Living Active in Unley

Last night Council endorsed the draft Living Active Sport and Recreation Plan 2015-2020. This is a policy that has been in the making now for a while and is related to the Healthy and Active Community component of The City of Unley Community Plan 2033.


Known as the Living Active Plan it has been shaped by other related projects, including the Active Unley research project, the Unley Oval Improvement Plan, the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan, the Community Asset Review (2011-2013) and the development of Council’s new Open Space Strategy.
A summary of key actions is as follows:
• Develop and implement a Healthy Communities program, which includes innovative and relevant activities that promote participation in physical activity and healthy living in the City of Unley.
• Investigate the establishment of an active travel education program to provide information, awareness and training and to promote the benefits of walking and cycling.
• Identify and secure opportunities to implement the Improvement Plans for Unley Oval, Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex.
• Support the development of an ‘iconic’ play space in the City of Unley.
• Actively work with the Adelaide City Council to provide guidance and advocate for the development of the Adelaide Park Lands to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Priority projects include a regional dog park and the investigation of new hockey facilities in the South Park Lands. This is page 5 of the Council Agenda Reports for 13 July 2015
• Support our local sport and recreation organisations to remain financially sustainable and implement governance frameworks through advice, forums and information.
• Encourage and support local sports clubs to adopt the Good Sports and Star Clubs initiatives, and continue to recognise the volunteers of these clubs and the contribution they make to the community.

This is in my opinion a well considered plan that accurately identifies what we should be considering in the next decade in order to ensure you and I and our neighbours are kept active and healthy.

Of significance not only does the plan recognise the need to redevelop Unley & Goodwood Ovals and Millswood Sporting Complex, it recognises that we should actively pursue opportunities with our neighbouring councils and in particular Adelaide with better using the South parklands.


Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex update

Council last night moved one step closer to adopting the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan.


We endorsed in principle a Staged Implementation Plan for the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex Improvement Plan. Council administration presented a comprehensive plan for the precincts . This was based on the work of our consultants in piecing together the information we received from the various interest groups last year, clubs and residents alike.

This included endorsing the preparation of detailed designs to support the future facility upgrade requirements for Millswood Bowling Club and Millswood Croquet Club proceed. Doing this places us in a better position to achieve grant funding if ever it becomes available. It also included approving our Administration continue an advocacy role in supporting Forestville Hockey Club to relocate to a suitable site with a new synthetic hockey pitch.

This is an outline of the Community Engagement Plan proposed.

Milestone                                                                                       Timeframe
CE Plan Signed Off Scoping & Sign off                                April 2015
STAGE 1 Plan                                                                                   April 2015
STAGE 2 Prepare & Promote                                                   April/May 2015
STAGE 3: Inform                                                                          May 2015
STAGE 4: Report                                                                           May/June 2015
Prepare Engagement Report                                                    June 2015

Provide to Elected Members via memo                               July 2015

Project information, documentation and re-ports available for community reference.
July 2015

The Plan recognises that work of the scale envisaged will be only possible over and extended period with individual projects being prioritized. This is a detailed plan to complex to reproduce here so, if you are interested as I am sure many of you are, I suggest you go to Council’s web site for this information.

You will see an extensive list of achievable projects that can be undertaken in the next 2 to 5 years, with a list of larger projects that would in the main require some grant funding over the 6 to 9 year period. It includes also a list of projects we would expect we could not undertake for over 10 years from now.

Goodwood Oval & Millswood Sporting Complex back on the agenda

A staged implementation plan for Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex in accordance with the resolution of Council on August 2014 I expect to be presented to Council at this months full council meeting.


This report should outline the approach for further community engagement, detailed design, priority projects and funding options.

The consultants for the project have taken on board what we heard during the public consultation last year. Their report will be their response to all the information garnered during the consultation.

It remains to be seen what they recommend but I am hopeful there are a number of initiatives that we can take on that will not impact significantly on our budget. This plan has been in the pipeline now since 2006 and I believe it is time we actually get to the point sooner rather than later of actually achieving something on the ground.

There are some little ticket items that I believe we can reasonable undertake. Bigger ticket times will always have to wait on Government funding. These need to be designed and costed so they are ready for implementation of funding becomes available.

Whatever is proposed will be taken back out to the public for their information and edification.



Goodwood Oval & Millswood Reserve Open Day

If you have an interest in how Goodwood Oval or it’s neighbour Millswood Park will look in the future and what they can provide the community don’t forget that the open day is this Saturday.

The sessions will be as follows:
  • Goodwood Oval from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm
  • Millswood Sporting Complex from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm

From there you can catch the showdown, either at the Adelaide Oval, or at home.

Goodwood Oval/Millswood Reserve Improvement Plans

While Council’s survey on the improvement plan closed a week ago your input can still be provided.

