Option 5 No Change A Winner Highlighting Unanimous Approval for LATM 3.

Option 5 No Change a Winner as Council unanimously supported the the final recommendations on the recent Clarence Park LATM 3.


LATM map for Clarence ParkA resolution by Council that is owned by everyone. That is the result of the recent Clarence Park Local Area Traffic Management Survey LATM 3. The big news last night was: Option 5 no change a Winner.

LATM 3, as noted in my blog post titled Draft Clarence Park LATM awaits your final input, addressed concerns around traffic in Clarence Park. Council last night unanimously supported the final recommendations provided by our staff.

During the debate Cr Jane Russo complemented Jennie & I on the work we personally did with you and our staff. This was unexpected, but appreciated.

The fact of the matter is we all need congratulating. You, the staff and Jennie & I. We all contributed positively to what I believe is a great solution.

A number of you identified the problems. Our staff back up your concerns with data they collected. We went back out to you to confirm we were on the right track.

Those of you who had concerns appreciated the options we put in front of you. Those who did not participate last year wondered why we were putting solutions in front of them for problems that did not believe existed. By engaging with each other, this was soon understood.

19 recommendations over the whole local area were made, one which was additional to the original list.  As a result of your input, some changes were made. Some remained the same.

The biggest change by far was the change to option 4. We split recommendation 4 into two parts. A stand-alone Mills Street recommendation and a south of Mills Street option.

The latter of the two saw an additional option become apparent. On that night and suggested by me in response to what I was hearing saw an additional option emerge. Enter Option 5 no change a Winner. Given this was the overwhelming response, it was adopted.

Mills Street, on the other hand, will see the biggest changes. The number of approved infrastructure recommendations should make life much better for the residents of that street.

Many of the recommendations will be completed in the current budget. Some, like the two pedestrian refuges and the Mills Street infrastructure changes will require a budget bid for next year (2020-2021).

For more detailed information check out page 8 through page 108 of the agenda which can be found here.


Local Area Traffic Management Survey back in Clarence Park Ward.

A few years ago, Council experimented with a concept called Local Area Traffic Management (LATM). A concept wherein we look at traffic issues, rather than street by street but suburb by suburb. Clarence Park Ward was the catalyst in order to address issues previously identified in Black Forest.

LATM map for Clarence ParkIt proved a successful approach, so we opened it up to the whole city and on a ward per ward basis rather than suburb to suburb, wider again.

In the next few weeks the Local Area Traffic Management Survey comes back to Clarence Park Ward. If you have not received your letter before now it will land in your letter box shortly.

The area being surveyed includes the Clarence Park Ward, minus obviously Black Forest. It also includes a section of Goodwood apparently not included in their survey a couple of years back.

This is your chance to highlight concerns you may have in your street or suburb.

While Council is aware of some areas of concern this is an opportunity to ensure all issues are bought to our attention. What we know already is what we have learnt from you.

To those of you who have communicated concerns in the past, thank you. Please reaffirm these concerns as part of the survey. Those of you who have yet to, please take the opportunity.

Providing feedback will inform Council. We can then consider solutions that we can then put back to you for your further input. That said, if you have what you consider to be solutions already feel free to include that in your survey response.

We look forward to your raising issues concerning traffic flow, traffic volumes, traffic speeds, rat running, Bicycle paths, shared roads (current and potential), and parking.

This is Council at it’s basic. The Roads component of Roads, Rates and Rubbish. It is also Council at its basic, working with the community for the benefit of the community.

Let’s make Clarence Park Ward safer and easier for us to navigate, whether by car, by bike or by foot by filling out the Local Area Traffic Management survey.

Forestville LATM sent back to consultant

The report on the Forestville LATM by GTA Consultants was presented to Council last night.


A thorough report I would suggest by GTA Consultants has identified all issues from recent traffic surveys conducted by Council and the public consultation last year.The report is a holistic report, identifying all issues in the Forestville, Everard Park zone.

The report is not just about Leah Street, or what the recent installation of speed cushions has meant to Everard Avenue and First and Second Avenues. It covers an area bounded by the tram corridor to the south, Anzac Highway in the west, Leader Street to the north and the train corridor to the east.

