SAYarts taking the initiative after demise of Urban Myth.

After the shock announcement a few months back that Urban Myth was insolvent and would have to cease operations it was great to see a newly formed company called SAYarts step up to the plate to give the kids an opportunity to continue to learn life skills through theatre.

SAYarts stands for South Australian Youth Arts Theatre Company.

Bec Pannell, who had only just joined Urban Myth when the bad news was announced, jumped to the aid of the kids who felt lost and bewildered when Urban Myth went belly up back in July of this year. She set up with her husband Geoff a new company called South Australian Youth Arts Theatre Company.

Stepping up to the plate with her was Sean Riley, who has taken up the role of Artistic Director with the new company, along with a team of volunteers hell bent on rescuing these kids from the despair they suffered when Urban Myth fell

With some hard work by this very special group of people we see the kids now have a future after it looked quite bleak. They secured a place to conduct their workshops for this last term of 2014 at the now vacant old school of St Augustine’s Anglican Church on the corner of Unley Road and Edmund Avenue, Unley. This has enabled them to complete this year’s program.

Long time supporter, the City of Unley, worked hard to see if they could find a venue for them but before they could come up with a collection of venues around the City which would have been logistically difficult St Augustine’s provided an opportunity for at the very least a temporary home.

And that is what community is all about!

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Bec Pannell announced their 2015 program last Sunday at a BBQ at St Augustine’s. They are hopeful that they will be able to secure a long term occupancy of the St Augustine’s old school building. Negotiations continue positively at the time of writing of this blog post.



It would be fantastic for SAYarts if they could secure a long term occupation of this site as it brings them back to what I suggest is their spiritual home, Edmund Avenue and the nearby Village Green.

Their predecessor Urban Myth occupied the end cottage of the Village Green, on Edmund Avenue for over 30 years before moving to the Goodwood Institute 2 years ago.


Bali Memorial

The Bali Memorial held last Friday was an opportunity to remember, reflect and renew.

As I recover from an illness that unfortunately was manifesting itself last week I take pleasure in reporting on the Bali Memorial held last Friday at St Augustine’s Anglican Church at Unley and then onto the Memorial at Unley Oval.

I was asked by one of my colleagues in Council what is achieved by holding a ten year memorial.

This question was answered last Friday for all to see. The service which, as a Warden at St Augustine’s, I prompted with Sturt FC Matt Benson last year was an opportunity for the Sturt Footy Club to remember and pay respect for those they lost 10 years ago. It was an opportunity to reunite the Church and the Club after the Church’s then Priest Rev. Brenton Daulby provided Pastoral Care to the Club.

It was a chance for members of the club remember their colleagues.

As it turned out it was an opportunity for the State to remember, with the Governor, the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition, the local Federal Member, the local State Member all attending the service at St Augustine’s and to lay wreathes at the Memorial at Unley Oval.

As the instigator of this event I felt a great sense of satisfaction that it was right to have suggested it.

Some 250 people attended the service.

I saw ex players who were in Bali swept up by the emotion and showing thanks for the opportunity to remember their mates. I saw the bond of people who endured a catastrophic event together. I saw the strength of an ex-player Julian Burton who reflected on how the Bali bombings changed the direction of his life.

Thanks go to Rev’d Peter Chilver of St Augustine’s who conducted the service, the Rev’d Brenton Daulby in returning home to St Augustine’s gave a sermon that put everything into perspective. I thank also Peta Treloar at the Club who put in tireless hours putting the logistics together and to Nick Swinlger for his energy likewise.

Thanks go to my fellow Councillor Michael Saise, who wrote and sang a song dedicated to the high of Grand Final win that year and the subsequent tragedy, and to the girls of the Walford Girls School band.

Thanks go to Unley Voices who sang beautifully at the service.

Thanks go also to Ian Haddy who controlled the audio and rang the bells, and to Bevan Lawry on Video.

And to anyone else who helped. You made a difference to many.

Bali – 10 years on – Memorial

A 10 year Memorial Service is to be held at St Augustine’s Anglican Church followed by laying of wreathes at the memorial at Unley Oval later this month.

10 years ago members of the Sturt Football Club, celebrating their winning of that year’s SANFL premiership, were caught up in the bombing that shook the world. At that time many in the club were counselled by the then Rector of St Augustine’s, Brenton Daulby.

It was fitting therefore for I felt when (as a Warden at the church) I suggested about a year ago that St Augustine’s host a memorial service for the club. Little did I realise when making the offer on behalf of the Church to Sturt CEO Matt Benson that it would be as big as it appears to have become.

The service will be on the anniversary Friday October 12, commencing at the Church at 9.30 am. Those attending will then take the short walk down Oxford Terrace to the Oval for the laying of wreathes at the Memorial at around 10.05 am.

We are expecting a number of prominent citizens of South Australia including amongst them, the Governor, the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition, the local member, the Mayor and elected members of the City of Unley.

Those wishing to pay their respects are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Mayor helps Multi Cultural Ministry Celebration

After attending the 1st anniversary celebration service for multi cultural ministry at St Augustine’s the Mayor of Unley, Lachlan Clyne joined in on celebrations last night at the Rectory.

Members of both the Mandarin speaking parish community and the English speaking parish community enjoyed a dinner last night at the Rectory and the Mayor joined in with us, as did the  chair of Anglicare, Andrew Marshall and his wife Josephine.

