Goodwood Junction Review

Meetings today with employees of DPTI and later with local Ashford MP, Steph Keys have been fruitful on the one hand, yet disturbing on another.

Again not sure what to report but here goes.

This post is concentrating on concerns I still have with the project program.
The meetings that Jennie and I had with DPTI and with Steph Keys, whilst fruitful still leave me with cause for concern.
Jennie & I are just councillors of the City of Unley and we found ourselves highlighting issues with the process employed on this project that neither the Government or the project management team would appear to have been aware of. We highlighted a number of issues that were obvious to us as issues requiring solving before the project commences, including both design issues and logistical issues.
Pleasingly these have been taken on board both by DPTI and by Steph, your local MP.
Some readers of this blog site will be aware of some of these issues (because of our one on one communication) and those that do know that I am pursuing answers to them. I might refrain on listing them here at this time.
What I will say however, and I expressed this at both meetings, is that it appears to me that the Government simply is not ready to commence this project. The design is still only at a basic concept stage and requiring much caressing before detailed design can commence. Too many issues need addressing also before detailed design can commence.
Locals have not been kept in the loop and catch this, the government are not in a position yet to consult because they don’t have enough information on which to consult. And they expect to commence construction work next January.
Short of a miracle or miraculous work by the project team I struggle to see the project commencing when the Government currently say it will.
Committing to proceed without being project ready is a recipe for disaster. The City of Unley found that our during my brief time on Council with the Glen Osmond Creek project.

Goodwood Junction Review

Meetings today with employees of DPTI and later with local Ashford MP, Steph Keys have been fruitful on the one hand, yet disturbing on another.

Not sure what to report but here goes.

This post is concentrating on the impact this project has on
the Brownhill Creek Keswick Creek stormwater project design.

The most important positive to come out of the meetings that Jennie and I attended confirms that the Stormwater Culverts that are part of the Brownhill Creek Keswick Creek (BCKC) Stormwater project will be determined by the Stormwater Management Authority as part of the BCKC project and not DPTI as part of the Goodwood Junction project.

From what I understand the culverts in the Unley area are not yet on the drawing board as the focus currently is on those in the City of West Torrens.Where they cross the train lines is therefore yet to be confirmed.

We have also been advised that the work on the drains will not be bought forward to co-incide with the Goodwood Junction project. This makes sense because we have yet to determine just how feasible the No Dam option is. Culvert sizes in this area will be impacted by the Dam v No Dam option. The advice we have from DPTI is that finding the right place to cross is proving difficult because the space to accommodate the drains is not available or very tight.

It has been suggested that the Goodwood Junction can not proceed until there is some acceptance of where the drains will cross the train line so they can accommodate this now rather than see tunneling under the lines at a later date. If this is the case then either the determination of dam or no dam has to be resolved this year in time for the Goodwood Junction to proceed or the Junction has to be delayed.

Goodwood Junction Upgrade

If you have been watching this blog with hope that you may find information from the Governmnet aboiut the Goodwood Junction due to concerns raised by me in this blog then read on.

I have receieved a copy of the concept plan used in the power point presnetation I attended that prompted my blog. Unfortunately I cannot copy it to my blog.

That beign the case may I suggest you email me at [email protected] and I can pass it on via email.

Rail Separation Update

When I posted a blog a week ago after Kate Ellis’s street meeting I expected to report some facts resulting from a briefing promised to Council by DPTI.

My previous post was my intial reaction to the briefing. As you would deduce I was not impressed at what I saw as the potential for the residents of Goodwood South paying for the wishes of people wanting to save the Brownhill Creek from the Dam because we wan’t get a say what happens in our back yard via teh rail separation project that is impacting on the Brownhill Creek project.
This blog is an attempt to pass on what I did understand about what the Government is proposing for the rail separation.

The focus will be on the Noarlunga line as it is seen as the line impacting most on Victoria Street and Leader Street at Goodwood. The Belair train and the Freight train will not impact as much they are claiming in as much as when the Noarlunga Line is electrified and goes to Seaford (now the Seaford line) there will be many more train trips as part of the service.

This being the case the Seaford Line will be undergrounded prior to the Goodwood Station and the Beliar and Freight lines will remain at ground level. The undergrounding will commence somewhere between East Avenue and SASMEE Park and return from memory after Victoria Avenue. Notwithstanding this an elevated crossing from Fairfax Avenue (south of Goodwood Oval) to SASMEE Park and Millswood Crescent will be required but they dont know what form this will take.

The recenlty upgraded East Avenue crossing will need further upgrading.

They are promising enhanced landscaping within the project but then recognise that the diagrams provided suggest a corridor width far greater than what actually exists so I am less than convinced about “enhanced” landscaping. I fear the opposite to be true.

