What is happening after the Fairfax Avenue street meeting

Jennie and I have just been briefed on what is happening as a result of our recent street meeting with residents of Fairfax and Graham Avenues.

We have been advised as follows:
ü  The driveway line marking will be reviewed in the street to improve access to properties.  This is scheduled for February.
ü  Line marking and signs installed to direct motorists not to park within 10 metres of the junction
ü  Parking on both sides of the road which restricts access for large vehicles is proving a challenge as the only foreseeable solution is to restrict parking on one side of the road which is felt will be counterproductive.
ü  It is proposed therefore to conduct a parking turnover study in March 2012 once sporting activities re-commence to determine level of usage.
ü  Line marking is also to be reviewed to determine if a space can be provided without limiting access
ü  An investigation into vehicles speeding though the junction at Meredyth Avenue, Graham Avenue and Cromer Parade shows that vehicle speeds in Graham Avenue are low with very few vehicles exceeding the speed limit.  In Meredyth Ave and Cromer Parade, previous traffic data showed vehicle speeds are higher with a significant proportion exceeding the speed limit and the speed observation trailer will be deployed in both of these streets in Feb.  New counts are scheduled for this month  and SAPOL will be advised if this data shows excessive speeding.
If anyone has anything more they wish to contribute to this exercise please respond so we can include it in our research.

Additional line marking in Mills Street scheduled for installation, together with an additional no left turn sign into Millswood Crescent for December
Our team is meeting with line marking contractor today to discuss on site prior to installation of line marking in Mills Street and Millswood Crescent.

AND….. the line marking contractor has confirmed that the yellow box markings over rail crossing will be installed in mid – February subject to availability of TransAdelaide rail controllers.

These initiatives came from the public consultation process on the Kelvin Avenue project and to which I referred in my last Kelvin Avenue Blog.

Yes! Public Consultation does work. Initiatives prompted by residents are taken on board and this little ducky feels good about the process we underwent, even though I was frustrated by the time it took. But I guess that is local government.

A Victory for the People once again. And thanks to the resident in Frederick Street that prompted me to look at the East Avenue, Mills Street, Millswood Crescent network. And thanks to the East Avenue observer of the problems with cars stopping on the rail line in peak hour traffic.

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge a step closer

Those of you who have received the consultation letter from us will know that the consultation on a proposed design, recently completed is currently in progress regarding the proposed refuge just north of Dunrobin Road .

Outcome of consultation will be reported to the Road Safety Committee at their March meeting. A recommendation will then be put to Council for consideration.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

We have been advised that the DPTI (the renamed DTEI-Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure) Rail Electrification Project team will brief Council at the March briefing evening.

During the briefing I will be, and I am sure Jennie will likewise, reinforce the request for a street meeting so that your views can be taken into account, your fears addressed etc.

When this occurs I will blog my understanding of the briefing, including whether or not the timing for the start of this project has been put back to December or not.

Graffiti Management

Further to my recent post regarding Council’s new approach to cleaning up graffiti I can say with pride for the locals in Goodwood South Ward that our very own neighbourhood watch group (Millswood, Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch) have indicated a desire to become involved.

This is great news. We need to take responsibility for our own patch.

What this group does need are volunteers to help them keep your neighborhood safe. Whether it is helping with graffiti clean up, or distributing the neighbourhood watch newsletter or even joining the committee (who meet only bi-monthly) you can help. Maybe you have initiatives yet to be considered that they could take on board.

If you are interested let me know and I will be only too happy to pass on your details to them.

Clarence Park Community Centre

The Clarence Park Community Centre celebrated their 2011 Christmas Party last night. There would have been in excess of 200 people there.

The Community Centre is alive and filled with excitement; a sure sign that that we have a very successful and well patronised  Community Facility here in the Goodwood South Ward.

Father Christmas visited us during the party and provided all the kids with presents. It was great to see the smiling faces of not only the kids but the mums and dads too. Next year I might be able to return, not just as a councillor but a grandparent – Pa Don.

Ruth Zilm was thanked for her 26 years with the Centre and there were lots of wet eyes as she received a presentation from Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ashley Campbell.

Well done both the management and the staff of the Community Centre. Have a merry Christmas and we will see you again in the new year; ready again to provide a valuable service to the resident’s of Clarence Park, Millswood, Black Forest and surrounding suburbs.

Commnity Asset Review

Council’s City Strategy & Policy Committee last night endorsed consultation to commence on the Community Asset Review (CAR).