The report has suggested a series of possible solutions to the problems identified  by residents and the traffic survey. It (the Forestville LATM report) then summarizes what they believe to be the preferred suite of solutions.

The consultants have determined a program that realistically is a 10 year program to implement.

Of interest to this Councillor, being the representative of the ward to the south of this area, is the speed cushions and  the observations about public transport.

On the first of these observations we sent the report back last night to have 3 specific options recommended for further public consultation, rather than the suite that have been put in front of us thus far. 3 options which include a group of complimentary initiatives. 3 options that include on the one hand the removal of the cushions, and one leaving them in place.

As far reaching as the report goes the impetus behind this LATM was the installation of the speed cushions and the removal of similar in Everard Avenue. So we (your elected body) want to ensure they remain the focal point of future discussion.

The question of public transport I will address in a separate blog post.

The public engagement area, much to the chagrin of those living south of the tram line, will remain the same as it was for the first consultation. I understand the rationale for this because to widen the consultation area begs the question, where do we set the boundaries. Do we extend it all the way to say Cross Road to catch users of East Avenue. Why not further down Winston Avenue.

Having said that Jennie and I are keen that those outside (south) of the area get a say and invite you to make observations about the speed cushions which have aggravated most of you since they were installed.

Leah Street speed cushions the focus of a new LATM.

Having learnt from the forerunner to a whole of suburb LATM pioneered by your Goodwood South Councillors in Black Forest we now have a whole of suburb LATM in Forestville and Everard Park.

The second of a number of City Wide LATM’s this one is bought about by the widespread condemnation, including from Goodwood South residents of the use of the speed cushions in Leah Street.

Provided at the request of Leah Street residents and without consideration of the likely impact on neighbouring streets and indeed the inconvenience of their southern neighbours in Black Forest, Clarence Park and Millswood I expect they will be a focus of the LATM.

Public Consultation has commenced, with letters going to all residents of Forestville and Everard Park. While Black Forest, Clarence Park and Millswood residents will not be recipients of these letters they can contribute to the survey.

There are a number of ways you can participate:
  • Completing an on-line feedback form, or
  • If a local resident who received the letter mentioned above: Attending a Community Meeting/Workshop on 24 August 2014 between 11.30 am to 1.30 pm, at the Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood SA 5034. 
    At the workshop, you will be able to share your knowledge and concerns about local traffic and parking issues as well as put forward any ideas you have about potential actions to address the problems. Your views will be helpful in assisting Council to address the traffic issues for the area. 
    Interested residents will also have an opportunity to become part of a Community Reference Group (CRG) who will work with council staff and consultants to develop traffic options for the study area. More information on the CRG will be provided at the workshop.In order to assist us for catering purposes, if you are thinking of attending the workshop, can you please RSVP by Friday, 15 August 2014 to Justine Short on:Email: [email protected]

I encourage Goodwood South residents, whether from Black Forest, Clarence Park or Millswood to participate. In so doing let council know your address (or at least your suburb) so they can value appropriately your opinion.

Black Forest Residents Alert

After our recent ward briefing last week our Administration has prepared this schedule of works resulting from the recent Black Forest LATM consultation survey.

In the chart WB refers to Ward Briefing. As you will see Jennie and I have ensured some issues, identified as low priority have been bought forward. They are all easy to implement and low cost. The bid ticket item is the one being delayed pending more information from DPTI about what they will be doing with South Road.

Work on South Road is likely (in my opinion) to occur in 2 to 3 years at best and hence we have held back on what would have been the big cost of implementing the LATM

Description/Street Recommended Priority (from Consultant Report) Timing
Byron Road (slow points) Medium (3-5 years) As per the Council endorsement, changes to slow points will be considered upon DPTI’s confirmation on the future of South Road
Canterbury Terrace High (1-3 years) The work request has been issued to A&I refer the item A38 of Goodwood Sth ward briefing
East Avenue High (1-3 years) Pedestrian ‘Kerb Build outs’ -Concept designs are being prepared – Concept to be available by end of July/ early August – a Work Request will be issued to A&I following the concept design work.
Additional Parking Restrictions  Medium (3-5 years) Additional Parking controls at Dryden Road and Hartland Avenue – A work will be issued to A&I by end of June with an aim to install the signs by end of July. (although a Medium priority, direction at WB is to proceed with recommendation)
Byron Road and Cowper Road –
Local Shops Access 
Low ( 5 years and beyond) Negotiation will be undertaken with the shopping centre owner/manager as per the Council endorsement – commencement from late August 2014  (although a Low priority, direction at WB is to proceed with recommendation)

Goodwood South leads the way as $500,000 being committed to solve Unley’s traffic woes

Yes. As the storey by Emmie Dowling in this weeks Eastern Courier says Council is looking to conduct a series of 6 local area traffic management surveys. Once complete the 6 surveys will have cost us $ 500,000 and will have covered the entire City of Unley.

