in in suburban Millswood, is about to co-host a world event.

Adelaide is the host city for the 13th WCF AC World Championships in Adelaide from April 28th to May 6th, 2012. And yes, little ol’ Millswood will be one of the host venues.

The Championship will be a spectacular event. The top 80 World-ranked players from 24 countries will compete for the title of World Champion. The Championship is held every 2 years and is the most prestigious event on the World Croquet Calendar. So we about to witness what must be seen as a once in a lifetime event.
Croquet, especially in Australia, is the quiet achiever in the sporting world. Fiercely competitive, we are the largest croquet playing nation in the world with 8000 players. Croquet is a totally non-sexist and non-ageist sport and the game itself has been likened to a mixture of snooker and chess on grass.
Australia has a proud history of producing champions and this event will see the cream of the Australian croquet community turn out to fight it out with the very best including current champion Reg Bamford from South Africa for the right to be named The World Champion.
Spectators from all over the world plus a strong contingent from Australia will converge on Adelaide for this very special event, with the final being streamed live on the internet for the world-wide croquet community.
I am proud to have played a small part in preparing the club for this tournament. One of the first things I did early last year as a councillor for the Goodwood South Ward of the Unley Council was to ensure the club received assistance from Council to make some important renovations to a very quaint clubroom. We all would have been embarrassed to leave it as it was.

Goodwood Saints show why they are one of the real success storeys of the City of Unley’s Goodwood South Ward.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Guernsey presentations for the junior teams of the Goodwood Saints Football Club. They are truly a great club and an icon of the local community.

It was a tremendous night where some 250 young lads received their Guernseys for the 2012 season. 250 kids mainly from the Millswood, Clarence Park, Black Forest area and attending local schools like Black Forest Primary School, Goodwood Primary School and St Thomas Primary School.

                                                                          Not only is it exciting to see so many kids at Goody Oval, it was great to see the army of volunteers (mums and dads and others) supporting the development of young minds, helping them to progress into adulthood as part of a structure that knows and is success.

And Mums and Dads and others just supporting by being there.
We can all believe what we see and hear from our media that the kids of today are lazy, that they don’t get outdoors and don’t get exercise other than their thumbs on play stations etc. Or we can get outside ourselves, go along to the local oval and see what IS actually happening. 250 kids using Goodwood Oval….I rest my case.

Well done Goody Saints. I congratulate you; and may you continue to get the success you deserve. As an elected member of the City of Unley I will help any way I can to support a club that so clearly supports the local community.

PS           Is what I saw because of their success or is what I saw why they are successful?

They know!


Leah Street Upgrade

The much awaited upgrade of Leah Street has begun. As many residents of Goodwood South are regular users of this street I note below the schedule provide me by our administration on Friday, including road closures necessary to facilitate the upgrade.

  • 12 – 20 January 2012 Minor kerb repairs and remodelling
  • 21 – 22 January 2012 Road profiling and resurfacing
  • 23 – 31 January 2012 Installation of traffic treatments
  • 6 – 24 February 2012 Footpath paving
So as to minimise lengthy disruptions to residents and travellers, road profiling and resurfacing will occur from approximately 4pm on Saturday 21 January 2012 and continue throughout the night, finishing at approximately 10am on Sunday 22 January 2012.
During this time, Leah Street will be closed to all traffic and access and egress to individual properties will not be available.
Bus services W90 / W91 will detour via Cross Rd & Goodwood Rd (bus stops 4 -11 to City & 4-12 from the City will not be serviced by buses, W90 & W91 buses will pick up & set down passengers along Goodwood Road on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January 2012.

On behalf of Council I wish to apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause and thank you for your patience and support whilst these works are undertaken. It will be worth it.

Please contact our Customer Services team on 8372.5111 if you require further information.

GAP water flowing

The GAP (Glenelg to Adelaide Pipeline) water is soon to flow. Subject to auditing by SA Water of the existing infrastructure Goodwood Oval and Unley Oval should be running befroe Christmas.

This water will guarantee water supply to our parks and gardens whilst substantially reducing our ongoing cost of supply.

A number of parks in Unley will benefit from this, the least of which will be Goodwood South Ward’s own Goodwood Oval (shown above)

Commnity Asset Review

Council’s City Strategy & Policy Committee last night endorsed consultation to commence on the Community Asset Review (CAR).