The project team is currently collating the information received. I suspect they will notify what they have received at the  community information day on Saturday 29 March at both sites.  This is your last chance to inform the options that will be considered in the concept plans the development which will commence after the community information day.
The sessions will be as follows:
  • Goodwood Oval from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm
  • Millswood Sporting Complex from 1.00 pm until 4.00 pm

From there you can catch the showdown, either at the Adelaide Oval, or at home.

Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex improvement plan Community Information Day.

This is a heads up to advise the Community Information Day will be held to engage over the Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex improvement plans.

It is scheduled for Saturday 29 March between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm. I will be there up until say 1.00 pm as I would love (as one of your local elected members) what you think of proposals being put by the various clubs that use these facilities.

May I suggest you get there early because this is Showdown Day (Power v Crows), the first at Adelaide Oval.

Community Asset Action Plan 2012 – 2015 Update

Community Consultation is well underway on the plan with a handful of people attending the two open meetings held at the Civic Centre this week.

Have only heard from two others, one of which I will be catching up with next week regarding how to develop the eastern side of Millswood Park.

Apart from that I can tell you that we have let a contract for the Master Planning of Unley Oval. Master Planning of Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park awaits budget allocation in (hopefully) next year’s budget.

Community Asset Review Goes Public

Community consultation has now commenced on the Draft Community Asset Action Plan 2012 – 2015, closing 2 November. Finally we are in a position to allow public to input into the futures of Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park in the west of the city and also Unley Oval.

So whatever the outside agendas that have been promoted and all the theories being thrown around can now take a back seat as our thoughts are now made public. I encourage you to read the information at the link below.

As you will see from the report we are looking at all of our facilities and notwithstanding that we have determined there is a need for master plans at the three facilities mentioned above.

Your input is not only encouraged but, with the encouraging reaction to suggestions being put in the last three months at ALL THREE complexes, requested. We need and want your input, as is the way we do things in Unley.

 These are your facilities.
 You will note a public information session is planned for 24 October at the Civic Centre. This will be an opportunity to talk with the authors of the report and it is my intention to be there in person at both sessions.
There is also a list of frequently asked questions, and a short survey on the website that we can access.
In closing I note that the apparent threats by the Goodwood Junction project have been difficult to manage and got in the way of preparing the brief. Likewise the media representations of what is and is not being planned for Unley Oval.
Foot note:  We have called tenders for the Master Planning of Unley Oval so we will be raedy to hit the ground running on thast facility when the consultation is complete.




Millswood Croquet Club 90 years young

In the words of our Mayor a club does not get to be 90 unless the members realise the club is greater than the members. This surely therefore is something to celebrate.

Well done to all members past and present for making this club such a success. As I have posted on a number of occasions the western side of the City of Unley has much to celebrate, with so many of their sporting clubs being truly successful.

And the party was great. It was a privilege to be invited.

And I am happy to have been involved in the recommendation to Council to subsidise their party. They are great contributors to our community.

Goodwood Junction Update

As many who read this blog will know Jennie & I had a meeting with one of our Managers late this afternoon to get an update on the Goodwood Junction project, including the use of Millswood Park and the impact on the Brownhill Creek project.

A short session but packed with information revealed that DPTI and indeed the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA) have taken on board the many observations we had made about the many obstacles that a rushed program was likely to create.

For all of you who have been dismayed at the lack of consultation from DPTI and with specific concerns regarding Brownhill Creek or the use of Millswood Park etc I can tell you that the major thing that came out of our meeting is that our administration believe they have convinced DPTI to have a full council briefing in the near future (watch this space). The potential is that our residents may be invited to attend in the gallery to hear what we are hearing.

Alternatively they (DPTI) may be ready to have a stand alone session with residents.

Let me say at this juncture I do feel sorry for the people in DPTI who have been delegated the responsibility for developing this project. They have been under the pump because the Government (as I have indicated in previous posts) set very tight deadlines that were non negotiable. This placed a pressure on DPTI to perform miracles. Hopefully, with the involvement of Jennie and I recognising flaws in their original concepts and logistics, a miracle may yet happen, one that does not cause the grief that you and I have anticipated was going to occur.

In respect of issues raised by me about how this project would potentially de-rail the no dam option the SMA project team have been frantically trying to come up with solutions that will prove workable whether the dam is built or not. Clearly there is a recognition that this needs solving now, before the Goodwood Junction project proceeds.

We were briefed on a number of options, noting that they all need some more work to be certain they can work. (More on this when I have something definitive to report).

Of more interest, and which has interested most of you in the last week or so, is what will be happening to that stretch of land on the east side of Millswood Park. What I can tell you is the tenders from the contractors have been received and are being analysed now (I believe there are two being focused on). If I understood correctly one of these are proposing to use Millswood Park, the other is not.

