A Heads up on Goodwood Oval/Millswood Park Improvement Plans

Jennie & I have had a briefing on the process of developing the improvement plan with the Consultant. 

They (the consultant) have commenced with one on one discussions with the various clubs and have advised we have received a number of responses from residents already. A good start.

The purpose of this blog post is provide everyone with an idea of what to expect from the process going forward. Obviously the one on one stalks and the assessing of responses will continue.

As you are already I trust aware we will have two forums on the 29th Match (one month from now, one at each location. The members of the Goodwood Oval Reference Group I except will be given personal invitations to the Goodwood Oval session.

A week later it is proposed to have a meeting with all the clubs from each location, again in tow sessions. It is then expected that the consultants will be able to brief all elected members in the 1st week of May, followed by a session with all stakeholders a coupe of weeks later.

The consultants final draft should then be ready to go out for public edification mid May.

Goodwood Tennis Club play host to Asia-Pacific Tennis League Conference

Tennis Australia has confirmed that Goodwood Tennis Club will take part in the 2013/14 Asia-Pacific Tennis League (ATL). Our local club will be playing in one of 5 conferences in Australia.

Teams are from the Asia-Pacific region, including New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Japan and obviously Australia. The winners of each conference will progress to the ATL Playoffs which will be held at the Australian Open from the 20th to the 21st January 2014.

This is a coup for Goodwood Tennis as the ATL involves some of the best clubs and players in Australia. In announcing this tournament Alistair MacDonald paid compliment to all of the players, volunteers, coaches and Administrators that have enabled the club to field a team in the ATL.

We certainly have seen this club turn around its fortunes around in the last few years, since the arrival of Ben Milner, John Friend and Co.

Mr MacDonald also acknowledged the important and significant role Council has plays in the development of sport and opportunities in its area.

Yet another success storey from one of the many sporting and community clubs in the west of the City of Unley.

Tennis at Goodwood Oval

Changes are in the offing with tennis at Goodwood Oval.

My Co-Councilor has picked up on comments in the minutes of a recent Goodwood Oval Advisory Group Committee meeting and made some observations regarding this in her blog site.

It is true that Tennis SA is applying for a liquor licence for their premises at Goodwood Oval. The process of applying for a licence requires public consultation so those near the ground will hear more on this later. It is my understanding that this licence will be similar to that which both the Football Club and Cricket Club already have. I understand also that there will be no change to the hours the courts are used.

It is also true that the use of the 4 northern courts was discussed, as it has been for most of this year. As a member of the committee I can tell you there is nothing untoward about this and that in fact the change is council inspired in that the move is to ensure the general public DO get their rightful access.

Our neighbouring Ward Councilor, Bob Schnell highlighting the lack of awareness of who has access to these courts, raised the issue earlier this year.

Their lease is also due for renewal.

As part of the lease renewal negotiations the situation of public access has been identified as one condition of the lease that needed tidying up. This is happening with Council likely to sign post the area to indicate they are public courts. The club will be allowed access on an agreed regime when events are to be held.

Be assured everyone that this is about more public access through awareness and not less access to allow the club more, as I am sure your resident representatives on this committee would attest.