Leah Street Traffic Malaise to be Investigated

There would not be many people in the Goodwood Ward of the City of Unley, or my ward Goodwood South, who have not been inconvenienced by the speed cushions that were installed in Leah Street, Forestville last year. This was clearly a mistake on our part.

Of course not only did we (the elected members) decide to have these cushions  installed, but our administration (in their infinite wisdom) decided to not replace the speed humps in Everard Terrace after road works.

The end result is we created a traffic nightmare for residents in the streets adjacent Leah Street. We could have simply reversed our decision and I would have been happy to do just that.

There have been other issues that have become apparent in the area however and it is appropriate that we go back to scratch and look at the whole area and determine what is an appropriate solution for traffic management in the whole Forestville precinct. This means undertaking a Local Area Traffic Management Program (LATM). This is like the survey we recently undertook in Black Forest.

This came before Council this week and the following motion which was unanimously approved is our response.

MOVED Councillor Schnell 
SECONDED Councillor Palmer 


1. The report be received. 

2. Council commence a Local Area Traffic Management study of the Forestville 
area bounded by South Road, Leader Street, Nairne Terrace/ Ethel Street 
and Railway Terrace/ Norman Terrace and Anzac Highway as part of the 
2013/14 traffic programme. 

So for all those affected by our error I apologise and I look forward to the LATM having actually contributed to what will be a better traffic environment for locals from what originally existed.

Leah Street Speed Cushion Update

Council received a report last night regarding the controversial speed cushions in Leah Street.

The report summarized a number of complaints received about the cushions. It also tabled comparisons of speeds on the street since their implementation with a number of other traffic surveys since 2000.

This report must be viewed as provisional however as it will be influenced by the impact of the Goodwood Junction Rail projects.

Given this we have requested a further report to be prepared analyzing post Goodwood Junction traffic, and have requested this to be penetrated to us in March of next year. This should provide us with accurate and reliable information regarding traffic, not just in Leah Street, but in adjacent streets.

The vexed question of whether they are good not only for the residents in Leah Street but the surrounding streets and indeed the residents south of the tram line can then be more adequately assessed.

This is a report I cannot wait to see.

Leah Street Speed Humps

Two of my recent blog posts have referred to the recently installed speed cushions in Leah Street. The report on Kate Ellis’s recent street meeting and tonight’s post on the budget.

These cushions were approved at a meeting of council late last year. I put my hand up and confirm I was one to vote for them, believing the work of the local Ward Councillors and our staff had consulted far enough to be certain it was a move the locals truly supported.
Jennie & I have both found since their installation that many people within the two wards (Goodwood and Goodwood South) were not consulted and not impressed. Indeed there is quite some rage about their installation and the lack of consultation beyond Leah Street. Yes! The consultation was apparently confined to Leah Street.
The main focus at Kate’s street meeting at Everard Park was the concerns of Goodwood Ward residents other than on Leah Street, mainly First, Second & Third Avenue residents on the west of Leah Street and Charles & Essex Street on the east, about the negative impact the newly installed speed cushions.
Many residents in Goodwood South have complained to me personally. In very recent times I have heard that at least one Leah Street resident is having second thoughts, although this may be influenced by the heavy vehicle traffic using the street currently.
On the evidence I think it is fair to say we got this one wrong.
Will removal be right answer? Then we go back to the problems that installation of the cushions were designed to address.
Recent traffic counts indicate that the speed in Leah Street has been drastically reduced. So they have achieved their initial goal. The volume of traffic is also down, which on the surface may also be good news in that maybe traffic has been diverted from the area. Having said that, much of the traffic has been diverted locally to First Avenue, creating another problem that now needs addressing.
So what is the answer?
In the budget due for approval in June we have currently allowed for a LATM (Local Area Traffic Management) survey of the whole area surrounding Leah Street. The purpose of this is to prevent us simply making more decisions on the run, without taking into consideration the impact a decision may/will have on surrounding streets.
Of course a real solution and one I have commented on previously, it would be great of the State Government found a way of preventing the southern rat runners from entering East Avenue, Clarence Park at Cross Road. Am I dreaming?

Another Meeting with Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis discussed a number of contentious issues at 2 street (or park) meetings held in the west of the City of Unley this morning, one at Everard Park in Goodwood Ward and again at Dora Guild Playground in the Goodwood South Ward.