And once again the west is leading the way, the example being the recent Black Forest Local Area Traffic Management survey. This was an initiative of Goodwood South’s proactive local Councilors; yours truly and my co-Councillor Jennie.

We successfully lobbied for the Black Forest LATM in the current year’s budget, having believed we had successfully lobbed for it last year. This study has been completed and a number of recommendations are ready to be implemented with a budget allocated for their completion. Regular readers of the blog will be aware that uncertainty over what the State Government have in store for the interaction of our suburban streets with South Road is delaying the start of the major components of the plan.

The next area to have an LATM is the Forestville area in Goodwood Ward. This is the area where a lack of a proper LATM saw the installation of speed humps in Leah Street demonstrating the need for properly conducted LATM’s.

It is nice to be ahead of the pack and leading the way.

What is happening with the Back Forest LATM & Byron Road

Last Month I reported that Council approved the recommendations from the exhaustive Black Forest LATM we undertook last year. I reported also last week that Canterbury Terrace has also now the green light for modifications to address bicycle safety.

Most of the recommendations from the LATM have been programmed to be executed. The work in Byron Road however, which attracted the largest funding requirement was, as I noted, put on hold pending advice from the State Government of their intentions for South Road.

The story is that the State Government wants South Road (in time) to be a non stop express way. To facilitate this it may be that all suburban streets intersecting with South Road may become dead ends.

At my request our administration is seeking information for the State Government’s relevant department (DPTI) as to what is planned for South Road. The reason is we do not want to be wasting the rates you pay council doing the recommended work on Byron Road if it quickly becomes obsolete because the Government has plans for the streets that intersect with South Road that make this work redundant.

We are still waiting for a firm commitment as to what they are doing but it appears the design work will take the rest of this year to complete. That being the case it may be that we (Council) may need to wait until the end of the year (when a new Council will commence) before committing to do anything on Byron Road.

Leah Street Traffic Malaise to be Investigated

There would not be many people in the Goodwood Ward of the City of Unley, or my ward Goodwood South, who have not been inconvenienced by the speed cushions that were installed in Leah Street, Forestville last year. This was clearly a mistake on our part.

Of course not only did we (the elected members) decide to have these cushions  installed, but our administration (in their infinite wisdom) decided to not replace the speed humps in Everard Terrace after road works.

The end result is we created a traffic nightmare for residents in the streets adjacent Leah Street. We could have simply reversed our decision and I would have been happy to do just that.

There have been other issues that have become apparent in the area however and it is appropriate that we go back to scratch and look at the whole area and determine what is an appropriate solution for traffic management in the whole Forestville precinct. This means undertaking a Local Area Traffic Management Program (LATM). This is like the survey we recently undertook in Black Forest.

This came before Council this week and the following motion which was unanimously approved is our response.

MOVED Councillor Schnell 
SECONDED Councillor Palmer 


1. The report be received. 

2. Council commence a Local Area Traffic Management study of the Forestville 
area bounded by South Road, Leader Street, Nairne Terrace/ Ethel Street 
and Railway Terrace/ Norman Terrace and Anzac Highway as part of the 
2013/14 traffic programme. 

So for all those affected by our error I apologise and I look forward to the LATM having actually contributed to what will be a better traffic environment for locals from what originally existed.

Canterbury Terrace approved

An amended motion from the one recommended by Council’s admin put forward by Jennie and I was unanimously approved at Council last Monday night in front of a number of Goodwood South residents who made  the journey up to Fullarton Park Community Centre to witness Council in action.

