The Not So Good wood on Goodwood Road

After blogging recently on the Good wood of Good wood Oval I find myself blogging on the not so good wood on Goodwood Road.

Readers of this blog would be well aware of the Good wood on Goodwood Road. The Government have been working over the last few months to underground the power along Goodwood Road. With that complete, Council have commenced the re-invigoration of the pedestrian environment of the same stretch of Goodwood Road. This is the stretch from the tram line to Victoria Street. When complete the Government will be taking advantage of this project to follow with resealing the road.

Notwithstanding the obvious co-operation between the two levels of Government readers would also be aware that Governments have a habit of not co-operating. I wonder whether the State Government have plans to upgrade the water mains running down this section of Goodwood Road.

Tonight bought this home to me with a vengeance.

I have been half expecting a flood event somewhere in Unley with the severe weather event predicted. If it where to occur I expected it to come from the heavens above, not from the government’s underground water infrastructure. But that is exactly what happened.

So the not so good wood on Goodwood Road is it has flooded ahead of the fast approaching storm event. The burst occurred in front of Sushi Q, opposite the Goodwood Library. Thankfully the shops have not been damaged.

With the weather approaching I suspect repairs will be delayed for quite some time. There may therefore, with water pouring out the skies, be some rate payers who will be without water for a while.

Question for the Government.

Are they planning to upgrade the water mains in this section of Goodwood Road before the rejuvenation project is complete or will we see the road dug up in the near future after the project is complete?

Question for the Government and the State Opposition in the lead up to the March 2018 election.

Will either party commit to upgrading our failing water infrastructure or is this too hard?



Goodwood Groove on You Tube

With all the festivities in the City of Unley during the last week the link below, courtesy of Mackbel Films (of Goodwood Road), takes us back to December 5 last year when the festivities focused on the western part of the City of Unley, in Goodwood.

Mackbel Films are located in Goodwood. To take advantage of their videoing skills check out this link to their Facebook site.

Rocking Rosa Street

Friday next week from 4.00 pm to 7.00pm Rosa Street Goodwood comes to life and turns into Rocking Rosa Street, the first of a series of place making and place activation community events scheduled to take place in the City of Unley between now and April. Another first for the western side of the City.

Rocking Rosa Street aims to attract local families, casual shoppers and the early diners and cinema goers with live music, installation art and a resident writer asking questions about what makes a space ‘a place’ for us.
The Honey Pies and The Aves, fresh from their recent triple j unearthed success, will bring their distinctive style of rocking, popping, Indie and sometimes raunchy music.

All are invited to witness an art installation by visual artist Annalise Rees. Using recycled materials from Goodwood Road traders and assisted by Goodwood Primary School students, Annalise will create recycled cardboard city towers, resplendent with both real and imagined architectural and individual features to make up a large collaborative community installation.

Resident community writer Lilliana Rose will document the City of Unley’s program of

summer events with the Washing Line of Urban Dreams, a washing line upon which

people can peg their written ideas for the future of their city. Commenting on the people and activities around her as the afternoon unfolds, Lilliana will challenge our notions of place and space and question what makes our sense of place unique.


Watch out for the other events in the series to look out for include


·         Footstomping, Fables & Film at Heywood Park on Saturday 16 March and


·         Beats and Breakfast in the Soldiers Memorial Gardens, 9, 16, 23, 30 March and 6 April




Have some fun in Unley’s west

A Fun event for the Unley Community is being held at the green lawn in Florence Street Goodwood on Friday 7th December.

Presented by the Goodwood Road Traders Association between 4.00pm and 9.30pm the event will feature the AMAZING DRUMMING MONKEYS with live music by THE HUSHES.

Come along and find out that there will be much more.

Thumbs Up for 50 km/h on Goodwood Road

GOODWOOD Rd’s new 50km/h speed limit is improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, the strip’s traders say.

Shop owners told the Eastern Courier Messenger last week they were already seeing the benefits of the lower limit between Leader St and the Millswood rail underpass, introduced by the Transport Department last month.

Goodwood Road Traders’ Association chair Leonie Clyne said traders and shoppers had noticed an improvement in driver behaviour.