This review involves a strategic review of many of Council’s community facilities, including their design and functionality, and the services operated from them. A key part of the project is consultation with all stakeholders, particularly the clubs and groups who lease Council’s community facilities, and others who use them.

The full report is available on Council’s website at www.unley.sa.gov.au, click on Council, then City Strategy & Policy Committee, then November 2011 agenda.

The CAR consultation plan requires final endorsement at the full Council next Monday, after which time Council staff will commence discussions with the key stakeholders.

As a member of the CAR committee I will be available to all stakeholders, and when the time comes others in our community, to ensure we get the best possible solution for our community groups.

As one of your elected members (Goodwood South) I will be particularly interested in the groups that use our facilities at Goodwood Oval & Millswood.

This review has been a long time coming and is needed provide those groups concerned about their future an opportunity to shape their future with certainty, with our help.

Churchill Avenue and Spiers Street

Work at upgrading Churchill Avenue and Spiers Street is nearly complete.

Churchill Avenue has been re-surfaced. Spiers Street has been realigned, and new footpaths constructed.

                                     Spiers under construction                              Spiers now

It is great to see works such as these, and Page Park (refer yesterday’s post), in our little neck of the woods. We will soon be sitting down to start the process of determining the budget for next year and Jennie and I will be looking to ensure Goodwood South Ward continues to receive the funding to see results such as these.

And doesn’t Churchill look a picture.

First Year Completed


A year ago this weekend I witnessed the vote for elected members of Local Government and witnessed the provisional declaration that the good people of Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley had placed their faith in me to represent them and advocate for them on Council for the first time.

I look back on this first year and wonder where it went. It has been a hectic introduction to the life of an elected member as we dealt with so much during the year. The comments from others still ring in my ears that it is not usually like this; it will calm down.


They say the first year is very much a learning curve with so much unfamiliar and they were right. It has indeed been a very steep learning curve. I give thanks to my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert for her mentorship, guidance and encouragement. I would like to think we worked together well, not that we agreed on everything.

As we deal  with the biggest local issue to be addressed  during the year right now (Kelvin Avenue) I reflect on a first year which I believe I have enjoyed some success representing and advocating for you.

Most of the big or controversial issues were outside our ward. But while this was going on we nibbled away at many smaller issues in Goodwood South, (Black Forest, Clarence Park & Millswood), making it a better place.

I have enjoyed working for and on behalf of you and look forward to the remaining 3 years of this term.

It is ALL ABOUT YOU though.

The biggest pleasure I have had is helping a number of you solve those personal issues you have had like barking dogs, unsafe footpaths, light and noise issues from neighbouring properties; just simply ensuring our Administration respond to you and communicate with you in a timely way.

I ask you to contact me on any issue you may have that is Council related and I will do what I can to ensure it is given the attention it deserves.

Kelvin Avenue Update

The consultation letter, complete with a drawing of the current scheme is being delivered mailed out today. I expect this means you will, if deemed to be affected by the project, will receive it tomorrow.

This scheme is very different to that previously proposed.

The new design will see a narrowing of the roadway with the remaining area not required for vehicle and pedestrian access to be landscaped. It is very much a shared roadway concept rather than a pocket park.
The design is aimed at reducing the hard surface of the road reserve and incorporating a proportion of green, soft area for planting and creating vegetation biodiversity.
All residents who receive this letter are encouraged to respond to the survey so we can know your views. Jennie and I will both be available to channel your views as well.

Road Safety in Goodwood South Ward

This blog is written with thanks to a concerned resident who identified a safety issue in Clarence Park

You, our resident and ratepayer, are the eyes and ears of the City of Unley.

As a result of this one observation we will soon see a give way sign at the junction of Ripon Road and Lorraine Avenue and Homer Road. This an awkward little junction which we agree needs some form of traffic control.

A “give way” sign will soon be installed on Ripon Road encouraging all north bound traffic on Ripon Road to give way to east-west bound traffic on Lorraine or Homer.

Trip Hazards a never ending battle

One of the things I have found most interesting since representing the good people of the Goodwood South Ward is the number of occasions I have sent a request to our depot to fix trip hazards. I have lost count of the number of hazards I have reported, all of which up to now thankfully have been fixed.