The motion that was unanimously approved reads as follows:
1. The report be received.
2. The proposed changes (as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 1110/14) at the intersection of Canterbury Terrace and East Avenue be implemented.
3. The existing verge area be replanted with the selected tree species and understory.
4. Staff continue to monitor bicycle traffic in both Canterbury Terrace and through the intersection at East Avenue and report back to Council in 12 months.
5. The community originally consulted on the matter and all other respondents be notified of the Council’s decision.
6. The ‘No Parking” Zone be retained in Canterbury Terrace.
Items 3,4 & 5 were added by us as we, along with a few residents are not convinced the staff’s recommendation for getting cross East Avenue is workable, that the planting selection needed to be noted with residents feeling that this was being ignored, and because there has been a lot of interest in this issue and people who contributed needed to be kept in the loop and not find out when work begins.
Item 6 was included at the last minute thanks to an observation by a resident on the night.
The work has been budgeted for and planting WILL occur, along with the adjacent Parker Avenue during the current planting season, somewhere between now and September.

Canterbury Terrace Finally comes before Council

Just in time from my return from a short holiday the long awaited and much debated solution to make Canterbury Terrace safer with the advent of the bike riders from the Government’s Greenways Project is set to come before Council at our upcoming meeting.

After much public debate we (the elected members) we have two options to decide between. One of these will be (from memory) option 3, the extension of the Greenways bike track which will relocate the trees further out from the track. This option you will recall is a two way option, keeping the left turn from East Avenue.

Since the consultation however our admin have secured what they believe to be reliable data of bike traffic movement using Canterbury Terrace. Word is the traffic volume, even if 5 times more than what it is, does not warrant doing any work other than cleaning up the East Avenue crossing to facilitate bikes and pedestrians getting safely across east Avenue to Cromer Parade, which no-one is yet to see.

So the second option, which is the recommended option (Option 1 in the agenda), will be to leave Canterbury Terrace as it is, except for changes to alignments at East Avenue. This of course is far from what the consultants felt would be necessary and it goes without saying will also keep the left hand turn from East Avenue.

Sounds like a suitable solution/recommendation eve though our Administration were not keen to let you know about it first which provides little opportunity for you to determine if there are concerns or not. I am not happy that this is the case but I reckon the vast majority of you will probably agree with it.

Here is a link to the report on the Council Website the meeting agenda, providing you with the opportunity, albeit fleeting, to advise any concerns you may have before it is considered by Council.


If you do have concerns let me know.

Traffic Woes become Elected Member Woes

This blog is prompted by the article in this weeks Eastern Courier Messenger and reaffirms observations in my previous recent blogs on the Black Forest LATM and the Canterbury Terrace options for connectivity to East Avenue.

Unfortunately the Eastern Courier reported has not picked up on the facts with Canterbury Avenue and has inadvertently misquoted Jennie and I on the dead ends of streets of Black Forest with South Road.

So even though I have blogged on this previously hear are the facts again;

1   The State Government is going to turn (eventually) South Road into a non-stop road which means at least restricted access to and from side streets connecting with it.
2   We have received advice that this may mean that what I thought might be the case, no right hand turns in or out, may wind up being no access period, by way of creating dead ends. Either way traffic into and out of Black Forest is going to be significantly restricted.
3   So if Dryden Road, Cowper Road, Byron Road, Forest avenue become dead ended it will be the State Government doing it, not Council.
4   I personally pushed for a change in the proposed motion at last weeks Council meeting to delay doing any work (ie spending money) on Byron Road until we could ascertain what the Government’s intentions are.
5   Council are not considering a one way option for Canterbury Avenue. It is actually considering  a two way option and this is likely to come before Council in April for approval.
6   The Consultant encouraged Council to consider the one way option but Council does not have to do what the Consultants recommend and as noted in 5 above …. aren’t.

So beyond that and speaking on Jennie’s behalf without asking her first we are both of the view that Canterbury Terrace have a two way intersection with East Avenue.

Black Forest LATM Moves to next stage

The much awaited Black Forest LATM report by Tonkin Consulting was received and considered by Council tonight.

It included a number of recommendations including for Canterbury Terrace. Council considered the recommendations excluding those for Canterbury Terrace.

