Residents will get a say in Greenways Path

The management of this project is becoming clearer as communication is running rampant between individual residents groups and DPTI, between these groups and Jennie & I, between the groups and between DPTI and Jennie & I. In this background we met with our Management today.

As the Goodwood Junction runs ahead at a rate of knots with Pile Driving this weekend and while the Electrification project is proceeding without anyone knowing what is going on the Greenways project may be one we can control.

What I am about to say is based on current knowledge and as we know the goal posts keep changing on these joint projects. So tiem will tell.

The Greenways Project is only a DPTI concept at this stage. Our General Manager of Infrastructure spoke with their Management Team in the last couple of days to find out what is going on with it given concerns being expressed by you out there and by Jennie & I. The response floored him.

Apparently Council, as reported at the Cromer Parade residents meeting this week, WILL be designing the greenways bike path. Now don’t get carried away just yet.

It will mean that YOU WILL be consulted over locations of fences and the actual path (I think) and absolutely on the vegetation that will go back. This is, as I reported to the Cromer parade meeting, the way Council approaches development. Resident views are always wanted.

But it IS NOT our project. It is still a DPTI project and they will have the final say.

Council will also be constructing the path. But both the design and the construction will effectively be as a contractor of DPTI. In other words we will not be funbding it and they will be paying us. We will not therefore have to seeking funding as was suggested by the DPTI representative the other night.

Just how much control we have over the deign remains to be seen and it is hoped we may have this information later this month. Rest assured that if it goes as I have detailed above we will be coming to you soon, noting that this work itself will be at the end of the project, so after June.

And I am talking the whole length of the path, from Emerson through to Greenhill Road.

Who Knows what

The paramount question to be asked in Goodwood South is who knows what is happening with the plethora of railway related projects. The answer would appear to be, as each meeting with representatives of DPTI pass, No-one.

At a meeting Jennie & I attended last night we were informed of the role the Unley Council in the Greenways project. Just as well we were there because we were able to put it to bed before it became the next issue we had to fight. It bought back memories of us being told that we wree going to destroy a section of Millswood Park, when one of DPTI’s tenderers for the Goodwood Junction project proposed using it as a depot.

Apparently Unley Council is constructing the Greenways project within it’s borders. We have apparently also written a submission on the Development Application to the Development Assement Commision in respect of tree removal, pruning or whatever. And we are responsible for determining the alignment of the rail corridor fencing.

Clearly there is much still to manage from Jennie and my point of view even though the projects ARE STATE GOVERNMENT projects. People will still believe we are responsible unless we can set the matter straight.


1    The Greenways is a State Government Project. We certainly don’t have any funding in our budget for it.

2   Elected members are usually briefed on submissions to the DAC.

3   There are parameters as to where fences can and cannot go. If there is some flexibility then we will contribute to the solution, and if that is the case we will consult you.


On a brighter note.

From both comments last night and from information from within Council this morning we may be able, in consultation with you, design the landscaping along the fence lines. This may impact on the fence line.

Dust Prevention Message being heard

I ventured to sections of the works on the rail line today and noticed, particularly after concerns again were expressed last night at a local residents group, that the contractors may finally be getting the message about dust control.

I noticed at least 8 trucks during my visit, all with covers over them.

The management team running these projects I am certain are aware of our concerns. It has taken time to filter down the organisational structure.

Talking to one of the “gate keepers” it was a hot topic at their “toolbox” meeting this morning.

Having said that keep up the monitoring everyone.

Did I hear Correctly

I was speaking with a resident today about the Rail Revitalization projects; Goodwood Junction, Rail electrification and the Greenway bike path.

We wre discussing teh implicatiosn of a Design & Construct project when he indiacted it was his understanding that an OHSW Officer who works for the national line was seconded by DPTI yesterday to carryout his function on this group of projects.

The role: To ensure the workers are not hit by a train.

Looked down the corridor and ….. no tracks.

Must be a phantom train.

Combined Rail Projects Community Liaison Balloons

In the face of a number of individual and locally focused residential groups around the train line running through Unley grow the Department is looking to set up a Community Action Group I think it is called.