“On the whole, it’s less frantic, particularly during peak periods,” Mrs Clyne said.

She said reducing the speed was a step in the right direction to improve safety.

“It’s very important because the accidents we have seen are from people being impatient and zipping out of the lanes.”

Mrs Clyne encouraged visitors to use carparks behind Goodwood Rd shops instead of parking on the street to help alleviate congestion.

Goodwood Bakehouse owner Louis Langanis said traffic had slowed.

He said the lower limit had improved pedestrian safety, especially for shoppers and for children walking to and from Goodwood Primary School.

However, Mr Langanis said cars parked along Goodwood Rd continued to create traffic problems.

“It’s a contentious issue but there’s no simple solution,” Mr Langanis said.

“A (permanent) clearway isn’t good for traders.

“We’ve started closing earlier, about 4pm, because once it’s a clearway no-one stops to come into the shops.”

Urban Myth Theatre artistic director Glenn Hayden said staff had noticed an improvement during the day since the lower speed limit was introduced.

The Transport Department dropped the speed limit from 60km/h to 50km/h after Unley Council approached it with concerns about pedestrian and driver safety.

More than 31,000 motorists use the road daily.

Urban Myth settled into their new home

Yes Urban Myth have settled into their new home, at the Goodwood Institute building on Goodwood Road. A home that is a far cry from their old home in one of the cottages on the Village Green in Edmund Street, Unley.

Urban Myth Theatre Company of South Australia is an internationally award winning youth arts organisation. Established in 1981, the company has nurtured the talents and leadership skills of over 10,000 young people in Adelaide, Rural South Australia and Internationally.

Their  home at the Goodwood Institute  provides these young participants, professional practitioners and visitors a Creative Hub to explore and deliver their work. With its 212-seat theatre, 2 studios, music bar and gallery, the Goodwood is a home for the arts that South Australia can be proud.Urban Myth Theatre Company at the Goodwood Institute is more than a theatre company, it’s an international home of the performing arts.

As their artistic director Glenn Hayden told me yesteraday as he ushered me around the facility Urban Myth now can be seen as the premier Youth Arts facility, not a “cottage” industry.

I reckon we will see this new resident of Goodwood Road particpate in making Goodwood Road the centre of performing excellence.

Rail Separation Update

When I posted a blog a week ago after Kate Ellis’s street meeting I expected to report some facts resulting from a briefing promised to Council by DPTI.

My previous post was my intial reaction to the briefing. As you would deduce I was not impressed at what I saw as the potential for the residents of Goodwood South paying for the wishes of people wanting to save the Brownhill Creek from the Dam because we wan’t get a say what happens in our back yard via teh rail separation project that is impacting on the Brownhill Creek project.
This blog is an attempt to pass on what I did understand about what the Government is proposing for the rail separation.

The focus will be on the Noarlunga line as it is seen as the line impacting most on Victoria Street and Leader Street at Goodwood. The Belair train and the Freight train will not impact as much they are claiming in as much as when the Noarlunga Line is electrified and goes to Seaford (now the Seaford line) there will be many more train trips as part of the service.

This being the case the Seaford Line will be undergrounded prior to the Goodwood Station and the Beliar and Freight lines will remain at ground level. The undergrounding will commence somewhere between East Avenue and SASMEE Park and return from memory after Victoria Avenue. Notwithstanding this an elevated crossing from Fairfax Avenue (south of Goodwood Oval) to SASMEE Park and Millswood Crescent will be required but they dont know what form this will take.

The recenlty upgraded East Avenue crossing will need further upgrading.

They are promising enhanced landscaping within the project but then recognise that the diagrams provided suggest a corridor width far greater than what actually exists so I am less than convinced about “enhanced” landscaping. I fear the opposite to be true.

Public Information (not consultation) will commnece next week with door knocking followed by as yet to be announced public forums.

Tenders for (I think) design and construction will open on 21st June (that’s last week???) and close on 31 July. Construction is due between Januray and June next year.

The section of the project at Leader Street is yet to be funded so this is not due in the coming year’s budget.