I have been gratified by the response from the Depot. They acknowledge my request within 24 hours and generally the hazard identified by me has been fixed within a week or two.

A couple of weekends ago while delivering the ward newsletter to houses south of the rail line I identified some 50 hazards. That is a huge number but I expect our depot to repeat their history of fixing them up. All but a handful of these related to our brick pavers. The bitumen footpaths and there are still many of them in Goodwood South.

As we look to our footpath replacement scheme I raise this question, in light of this history.

The bitumen footpaths, many of which are in quite poor condition are not presenting as requiring attention to correct trip hazards. The brick pavers though, even footpaths that might be considered generally as being in good nick are presenting trip hazards all too frequently.

Should we reconsider replacing the remaining bitumen footpaths with brick pavers given these observations.

The photo on the left is a typical movement in bitumen paving adjacent a tree. The one on the right is typical of movement adjacent a tree in brick pavers.

I ask anyone reading this blog what your thoughts are. Are we on the right track.

As council considers the continuation of the brick paved footpath program the elected members representing you need to know……If you have a bitumen footpath that is, in your opinion, in need of replacement; would you prefer to have a new brick paved footpath or a new bitumen one.

Fairmont Tennis Club commences a new season

I had the pleasure today of opening the new season for the Fairmont Tennis Club.
The Club is a social club for people who are retired and is around 70 years old. They have been located in the Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley for its entire history, now residing in their third venue, Page Park on the corner of East Avenue and Cross Road at Clarence Park.
                            speaking at lunch time                         60’s thru 80’s and beyond enjoying life
A fantastic group of people, some Unley residents, others from other areas have been enjoying using one of our parks. We may not have many parks but they are well used. Indeed another group was using the park today to, I believe for the purpose of blessing their dogs.
The club is a great example in a time where councils are faced with helping to address the needs of an ageing society. We can all learn by following the example set by these “youngsters”.
Thank you to the club for the opportunity to kick start your new season. Have fun guys.


Council’s Administration has responded to Council’s request to investigate ways we can accelerate the footpath replacement program.

Most of you would be well aware that both Jennie and I included an accelerated program in our respective election campaigns.

It is great news therefore to learn that Administration have completed an investigation and are submitting their findings to our Audit Committee. Subject to how it is received by the Audit Committee I expect given the significance and detail that would apply to the report elected members are likely to be invited to a workshop to better understand it and contribute to a final draft.

It will be more easily dealt with at the City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting and subsequently council if this were to occur. We can then see if Council has an interest in bringing our footpaths for completion as early as 2019/20 rather than allowing it to take up to 2034, 23 years away.

There are a number of Goodwood South footpaths that are not on our radar that is causing concern amongst our residents. It will be great to be able to go to these people and let them know that their street has not been forgotten.

Council Meeting 22nd August 2011
Following on yesterday’s blog re last night’s full council meeting I report as follows:
Kelvin Avenue.
Kelvin Avenue will now be reconsidered by the City Strategy & Policy Committee Meeting on the 19th of next month. This will give us (council) time to review the latest submissions. It will also provide the breathing space for those with an interest (whether in support or not) to lobby their point of view without the rush and panic of last week.
Not only will Jennie and I be seeking to ascertain what can and can’t be done for traffic management we will intensify our efforts to seek a solution that works for all those with vested interests.
Deputy Mayor
The motion for deputy mayor was put to council tonight and was voted down 9 to 3. Clearly we are not ready to have a deputy mayor. I went to the meeting ready to support the motion believing we were ready. It was soon clear to me that this is not the case so I voted against it.
Assuming it will be reintroduced later in the year, by the mayor himself, I expect we might find a different result.
Eastern Region Alliance
Recovering from last week’s surgery I did not stay long enough to know how we voted on this issue
No Smoking Initiatives
I did not stay long enough to know how we voted on this issue
Inner Metro Rim
I did not stay long enough to know how we voted on this issue
Culvert Street
There were too many issues, too many questions, that required addressing for this to be resolved tonight so it too was deferred.
With kelvin Avenue firmly in our minds there was a clear mood within the chamber last night that there should be more than one week between the two meetings, City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting and the full Council meeting.
It does not provide sufficient time for either our ratepayers or for elected members to review decisions from the City Strategy meeting before sanctioning them at the full Council meeting.
A motion has been foreshadowed, I think from Cr Denise Tipper to open this up to two weeks by swapping the City Strategy meeting with the Development Assessment Panel meeting.
This has to be one good thing to come out of last night.