Groups that I am aware of, apart from the initial Goodwood Junction Group set up last month by local MP Steph Keys I understand the following groups have formed and there may be others.

Forestville Reserve,
Devon Street South,
Cromer Parade, Canterbury & Parker Terraces, and
Cowper Street.

I applaud DPTI for this initiative.

In an endeavour to influence the make up of this group I have spoken with DPTI with some thoughts about the make up. I understand that it is proposed the make by 4 residents from east of the line and 4 west of the line, with a member of Council’s staff and one elected member of Council, along with representatives of DPTI and the principal contractors.

In my opinion this may not be truly representative and there is a need to acknowledge the groups above which have a clear north, south focus. In other words whether from the east or the west of the line residents north, south and central need to be represented.

I am unaware of what may be proposed about what must be the most important component of any such plan and that is how do we

1    solicit the views of all the affected residents in order to truly represent them in discussions with DPTI?
2    disseminate information about progress and decisions to these residents?

How council responds to the suggestion of input from us will be revealed soon. I am in discussions with our management about this, including whether it is appropriate for us to be involved.

Whatever happens with this or other groups Jennie & I remain available to help you with concerns you may have or questions you wish to ask if you feel you are not getting anywhere talking with DPTI. Hopefully this will not be necessary because of course we need to focus on issues of concern that are Council issues, not DPTI or State Government issues.


Please everyone remember. These projects are design and construct meaning there is scope for reasonable requests by the community, acting in one voice, to influence the final design and work practices and scheduling.

Canterbury & Parker Terrace residents meeting

A meeting of Canterbury Terrace Black Forest and Parker Terrace residents has been arranged for this Thursday night @ 7.00pm at my home, 19 Kelvin Avenue, Clarence Park which is opposite the no 39 gate sign on the rail corridor.

This meeting will be a chance for residents of both streets to discuss their knowledge of the Electrification and Greenways projects and concerns they may have about the project.

having had discussions with a number of my neighbours I am aware there are some concerns. Thursday night should give us an opportunity to gather these concerns, mostly around a lack of consultation thus far from DPTI.

With work soon to start and no information yet about the design or the work schedule from DPTI these residents are keen to work with DPTI to ensure their amenity is not lost.

Time for a shift in Rail Focus

With signs having been installed at strategic places along the rail corridor and seeing a well known and respected arborist in Parker Terrace yesterday it is definitely time to shift the focus from the junction to those other rail projects that will impact on others living near the line from Goodwood down to Emerson.

The rail electrification project has taken a back seat with everyone since the announcement of the Goodwood Junction project. It has now snuck up on all of, DPTI included as it is ready to start next week.

Residents living along Cromer Parade, Millswood have been quite organised and have set up a group to represent them in negotiations with DPTI to protect their interests during the life of the project(s).

Residents along Parker Terrace, Clarence Park and along Canterbury Terrace, Black Forest will have similar issues as those along Cromer Parade.

Residents near the foot crossings at Cowper, Dryden and Gordon Roads (Black Forest) and on the other side of the tracks at Homer/Lorraine Avenue and Gordon Road, Clarence Park as well as those whose back fence front the rail corridor all have a vested interest in what is happening.

Jennie & I plan to door knock these people to seek their interest in the project and to understand concerns they may have as we are aware from some who have contact us that DPTI are yet to talk to them, even though works starts next week.

The Work Begins

While we await confirmation of haulage routes fro not only the Junction project but the Electrification of the Noarlunga (now Seaford) line within the City of Unley is beginning. And due to urgency we start with night works and heavy haulage in local streets.

I have just received an email from DPTI with a pdf attachment of Community Update #5 with news that everyone who reads this blog will no doubt want to see. I have gone onto their site to direct you to it but it has yet to be uploaded. I encourage you all to keep your eye on the site but until it is available here is an attempt to present it on my blog.

As soon as the haulage routes are confirmed I will advise. Remember these works are DPTI works and any queries or concerns should be addressed to them at [email protected] or on 1300 443 198.