Public Information (not consultation) will commnece next week with door knocking followed by as yet to be announced public forums.

Tenders for (I think) design and construction will open on 21st June (that’s last week???) and close on 31 July. Construction is due between Januray and June next year.

The section of the project at Leader Street is yet to be funded so this is not due in the coming year’s budget.

Watch this space and/or watch the public notices if you want information or want a say.

Dam It and Railroaded!

While we have signed up on the 80% of the Brownhill Creek that can be done without the dam and await the “real” feasibility into the non-dam options we find the Federal & State Governments come along with what might create a dam in the middle of the Goodwood South Ward of the City of Unley.

You might well ask, what are you trying to tell us.
In a briefing from DPTI on Monday night before our Council meeting we were informed about the joint Government initiative to provide grade separation of the Noarlunga, now Seaford rail line, from the Belair line and the Freight line.
What was revealed has left this elected member in a quandary and concerned about us being railroaded into a scheme that it appears will impact totally unfairly on the community around Goodwood and Millswood.
If I understand correctly the rail grade separation will impact on the culverts that are required as part of the Brownhill Creek stormwater project. It will impact in as much as the culvert will now be diverted to allow for the Seaford line to go underground near the SASMEE Park and that these lines are to go now straight through the Millswood Sporting Complex.
The rail corridor in this area is very narrow and the combination of these two projects may impact significantly (excuse the pun) on the significant trees in the area.
And while the 5 Councils involved in the Brownhill Creek have already had extensive consultation with the public, and listened I might add to the public feedback we have the State Government telling us via their project team that they will be informing local residents in the weeks to come on the details of the project.
You heard me, informing us, not consulting with us. In other words it’s a done deal.  This will be by way of door knocking which is due to start next week, forums which are yet to be announced and by access to a web site and a 1300 number.
And in my opinion they do not yet know the detail so they are not going to be able to inform with any depth of substance.
If I came even close to understanding what they are proposing I see Goodwood South paying dearly for the No Dam option on the Brownhill Creek project because the rail project is going to impact significantly on the design parameters of the proposed culvert system in this area.
We have been promised a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used but are yet to receive this.
Anyone in the affected community and with any interest in their community needs to take time to find out what the government is proposing and if they are not happy to voice this as loud as they can.
I suggest you also watch this space because if I learn anything more and can understand it I will post it here.
PS  The presenter did confirm what I reported recenlty that both Kate Ellis and Steph Keys said at a recent street meeting were not aware of the detail. Interesting!

Rail Separation at Goodwood

DPTI is to finally brief Council tomorrow night on the rail separation at Leader Street Goodwood.

Efforts to have both our Federal member of Parliament Kate Ellis and our local member Stephanie Key update us at last weeks street meeting at Dora Guild Playground failed miserably. Neither of them knew, they claimed, any detail. This frustrated members of their electorate.

And here we are a bit over a week later and the elected members of Unley will get a briefing.

Watch this space as I attempt to report what we find out tomorrow night in the next few days.

Unley Rail Freight Advisory Group

Council has set up an advisory group to to address issues arising from the passage of freight trains through the City of Unley.

The Unley Rail Freight Advisory Group comprises both Elected Members (two from the most affected ward – Unley Park) and community representatives.

The primary role of the Unley Rail Freight Advisory Group will be to:

• Raise community awareness of the current and long term issues with further development of the existing rail corridor for freight movement through the Adelaide Hills

• Develop strategies to encourage the Federal and State Governments to consider an alternative rail corridor for interstate rail freight in the long term

• Work with the rail authorities to review current rail freight operations to minimize community impact in the short term

They held their first meeting on the 19th October.

Residents of Goodwood and of Goodwood South Wards are also affected, particularly those who might live near the Goodwood Railway Station. If you are one of these and wish to have a say or wish to be kept abreast of progress let me know and i will advocate for you.

Rail Freight Advsory Group

We established last night a City of Unley Rail Freight Advisory Group last night.
The key objectives of this group will be to:
ü  Provide background information to the members of the Unley Rail Freight Advisory Group
ü  Raise community awareness of the issues with further development of the existing rail corridor for freight movement.
ü  Develop strategies to encourage the Federal and State Governments to consider an alternative rail corridor for interstate rail freight in the long term.
ü  Develop strategies to encourage the rail authorities to review current rail freight operations to minimise community impact.
The two elected members from Unley Park Ward, Michael Saies and Robert Sangster where elected to this group.
If anyone from Goodwood South ward with an interest in this topic you can contact either of these members. Their contact details are on the Unley web site.