I attended both these meetings are can report they were quite interactive. That is what her street meetings are about, hearing from you.

Topics concerning all three levels of Government were discussed, and for the first time since I have been attending these meetings I can say that State agenda was the main focus, with some local thrown in.

At the Federal level the Gonsky report was discussed, as was the boat arrivals.

Rail Revitalisation Works

At Dora Guild the State focus centred squarely around the rail corridor and the issues concerning residents concerns/perceptions that DPTI are paying lip service to their needs and running roughshod over them.

Residents along the corridor made an impact on their local state representative Steph Keys. I assisted by pointing out that residents outside the immediate area of the Goodwood Junction have felt disenfranchised and that they can not get a proper airing at the G-RAG meetings because of the shear intensity on what is happening around the junction.

She appears to have taken up my suggestion that these groups need to be heard separately and not be forced to fight for priority at G-RAG. I expect that she will attend personally at any house meeting arranged to ensure that they have someone in Government listening to them and advocating for them.

A time is being set up for Cowper Road residents as we speak. I will encourage the same thing to happen for Cranbrook residents, as soon as I can set Cowper up.

Leah Street Speed Humps

Of interest to Goodwood South residents, the local focus at Everard Park was the concerns of residents other than on Leah Street about the negative impact the newly installed speed cushions (by Council). So Goodwood Ward residents share the concerns of the residents East Avenue and like streets.

In the budget currently under public consultation we have allowed for a LATM (Local Area Traffic Management) survey of the whole area surrounding Leah Street. The purpose of this is to prevent us simply making more decisions on the run, without taking into consideration the impact a decision may/will have on surrounding streets.

I personally feel we made a mistake in approving the cushions. But let’s do a proper survey and not rush the next decision.

Leah Street finally completed

With the speed humps installed the Leah Street reconstruction has finally been completed.

After extensive local consultation the redevelopment of this road has been redeveloped and the installation of the speed control humps mark the final phase of construction.

I have to admit I was taken by surprise when driving down Leah Street on Thursday to see the humps being installed. It has been some time since work was done.

The locals I understand see this as a success storey but the work was not yet complete when a resident in my ward expressed concerns that the humps were back. I have just spent some time as a guest in their home during which time they made some good observations about their installation.

Firstly, as a nearby resident who uses the street daily they were not consulted. Secondly,they see convergence issues as drivers try to navigate the humps by positioning their vehicles over the humps but challenged by on coming traffic, particularly buses, to pull back.

Finally, as a daily user of the street, they are concerned that traffic in future may avoid the problems identified above by diverting down nearby residential streets.

So for me I reflect for future projects how far should consultation reach and when dealing with traffic issues where are the geographic boundaries when coming up with solutions. In other words how do we avoid creating problems in adjacent streets in order to solve the issues in one street.

I am thankful for their input in moving forward.

Leah Street Speed Cushions

The Leah Street Speed Cushions are set to be approved at Monday night’s Council meeting.

I just noticed that this is on the agenda.

If we accept the recommendation of our Road Safety Committee. Assuming we do approve it, the work I expect would commence soon. It will see the completion of the Leah Street upgrade

Leah Street Upgrade

The much awaited upgrade of Leah Street has begun. As many residents of Goodwood South are regular users of this street I note below the schedule provide me by our administration on Friday, including road closures necessary to facilitate the upgrade.

  • 12 – 20 January 2012 Minor kerb repairs and remodelling
  • 21 – 22 January 2012 Road profiling and resurfacing
  • 23 – 31 January 2012 Installation of traffic treatments
  • 6 – 24 February 2012 Footpath paving
So as to minimise lengthy disruptions to residents and travellers, road profiling and resurfacing will occur from approximately 4pm on Saturday 21 January 2012 and continue throughout the night, finishing at approximately 10am on Sunday 22 January 2012.
During this time, Leah Street will be closed to all traffic and access and egress to individual properties will not be available.
Bus services W90 / W91 will detour via Cross Rd & Goodwood Rd (bus stops 4 -11 to City & 4-12 from the City will not be serviced by buses, W90 & W91 buses will pick up & set down passengers along Goodwood Road on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 January 2012.

On behalf of Council I wish to apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause and thank you for your patience and support whilst these works are undertaken. It will be worth it.

Please contact our Customer Services team on 8372.5111 if you require further information.