This review involves a strategic review of many of Council’s community facilities, including their design and functionality, and the services operated from them. A key part of the project is consultation with all stakeholders, particularly the clubs and groups who lease Council’s community facilities, and others who use them.

The full report is available on Council’s website at www.unley.sa.gov.au, click on Council, then City Strategy & Policy Committee, then November 2011 agenda.

The CAR consultation plan requires final endorsement at the full Council next Monday, after which time Council staff will commence discussions with the key stakeholders.

As a member of the CAR committee I will be available to all stakeholders, and when the time comes others in our community, to ensure we get the best possible solution for our community groups.

As one of your elected members (Goodwood South) I will be particularly interested in the groups that use our facilities at Goodwood Oval & Millswood.

This review has been a long time coming and is needed provide those groups concerned about their future an opportunity to shape their future with certainty, with our help.

Churchill Avenue and Spiers Street

Work at upgrading Churchill Avenue and Spiers Street is nearly complete.

Churchill Avenue has been re-surfaced. Spiers Street has been realigned, and new footpaths constructed.

                                     Spiers under construction                              Spiers now

It is great to see works such as these, and Page Park (refer yesterday’s post), in our little neck of the woods. We will soon be sitting down to start the process of determining the budget for next year and Jennie and I will be looking to ensure Goodwood South Ward continues to receive the funding to see results such as these.

And doesn’t Churchill look a picture.

East Avenue rail Crossing

As I reported some time ago now I alerted DTEI, through our administration, that the rails the rail crossing on East Avenue was loose.

A big thank you to DTEI for commencing works on rectifying this.

Little did I realise the work entailed in effecting the repairs however. The crossing was closed at 6.00pm last night and will remain closed until 6.00 pm tomorrow night. And what a team was present to make it all happen.

Scenes of the work

And while the road may have been closed to allow work to proceed safely, the trains kept running with the worst of the work beign doen once the trains went to bed for the night.

The rail line will now be safer. Congratulations to all involved.

Post Script.

The yellow boxed lines I promised would happen earlier by DTEI. Not now, at least by them. We will be programming this work ourselves in the near future. Then hopefully cars will not bank across the rail line in peak traffic conditions.

First Year Completed


A year ago this weekend I witnessed the vote for elected members of Local Government and witnessed the provisional declaration that the good people of Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley had placed their faith in me to represent them and advocate for them on Council for the first time.

I look back on this first year and wonder where it went. It has been a hectic introduction to the life of an elected member as we dealt with so much during the year. The comments from others still ring in my ears that it is not usually like this; it will calm down.


They say the first year is very much a learning curve with so much unfamiliar and they were right. It has indeed been a very steep learning curve. I give thanks to my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert for her mentorship, guidance and encouragement. I would like to think we worked together well, not that we agreed on everything.

As we deal  with the biggest local issue to be addressed  during the year right now (Kelvin Avenue) I reflect on a first year which I believe I have enjoyed some success representing and advocating for you.

Most of the big or controversial issues were outside our ward. But while this was going on we nibbled away at many smaller issues in Goodwood South, (Black Forest, Clarence Park & Millswood), making it a better place.

I have enjoyed working for and on behalf of you and look forward to the remaining 3 years of this term.

It is ALL ABOUT YOU though.

The biggest pleasure I have had is helping a number of you solve those personal issues you have had like barking dogs, unsafe footpaths, light and noise issues from neighbouring properties; just simply ensuring our Administration respond to you and communicate with you in a timely way.

I ask you to contact me on any issue you may have that is Council related and I will do what I can to ensure it is given the attention it deserves.

Community & Council working together in Millswood

Concerns by some residents expressed recently to my co councillor Jennie Boisvert prompted a “street” meeting, or perhaps I should say an “oval” meeting.

A group of around 20 people responded to an invitation to attend the meeting called to address the issues raised. Jennie and I, along with council’s manager of traffic and transport, Charles Mountain, talked with residents about a number of issues of concern to some of them.

Concerns around parking on match days on the south side of Goodwood Oval (in Fairfax & Graham Streets), was accepted by the majority as one of the prices to pay when living next door to an oval. Other issues raised however warrant Council looking into and addressing.

Fencing at the south west corner of the oval, whilst included in our current year’s budget, has yet to be erected. Discussions on this revealed it is a good idea we check what type of fence is being considered as there were concerns regarding the safety of children. Jennie and I will follow this up.

The fence is yet to be erected – watch this space

A number of issues were also raised by residents of Graham Avenue. All these issues are worthy of Council responding to and we will.