Watch this space and/or watch the public notices if you want information or want a say.

Dam It and Railroaded!

While we have signed up on the 80% of the Brownhill Creek that can be done without the dam and await the “real” feasibility into the non-dam options we find the Federal & State Governments come along with what might create a dam in the middle of the Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley.

You might well ask, what are you trying to tell us.
In a briefing from DPTI on Monday night before our Council meeting we were informed about the joint Government initiative to provide grade separation of the Noarlunga, now Seaford rail line, from the Belair line and the Freight line.
What was revealed has left this elected member in a quandary and concerned about us being railroaded into a scheme that it appears will impact totally unfairly on the community around Goodwood and Millswood.
If I understand correctly the rail grade separation will impact on the culverts that are required as part of the Brownhill Creek stormwater project. It will impact in as much as the culvert will now be diverted to allow for the Seaford line to go underground near the SASMEE Park and that these lines are to go now straight through the Millswood Sporting Complex.
The rail corridor in this area is very narrow and the combination of these two projects may impact significantly (excuse the pun) on the significant trees in the area.
And while the 5 Councils involved in the Brownhill Creek have already had extensive consultation with the public, and listened I might add to the public feedback we have the State Government telling us via their project team that they will be informing local residents in the weeks to come on the details of the project.
You heard me, informing us, not consulting with us. In other words it’s a done deal.  This will be by way of door knocking which is due to start next week, forums which are yet to be announced and by access to a web site and a 1300 number.
And in my opinion they do not yet know the detail so they are not going to be able to inform with any depth of substance.
If I came even close to understanding what they are proposing I see Goodwood South paying dearly for the No Dam option on the Brownhill Creek project because the rail project is going to impact significantly on the design parameters of the proposed culvert system in this area.
We have been promised a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used but are yet to receive this.
Anyone in the affected community and with any interest in their community needs to take time to find out what the government is proposing and if they are not happy to voice this as loud as they can.
I suggest you also watch this space because if I learn anything more and can understand it I will post it here.
PS  The presenter did confirm what I reported recenlty that both Kate Ellis and Steph Keys said at a recent street meeting were not aware of the detail. Interesting!

HEAD WEST Young Man was the expression 100 years ago

One of the City of Unley’s more recent success stories are heading west. The west of the City of Unley from their home of some 30 years in one of the village green cottages fronting Edmund Avenue and opposite the council offices/civic centre to the privately owner Goodwood Institute on Goodwood Road.

So successful has been this group that they have outgrown their accommodation and outgrown their name.

Over the past four years Urban Myth’s membership numbers have increased by 60%. To accommodate their growth, Urban Myth will be relocating in July 2012 from the small cottage in Edmund Avenue to the privately owned Goodwood Institute.

This is a good move in as much as there is a theatrical and entertainment link they can tap into in the west of Unley. Across the Road from the Capri Cinema, down the road from the Wayville Showgrounds they will be a good fit in this precinct. Good to see someone from the other side of King William Road see the benefits of residing in the west of our City of Villages.

Council will decide this month whether it will be supporting the move by continuing to subsidise their activities, to the tune of possibly $ 5,000.00 per annum.

For more information follow this link to an article written in Adelaide Now

Forestville Eagles Setting the Pace

Step Aside Goody Saints Football Club. You are not the only highly successful sporting club in the west of Unley. The Forestville Eagles are proving too successful for their stadium at Wayville.

Forestville is one of the 10 member clubs of the Basketball SA and has a strong tradition of success at both junior and senior levels. The club is based at the Wayville Sports Centre, the best facility for district basketball in South Australia.

Rumour has it the Eagles success is pressuring them into needing bigger accommodation.

The club won both the men’s and women’s state league championships in 2011.

Nine junior teams recently won the 2012 State or Reserve Championship finals which  has culminated in the club becoming the overall state champion club for the first time since 1984. Looking through the results on their webs ite I see the young girls in each age group performed at a remarkable level, winning everything in site.

Well done everyone involved!!!!!!

Leah Street Upgrade

The much awaited upgrade of Leah Street has begun. As many residents of Goodwood South are regular users of this street I note below the schedule provide me by our administration on Friday, including road closures necessary to facilitate the upgrade.