Goodwood Junction Information Session

Finally here (as reported recently) the Information Session being put on by DPTI is this Sunday at SASMEE Park, between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

The information Session apparently is going to include the following:

Final Layouts for the tunnel.
Includes a walk thru’ (or should I say ride thru’ Video of the tunnel.
Information on the redesign of the Brownhill Creek
Includes information on the accessing of the Brownhill Creek Culverts of Forestville Reserve
Maps locating the various services and/or service relocations
Traffic Management information for the length of the project in affected local streets
Confirmation of where the 2 (TWO) pedestrian rail crossings will be during the life of the project
Information on vegetation removal or pruning
Answers to the myriad of questions we have had over the last few months
Information on the electrification of the Noarlunga line
Advice from TransAdelaide on alternate transport options during the time of the project.

We have asked that information on the Greenways Cycleway Connection be also available but do not know if it will.

Beyond Sunday it is my understanding that there will be an ongoing “engagement” process from now until thre completion of the project by way of a regular newsletter that I trust will get to appropriate households and business, sporting clubs etc.

And our General Manager, Assets & Infrastructure will be attending a fortnightly meeting at DPTI to ensure we are kept up to date with the project as it develops, and I will keep you informed of whatever he may pass onto me.
It appears that the level of communication from DPTI is going to improve dramatically, meaning on going logistical or other concerns you may have shoudl be dealt with expeditioulsy and with empathy. Don’t forget of course that if this proves not to be the case you will still have Jennie & I to go to bat for you.

Greenways Project Update

Following on from my posts on this blog site back on the 25th April I can report Council had a briefing from DPTI last night. Goodwood South will be transformed by this project.

A positive for Goodwood South and more particularly the residents of Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Avenue). The stretch or rail line between Emerson Station and Clarence Park Station is the final link in a bicycle path from Marino to the City.

Until now cyclists using the greenways bike path have had to divert in and amongst the back streets of Black Forest. When complete they will have a direct route from the South Road, Cross Road intersection right through to the Goodwood Junction (see poss from last week about the rail separation project at Goodwood Junction).

And as reported back in April the Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk upgrading will not be required as this project will make it obsolete.

The project is due to commence in January of next year to coincide with the rail electrification project and the Goodwood Junction rail separation project.

And we have a promise from them that they will either do or contribute to council upgrading the landscaping in this area.

Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk

The Canterbury Terrace Boardwalk upgrade has been put on hold.

Post Script to Greenways Blog:     As a result of the greenways project noted earlier today I can confirm my prediction from Feb 2 last that the upgrade of the boardwalk will be put on hold.

With an anticipated start for the electrification of the railline AND the greenways project there is little point the City of Unley spending ratepayer money on upgrading the boardwalk. It is our understanding that it will need to be demolished to make way fro the shared path.

Greenways Project

Notwithstanding the concerns expressed in my earlier post this afternoon we do have encouraging news from DPTI.

Back on the 2nd February I reported that the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) was apparently proposing a shared path from South Road to East Avenue using a combination of on road treatments and a new path constructed within the rail corridor.

I can now advise they have determined that the electrification of the Noarlunga Rail line is an ideal opportunity to address another project of importance to the government. That is to provide green commuting paths to save on greenhouse gasses from vehicular use by encouraging bike ways.

They have determined that they can use the same corridors for two greenways initiatives. That being so it is proposed to develop a bike way from the Marino Rocks rail station all the way through to Greenhill Road at a cost from memory of $3b.

Goodwood South would therefore see the shared path noted above.

This is fantastic news and brings the Goodwood South Ward well and truly into the Unley bike way environment. The City of Unley has developed a top bike way network but Goodwood South has not featured prominently in this network.

This is a project, initiated by the State Government, that we should all get excited about. It will make such a difference to our district and in particular the area of Clarence Park between Lorraine Avenue thru’ to Cross Road and between East Avenue and the rail line. It will similarly impact on the mirror image on the other side of the line in Black Forest.

I for one will champion this project as much as I can.