It was good to part of a very productive meeting and I thank the residents who participated.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

We may have to keep pushing our case with DTEI to make sure we do not get something in Unley we don’t want.

I am led to believe that consultations are occurring now via written feedback submissions and tha t a public meeting is not required given the small number of affected residents. If this is true it would suggest DTEI does not have the same legislative parameters for public consultation we have.

As a resident only 30 metres from the rail line and with only a road between my house and the line I would trust I would be one they will invite written submissions from. As your local member I am keen to know what they are proposing and that it does not have any adverse affect on your amenity.

On a positive note they (DTEI) are still working on the design of those less intrusive rail cross sections and clearance requirements I reported on in my last blog.

Our own staff are also surveying the area to identify opportunities for further greening along the line.

Mills Street Traffic Controls

I can now report that a raft of measures is about to become realities in little ol’ Goodwood South Ward.

1    Work is scheduled for November in Mills Street as follows:
       a)    Aditional line marking to address concerns raised in teh Kelvin Avenue consultation.
       b)    An additional no left turn sign will be installed likewise.
       c)    Changing the angled slow point adjacent no 21 with a plateau (this should be out for consultation now).
       d)    The problems with the median strip at the junction with Goodwood Road in that cars are doing unsafe manouvers including U Turns will be addressed also.

2    Yellow Box markings are scheduled, subject to the loose rail lines being resecured, over the rail crossing on East Avenue.

3   A “KEEP CLEAR” message will be installed on East Avenue at the junction with George Street to allow vehicles to turn into George Street. DTEI will not permit a similar initiative at the East Avenue, Mills Street jnction.

Trip Hazards a never ending battle

One of the things I have found most interesting since representing the good people of the Goodwood South Ward is the number of occasions I have sent a request to our depot to fix trip hazards. I have lost count of the number of hazards I have reported, all of which up to now thankfully have been fixed.

I have been gratified by the response from the Depot. They acknowledge my request within 24 hours and generally the hazard identified by me has been fixed within a week or two.

A couple of weekends ago while delivering the ward newsletter to houses south of the rail line I identified some 50 hazards. That is a huge number but I expect our depot to repeat their history of fixing them up. All but a handful of these related to our brick pavers. The bitumen footpaths and there are still many of them in Goodwood South.

As we look to our footpath replacement scheme I raise this question, in light of this history.

The bitumen footpaths, many of which are in quite poor condition are not presenting as requiring attention to correct trip hazards. The brick pavers though, even footpaths that might be considered generally as being in good nick are presenting trip hazards all too frequently.

Should we reconsider replacing the remaining bitumen footpaths with brick pavers given these observations.

The photo on the left is a typical movement in bitumen paving adjacent a tree. The one on the right is typical of movement adjacent a tree in brick pavers.

I ask anyone reading this blog what your thoughts are. Are we on the right track.

As council considers the continuation of the brick paved footpath program the elected members representing you need to know……If you have a bitumen footpath that is, in your opinion, in need of replacement; would you prefer to have a new brick paved footpath or a new bitumen one.

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge

The design for this refuge has been completed and is ready to be sent out for public consultation. The outcome of this consultation will be submitted to Council’s Road Safety Committee in November.

In the meantime the turn left signs on the western side of the road have been removed. Traffic data will be collected in early 2012 to check if there are any changes to traffic movement after removal of the signs.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

DTEI have advised the first works on the Noarlunga line are unlikely to begin until July 2012 at the earliest.
The project team from DTEI will provide a project update and a written briefing to elected members in December, and with a subsequent presentation to elected members in January/February.

So it looks like no news for a while.


The picture on the left – a green corridor along Cromer Parade

On the right. Parker Terrace trees – will they survive?
Good news however is a rumour that the infrastructure will not need to be as wide as first thought which is encouraging as this reduces the chances of losing our trees (or having them significantly pruned) along Cromer Parade and along Parker Terrace Clarence Park/Canterbury Terrace Black Forest.

Mills Street Traffic Controls

East Avenue Intersection
We have been informed by DTEI that a “KEEP CLEAR” line marking message on East Avenue cannot be installed. They have indicated that they can and will be providing yellow box markings at the rail crossing when they repair the loose rail. This will assist in preventing cars stopping on the rails lines in peak hour traffic.
I can report that Council will be providing the additional yellow lines, along with an additional no left turn sign, is to be scheduled soon on Mills Street.
Angled Slow Point adjacent no 21

DTEI supports the proposal to replace the angled slow point in front of no 21 with a plateau. Community notification should have commenced with construction to occur shortly.