  • 12 – 20 January 2012 Minor kerb repairs and remodelling
  • 21 – 22 January 2012 Road profiling and resurfacing
  • 23 – 31 January 2012 Installation of traffic treatments
  • 6 – 24 February 2012 Footpath paving
So as to minimise lengthy disruptions to residents and travellers, road profiling and resurfacing will occur from approximately 4pm on Saturday 21 January 2012 and continue throughout the night, finishing at approximately 10am on Sunday 22 January 2012.
During this time, Leah Street will be closed to all traffic and access and egress to individual properties will not be available.
Bus services W90 / W91 will detour via Cross Rd & Goodwood Rd (bus stops 4 -11 to City & 4-12 from the City will not be serviced by buses, W90 & W91 buses will pick up & set down passengers along Goodwood Road on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January 2012.

On behalf of Council I wish to apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause and thank you for your patience and support whilst these works are undertaken. It will be worth it.

Please contact our Customer Services team on 8372.5111 if you require further information.

Goodwood Alive Christmas Festival

The western side of the City of Unley, often forgotten as being part of Unley is alive.

Yes – Come alive at the 2001 Goodwood Alive Christmas Festival on Saturday November 26 between 10am and 2pm.

Relax and enjoy the FREE kids activities and live entertainment.

Browse the local shops and market stalls – and even begin your Christmas Shopping.

Make sure you drop into the Capri Cinema for your 2 for 1 movie ticket and for those older guests the Goodwood cellars will be running a tasting.

News on the Capri Cinema gas explosion

Below is a press release put out by the City of Unley after our efforts to pursue action by the government after the gas explosion at the Capri Cinema two weeks ago.



More than 1100 metres of gas pipe in Goodwood is to be replaced.

Residents and businesses in Gilbert, Rushton, Angus, Lewis and Weston Streets, are today being informed that work to replace the gas pipe will begin next week.

The decision to replace the pipe follows a gas explosion at the Capri Theatre two weeks ago. The explosion was the second such incident in the past four years.

The work will be completed by the APA Group, which operates and maintains South Australia’s natural gas network on behalf of Envestra Ltd, which owns the network.

Peter Sauer, APA Group’s Manager of the South Australian Natural Gas Distribution Network, said that, although the existing pipe was leak-surveyed and found to be safe after both incidents, replacing the pipe will eliminate any cause for concern in future.

“After each incident, we surveyed the pipe and found it to be safe and performing to the required specification,” said Mr Sauer.

“It has been decided to replace this particular section of pipe. Public safety is priority of Envestra and APA Group and we are determined to eliminate any chance of this happening again.”

The replacement work will affect 145 properties, including 105 natural gas customers, covered by the gas pipes. Work will begin in the week commencing Monday, November 21, and is expected to take around four weeks to complete.

APA Group representatives will visit residents this week to outline the scope of work. Residents with questions can contact 8159 1637.

The APA Group continues to investigate the incident at the Capri Theatre and will submit a report to the Office of the Technical Regulator.

The APA Group also takes the opportunity to remind people to report any smell of gas or a suspected gas leak. Leaks do occur and we need to know about them so that we can respond. The number to ring is 1800 808 526.

Peter Sauer will be available for interview in Gilbert Street at 12.30pm today (Monday November 14).

Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market – helping the Homeless and families facing hardship

There are many in our community helping the disadvantaged. And many of these you simply would not realise are doing it.

I found out by browsing the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market (ASFM) site that they have partnered with the State’s largest hunger-relief organisation, Foodbank.
Foodbank is a South Australian program that has delivered real and significant value add to Anglicare SA and the hundreds of other organisations reaching out to people and families facing hardship.

The ASFM contribute via its stall holders donating all the produce left over from the Sunday markets for pick up on Monday by Foodbank.

Well done ASFM and well done the stall holders.

And here is the big tip. You too can help by hand delivering your excess garden fruit and vegetable stocks to the market on Sunday morning and it too will be collected by Foodbank.
Find out more by visiting

To learn more about Foodbank visit