As I trust most people in Black Forest are already aware Council have already proceeded with working through the issues concerning Canterbury Terrace. This is considering the clash of cars, bikes entering Canterbury Terrace from the Government’s new Greenways bike path), pedestrians crossing from the Rail Station to the Community Centre and getting our trees back.

The proposals for this are expected to be put before Council at the end of April and the one way option that Tonkin’s are asking us to consider have been. The option to be recommended to Council is likely to be the 2 way option that includes extending the Greenways path along the corridor to east Avenue with a verge with small trees and shrubs separating this from the road. More on that in April.

In light of information to hand concerning the possibility of road closures by the Government (whoever gets into power) of all Black Forest roads that intersect with South Road to facilitate their non stop South Road goal we also determined we should hold off on any decision concerning the Byron Road slow points.

We accepted that there would be little point in spending money of significance on Byron Road if it were to become a dead end in the near to mid future. Once the State election is out of the way and we know who the Government is we will then be better placed to consider the Byron Road options.

We have agreed to proceed as follows as far as the remainder of their recommendations:

ü  Council install kerb build outs at several locations along East Avenue as shown in the concept
ü  Signpost a No Stopping restriction on the southern side of Dryden Road through the bend into Gordon Road.
ü  Signpost a 2 Hour Parking restriction (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) along the eastern side of the
Hartland Avenue, between Aroha Terrace and Dunrobin Street.
ü  Discuss the practically of alternative access arrangements with the shop owners of the Black Forest Shopping Centre and mark ‘Keep Clear’ messages in Byron Road and Cowper Road.

Watch this space next month when I should be able to report on Canterbury Terrace.

Clarifying the Black Forest LATM Report

Anyone accessing the links in my last blog post would have seen that the consultant commissioned by Council to prepare the report on the Black Forest LATM have recommended that Canterbury Terrace is turned into a one way road at the east avenue end.

They obviously believe this to be the preferred option and they do so from a traffic engineers point of view.

To find out what is being proposed by our administration for Council to decide on you will need to read both the consultant’s report and the report by Satyen Gandhi which suggests a preferred motion.

That preferred option is to accept all the consultant’s recommendations except one. Satyen is removing the recommendation for Canterbury Terrace out of the motion. He has done this in recognition that Canterbury Terrace has had more issues to consider, as those who have attended our public meetings will know, than those canvassed by the consultant.

We are working on a solution to go to Council next month for Canterbury Terrace.

The proposed motion reads:

1. The report be received.
2. The Black Forest LATM report (and the recommendations contained on pages 19 and 20 within) as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 1070/14, be endorsed except for the recommendation 4.2.
3. The residents in the Black Forest LATM study area be advised of the Council’s decision.

Watch this space to find out what Council decides next week on the LATM and for further input on Canterbury.

Long Awaited Report on Black Forest LATM arrives

The long awaited report on the Black Forest LATM has arrived and will be presented to Council for direction next Tuesday night.

The report can be found at the following web link


The Administration report and recommendation to Council can be found at


A lot of work has gone into this and there are a number of differing views from within the suburb. I understand the consultant has views that may not be shared with most and indeed the administration may be making recommendations at variance to the consultants recommendations.

I have yet to read it, having just received it.

I send it our first to you so you can see what is on offer.

Jennie & i will be enjoying coffee at Carnevale on East Avenue between 2 & 4 if you wish to share thoughts on either report.

Canterbury Terrace and Black Forest LATM to go to Council in March

After Council’s Administration has worked it’s way through the results of extensive consultation a report looks like both projects being ready to go to Council next month for decisions.

In concert with the wide LATM we expect to particularly have a solution put before us on Canterbury Terrace and the need to share this road between cars and bikes, keep parking and allow the trees to be returned.

The input from residents has been fantastic and Council have therefore a good handle on where resident sit with all the issues. This will be weighed up against the advice of the traffic consultants employed to investigate and suggest solutions.

The impact of the State Government’s proposal for a non stop north south corridor on South Road will also inform the debate.

Keep an eye on this blog site for further updates and notice of when it comes before Council.

Canterbury Terrace Public Forum a success

Unley Council yesterday afternoon held a public briefing session on the Canterbury Terrace redevelopment. By my count somewhere between 30 and 50 people turned up which was fantastic.