Council Meeting – tonight – 22nd August 2011

There is much on the agenda tonight as we consider the following:
Kelvin Avenue.
Beginning obviously with Kelvin Avenue I am expecting, in fairness to all who are interested in this project (whether for or against), that this will be deferred for further consideration at the next City Strategy Meeting, due for 19th September. I am still keen to find a solution that provides a win for all. To that end our Traffic Officer will be meeting shortly with Jennie & I to review the thoughts of how the egress from Mills Street in particular can be improved.
This time I hope we can have canvassed all the issues and have a more detailed report on which to make our decision. This should include an assessment of how proposed traffic control measures on Leah Street might impact on the volume of traffic using East Avenue.
Deputy Mayor
Jennie has foreshadowed moving that we now appoint a deputy mayor. As I blogged recently I am happy to vote in favour of this as long as we are doing it for the right reasons. Refer my blog of 19th August.
Eastern Region Alliance
We have a request to contribute to funding to support the development of the Federal Initiatives Group. With the federal government paying more attention to regional rather than local approaches to access federal programs this seems like a necessary initiative.
No Smoking Initiatives
As a non-smoker and someone with respiratory challenges I am very receptive to offering significant discounts on permit fees for outdoor dining to encourage non-smoking in outdoor dining areas. I would expect this one to be approved.
Inner Metro Rim
As I reported on the 8th August the Government backed down on imposing inner rim strategies that were in direct conflict with our understanding of what they were prepared to accept. With some further minor amendments on our part I expect we will endorse the inner rim plan.
Culvert Street
And then there is Culvert Street. Culvert Street has for reasons that go beyond council and local government experienced a similar history as Kelvin Avenue. Rate payers in this area are also making claims of a lack of consultation.
With works to undertaken by DTEI unlikely to proceed for some time the turning of this street into a one way street has proved premature.
Per a motion from Cr Rufus Salaman we will be considering temporarily reverting it back to 2 way, not without cost. Subject to further information indicating DTEI will be bringing forward their work and/or the cost implications this seems like something we need to do.

East Avenue Rail Crossing

A couple of months ago an East Avenue resident brought to my attention that she had noticed cars banking across the rail lines in East Avenue at peak hour. She naturally was concerned at the safety risk potential of this.

As the picture shows, with traffic lined up all the way down to Aroha Terrace and the Tram line, this car is lucky there is no train coming, or is there?

I can now say that the Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure (DTEI) will investigate my request for yellow box markings on the crossing to discourage vehicles from queuing over tracks, and will also investigate loose rail at level crossing (which I noted in my blog of 6 June).

Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk

Is the Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk the answer to a problem or a problem in it’s own right?

Prior to my joining Council I understand that many residents in Canterbury Terrace and in Byron Road were concerned about the traffic ability of the footway to the south of the Clarence Park Railway Station entrance. They were concerned that the exposed tree roots prevented safe movement through this section of footway.

As a local and having avoided walking this section myself I fully understand that this needed to be addressed.

Did Council come up with the correct solution?
Based on complaints I have received from residents it appears not.

Our administration, on my request, have examined the structure and they consider it is not DDA compliant. I concur with their assessment and have, given my wife must use a scooter to get around, felt this way since it was first erected.

It fails the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)on at least two counts.

It is not wide enough to allow scooters or wheelchairs or Mothers with pushers to pass. The ramps at either end are way to steep also to allow access onto the ramp. The access to the northern end is also too close to the railway station entrance get to allow for turning circles.

Given this pedestrians, particularly those with disabilities, are forced to cross the road for safe passage along Canterbury Terrace noting that the footway on the East Avenue side of the railway entrance remains impassible.

Crossing the road is the real issue here (I would have thought) in as much as there is no clear vision of oncoming traffic to allow confident crossing over the road.

Where to from here?

Council’s administration will include further investigation into this area as part of the traffic management investigation into Byron Road and surrounds that I have previously blogged about.

Your input! I would love to hear your thoughts about the success or otherwise of the boardwalk and suggestions you may have for alternative solutions.

Let’s make our local environment a truly safe one!