I guess we will have to wait on that one but if one does not see a need to use it then there is a chance the other might be persuaded to follow suit. The other thing is I believe our management are considering asking Council to agree to conditions and rental terms if the use of this site is requested by the winning tender. Given this strip of land is ours this means we have some control because we don’t have to provide them access.

Community Asset Review Update

As we move toward the next phase of the Community Assets Review we are being challenged with things that have the potential to de-rail all the good work done to date.

I recently posted that I expected the next phase of the review would occur in September. That phase is going out to public consultation on the draft initiatives that have emanated from the consultation earlier in the year from the principal stakeholders, the clubs and associations who use the facilities being reviewed. With side issues getting in the way it will now be October before we can give you a chance to comment.

We had to deal with a suggestion on Unley Oval to experiment with trial fencing around part of the Oval. This will not be happening.

We then had to deal with DPTI wanting to use the Forestville Hockey Ground as the main works depot for the Goodwood Junction Project. With lobbying from Jennie (my co-councillor) & I this will now not happen as it will be located in the Showgrounds.

We are currently dealing with a proposal for DPTI to use part of the Millswood Sporting Complex as a minor works depot for the same project.

The interference caused by these have been noted in previous posts.

A motion will be put to Council on Monday night to approve calling tenders for master planning for the Unley Oval precinct. If passed this will allow us to start with master planning as soon as the results of the public consultation have been received and collated.

Of course the financial status of the Sturt Football Club is a concern as we move forward but this should not stop us from calling tenders.

We should have a better understanding of their financial position and the results of the public consultation before being in a position to let the successful tender.

Calling of tenders for the other two precincts, Goodwood Oval and Millswood, are not anticipated yet.

Community Assets Review Advances

Council last night endorsed the recommendations of the Community Assets Review Committee to advance to the next stage.

Much has been achieved thus far with the review. Recommenced late last year with yours Truly a member of the committee overseeing it after stalling a few years ago we have achieved our original aim of consulting with the key stakeholders.

These stakeholders, the sporting clubs and other organisations using our various facilities, were asked to provide us with their visions for their future, to advise us their needs going forward. In some cases they were asked about recommendations stemming from the results of those older stalled consultations.

As a result of the review it has been determined that Master Planning IS required for the Unley Oval, the Goodwood Oval and the Millswood Sporting Complex.

With blessings last night stage II is ready to commence.

More on that later other than to say we would hope to be in a position where, subject to funding, we can start the Master Planning Process early next year.

Community Assets Review Update

Following on from posts of the14th and 25th April on this blog site I had cause to respond to a question from an interested ratepayer regarding the possible redevelopment of the Unley Oval. Picket Fences and Grandstand extensions having been in the News lately.

Below is my responce to our ratepayer. I felt it prudent to bring all those who watch this blog in on the answer as soem of you may have similar questions. Whilst the answer is in responce to Unley Oval, it applies also to Goodwood Oval and to Millswood Sporting Complex.


Back in 2006 or 2007 Council commenced a community assets review. The aim of the review was to review all the building assets of council to determine the state of the building and to determine if they were fit for use for the clubs and groups in our communities that use them.
This review stalled until the current council picked it up. I am a member of this committee.
Over the last 12 months we have liaised with the clubs and groups using our buildings and other key stakeholders. We have determined that a master plan will be required not only for the Unley Oval precinct but the Goodwood Oval precinct and the Millswood Sporting complex.
A number of recommendations will be put to Council possibly in August and with their endorsement we will be going out to the wider community to seek their input. I expect this to be in September of this year.
Once this is done we will be moving on to creating master plans for all three areas.
Realistically there can be no action at any of these venues until master plans are done and approved and included in the long term financial plans of Council. I suggest we’re talking a  20 year plan in all cases to see anything come to fruition.
The Sturt Football Club clearly would like things to happen sooner. In my opinion, whilst there are some things they might have on the WishList, they don’t have their own clear strategic plan going forward. Having said that some of those things may come to fruition.

Commmunity Asset Review Update

The Community Asset Review Committee met this week in preparation of  a proposal being put to council ready for public consultation maybe in August of this year.

As a member of  that group I am keen having had input now from the key stakeholders (the clubs and groups using our buildings)  to move the project forward and see what the residents and rate payers believe about how we should utilise our facilities into the future.

I am also a member of both the Unley Oval Advisory Group and the Goodwood Oval Advisory Group. Both these groups have indicated a desire to see what the club’s wish lists are and offer opinion on this.

Both Goodwood Oval and the Millswood complex are likely at the end of this consultation to go down the road of having master plans developed for them.

I expect the report to be put to next months City Strategy & Policy Committee meeting so watch this space.