It is great to see so many people take an active interest in their neighbourhood.
A number of people sought clarification on the benefits AND the consequences of each option we are asking you to consider. This was refreshing for me as it means that there was an intent by many to look past their own self interest and at least understand what each option will mean to their neighbours in streets other than their own.
Well Done Guys!
A number of observations that were made from those I had the opportunity to speak with I appreciated. 
When all submissions have been received and collated by our staff it is my intention to read each and every submission. Whatever solution council ultimately decides on I want to make sure that all relevant consequences are understood; by residents and rate payers and councillors alike.
If you have yet to put your submission in please do so. The more input we get from those affected the greater the chance that we will get it right.
Before doing so please take the time to understand the consequences of each option, not just the benefits. As everyone I spoke to yesterday concurs there is a social cost for each of the options on the table.
I expect that our admin will have a report ready for council to consider maybe in February next year. If all works out we should have determined a preferred option and proceed with detailed design work for it (the preferred option).
That will hopefully provide us with your further input a project that can be costed ready for funding and hopefully proceeding.
PS   The wider traffic issues of Black Forest will be put to Council I believe in January when the results of the LATM are tabled.

Have Your Say on Canterbury Terrace

Our traffic and landscaping teams have together looked at what options are available to look at the solving the safety issues identified in our recent Black Forest LATM after community feedback earlier this year.

Residents of Canterbury Terrace and Parker Terrace Clarence Park (the most affected amenity wise)  have received letters this week as have the wider Black Forest street network. Just in case you missed out I am attaching the pictorial display of the options in this blog post.

They have worked hard on addressing the two major concerns that have been portrayed thus far and they are:

Keeping 2 way traffic
And returning the treescape

Please read the information carefully so that you are truly informed of the merits of each option. Each has advantages but each come with some form of cost to the community. If you wish to discuss this feel free to get back to either Jennie or I.

An opportunity to discuss issues with our staff will be provided at the Clarence Park Community Centre between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on Wednesday 11th December 2013.  I have marked this in my diary.

I encourage you all to respond to this survey, either by posting the response form back to council, providing an email to [email protected].

When this comes before Council early next year I hope that we have the best possible cross section of thoughts from the community to better inform our decision making.

Solutions for Canterbury Parker Terraces still awaited.

Finding an answer that will keep two way traffic and trees in Canterbury Terrace is yet to be solved. Going back out to public consultation is therefore delayed, hopefully though not for too much longer.

Two issues have been occupying MY thinking time since my last blog post about the possible electrical infrastructure we might see at Clarence Park Railway Station.

The first is what trees can we use to camouflage the DPTI structure. Yes I firmly believe keeping the trees is a priority. Without trees Canterbury & Parker Terraces will become a barren area that will take on an industrial look if the infrastructure at Emerson is repeated here. This will be a 180 degree turnaround on what the streets once were, just this time last year.

So what sort of trees. This I will leave to our Sustainable Officer Trevor Stein to investigate. All I can say is the two species previously offered in order to appease the electrical safety zones required by DPTI were deciduous. Unless the electrical infrastructure is to be less obtrusive than I am expecting the trees surely must be evergreen.

So when we are in a position to come back to the public for their thoughts on the options we will have to offer evergreens will be one option.

The other thing exercising my mind is understanding what might occur in Parker Terrace should angled parking be the answer to solve the conflict in Canterbury Terrace. In other words I have been feeling that this road might have to become one way in order to save Canterbury being one way.

Without preempting what our traffic engineers will advise I took a visit down to Aroha Terrace east where tram parking has been accommodated. This street (see the pictures above) from rial verge to fence is 200 mm wider than Parker Terrace (fence to fence).

It does take 2 way traffic but is one way for a section of the road (at the west end). I am presuming from this that we might be able to replicate this if we go all the way the rail corridor fence AND shorten the footpath width by a metre. To achieve this would be major work that has not been foreshadowed in our long term financial plan. It would include not only removing trees from the east side of Parker Terrace but relocating the power lines. Oooh! Now there’s an exercise.

We must of course await our traffic engineers advice before reacting. I am just putting pen to paper to let everyone know the answers aren’t simple.

By the way I am catching up with our Mayor today to give him some background to the challenges we are facing.

Canterbury Concerns Cause Conflict

While we await our administrations efforts to provide options for two way vehicular access fear is emanating in and around Canterbury Terrace that they may not see their trees being replaced.

It appears there is a belief out there, and I have heard it from at least 5 residents now, that council has made a decision to abandon tree replacement to allow 2 way car traffic and that we are avoiding letting our residents know; to be less than transparent as it where.

Let me assure everyone that this is NOT the case.

Yes, council is responding to an overwhelming call to ensure two way traffic. Clearly residents in streets other than Canterbury Terrace stand the chance of having extra traffic down their street. It is only fair and reasonable that we respond to this concern. The concern was expressed in force to council after a local resident not living in this street galvanised support and it would be fair to say that most who responded may well have done so without realizing that this might mean the loss of the trees.
My post on this blog site back on the 16th August http://donpalmer.org/?p=447 indicated we (Council) were looking at additional options. This post clearly indicated an option provided to Jennie & I back then included replacing the trees.
What I did not indicate back then is that we have asked admin to look at an option for angled parking in Parker Terrace. We have yet to hear back from them and it may or may not prove a suitable option. Time will tell and if felt worthy of pursuing, this will extend the consultation because residents east of the line will need to be included in the next round of consultation.
So that everyone is on the same page the following is my understanding of the situation we are addressing. With the advent of extra bike traffic (and how much is not known) we will have a safety issue at the East avenue intersection.
It is as far as I can see a situation where we cannot have two directions of cars, bikes, parking and trees. The road simply is not wide enough to accommodate all these components. And that is based on the regulations managed by DPTI.
Bikes are a non negotiable. We cannot refuse to allow the bikes coming along the State Government built Greenways path between Emerson Station and Clarence Park Station. And neither would we want to.
So something else has to give. It will either be south bound car traffic, parking or trees. We could of course ignore safety and wait for an accident and then be criticized (rightfully) by all and sundry for not having done something.
Problem is, with all things council, it takes forever to make a decision, something I grapple with as a self employed small business owner used to making decisions. But it has to be this way, as we need to take on board the feelings and thoughts of those most affected and that (sorry to say) takes time. Yes transparency dictates the need to take this time, improving the chances of getting the decision right.
Please be assured no decisions have or will be made without further consultation.
Yes! unlike our recent experiences in Goodwood South where the State Government have paid (according to residents) lip service to consultation, we will keep you in the loop all the way and take on board what you say. 
It is why Local Government is just that, Local; and why it should be retained.

Canterbury Terrace Options Progress

Council staff presented three new options to Jennie and I yesterday at our monthly Ward Briefing. All three options allowed for cars to travel 2 ways. Safety concerns surrounded two of the options however.

Staff have responded to the overwhelming concerns about the East Avenue intersection being restricted to one way for cars in order to save the trees. They put forward three options.

Two of the options had cars competing with bikes which all at the meeting felt was a safety risk we should not take. One of these options allowed parking along the rail corridor but no landscaping. The other allowed landscaping but prevented parking.

The third option allowed for the bike path (greenways) to extend all the way to East Avenue. The greenways of course is a State Government project and we find ourselves looking at an option for the sake of road safety that we would not have had to entertain had it not been for the Government’s greenways project.

Of course finding a solution to joint road use and this is one road that does present that way is something that fits the 30 year plan we developed out of the the Community of Possibilities Public Consultation last year.

Unfortunately this 3rd proposal reduces parking along Canterbury Terrace. I say unfortunately because parking in and around the Community Centre on the corner of Canterbury and East Avenue is another major concern identified by residents at our recent public meetings.

To address parking concerns we have asked staff to look at Parker Terrace to see if we can convert the current parallel parking in Parker Terrace to angled parking. Initial investigations suggest this is possible but a full review is needed to see if it is indeed feasible.

This option will allow a narrow verge between the cars and the bikes which can be planted with trees similar to those you have all had an opportunity to comment on.

The other obstacles with this option will see the gum trees (two maybe three by my reckoning) at risk of being removed and there may be an issue, having just walked the road myself, with off street parking for residents.

So progress is being made but we are far from able to present workable solutions for further comment from you. This means that nothing will happen for a while except the ash trees, which we all know are dead or dying, can be removed.

When we have something we will go back to you and seek your further feedback because the best option needs all of us to contribute to.