Great to have you guys along to celebrate in a true Anglican manner.

First Anniversary Multi Cultural Ministry

Today St Augustine’s Anglican Church at Unley celebrated the first anniversary of the Chinese Mandarin Service.

I must say it seems like just yesterday when I met Rev Samual Chan and Paster Coria Chan when they were guests at the Rectory of St Augustine’s, hosted by Revd Peter Chilver and his wife Michelle.

This is a blossoming ministry. As a Warden of this church I am pleased to see people of different backgrounds sharing in the love of our Lord. Who knows were it can lead.

Celebrating with us today was the Mayor of Unley, Lachlan Clyne and the Chair of Anglicare, Andrew Marshall. Thanks go to both of you for sharing in our celebration.

From left to right in the photo:
Revd Chan, the Mayor, Revd Chilver.

The community in Unley is definitely growing together. More on this later when I report further on the Village Green extensions.

Village Green Extension

A project close to my heart is taking shape.

Council and St Augustine’s Anglican Church are negotiating to make land between the church and the village green accessible to the community at large.

While I keep pushing for projects in Goodwood South this is one outside of Goodwood South I am keen to see happen. This is a project that will provide open space for employees of the council, the library and the various community groups using the cottages along Edmund Street, not to mention the volunteers of Aggies Opp Shoppe next to the church to relax, have a drink, enjoy lunch etc.

I anticpate it will work also for Wedding Photos.

 This is a project that will open the door for improving the Unley Central Area over time. It will open up the area between the shopping centre and the green. It may look similar to the picture below of the successful redevelopment of Vine Street in Prospect

Imagine such a paved, planter box environmnet leading onto the lawned area of the village green at the other end, with a link aroud to the council carpark.

Of course when the time comes to vote on a final time I am going to have to declare a conflict of interest both in Council and with the church’s parish council. I trust my colleagues will see the benefit and vote to allow it to happen.

Unley RSL celebrates Anzac Day

The Unley RSL this morning hosted another successful Anzac Day memorial service.

Not as cold as last year and with a few more people, I estimate between 250 and 300, attending the dawn service the RSL gave us a chance to remember those who in (laying down their lives) have made the supreme sacrifice for our country; for me and for you. Those who have displayed the love that our Lord commanded us in John 15:12-17 to do.
12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command you. 15 No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you. 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you. 17 This I command you, to love one another.
Leading us through the service was the Priest of St Augustine’s Anglican Church of Unley, the Rev Peter Chilver. The Mayor of the City of Unley Mr Lachlan Clyne headed the laying of wreaths.
Rosemary was placed on the Cenotaph by a number of people including Students of Unley High School, Scouts and Guides.
This has always been a special day for me. Alongside Good Friday and Christmas Day it is one of the most important days on the Australian Calendar. Thank you to all who died that I might enjoy the freedom I have today to choose.
May we all be thankful.

Unley Museum Silver Collection Exhibition

Mayor Lachlan Clyne opened the new exhibition at the Unley Museum last week.
Volunteers, Friends, Councillors, Curators, Mayors and members of the museum and history community attended. The afternoon included speeches from Mayor Clyne, Anne Milne (Friends of the Unley Museum President), and Elizabeth Hartnell (current Curator).

The new exhibition is the Silver Selection from Our Collection.

Come stop by the Museum at 80 Edmund Avenue in Unley for your own viewing of the Silver Selection. It is a collection of exhibits found by people invited by the Musuem to peruse their archives for items that mean something to them.

Amongst the many exhibits you can view a picture of England v South Australia at (yes) Unley Oval way back; a doctors ear syringe, a cash register, a morse code machine (the start of technology as we know it today). An original bed pan, complete with instructions for use for maximum comfort of the patient clearly is a classic.

For those who may interested I was one of the invitees and I chose a pew sheet from St Augustine’s Anglican Church from Anzac Day of 1933. As a Warden at St Augustine’s and Anzac Day being very special to me I was delighted to include it in the exhibition.

I am not going to tell you what else is there. You have to see it for yourself.

For those who have (as the add a few years ago said) “been there too1” you will love the stroll down memory lane to an Unley that used to be.

Disability Discrimination in the News

Matthew Abraham and David Bevan of ABC 891 fame broadcast from the W2 bus stop on Pulteney Street in the city on Thursday – taking a special look at public transport access for disabled people.

There are many challenges faced by those of us with disabilities.

We can take heart that there are those among us who are taking the challenge of making life as normal as possible for people who are faced with things like having to wait for 7 buses before being able to catch one that is designed to allow you to board it.

The City of Unley for one is taking it seriously. The Council only last month approved a recommendation for our City Strategy & Policy Committee for a program called “Access for All”, unanimously.

The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide at its annual Synod last month likewise passed a motion, seconded by myself as a representative of St Augustine’s Church of Unley, recognising the teaching of Jesus in Luke 14 in treating all people the same.

St Augustine’s Pet Sunday

My last post reminds me to post another recent significant community achievement from a group in Unley.
Last week I attended Pet Sunday at the St Augustine’s Anglican Church at Unley. This is the church sharing the same carpark as the City of Unley Library on Unley Road.
St Augustine’s pioneered the concept of Pet Sunday way back, I think, in the seventies or eighties when the then priest and 5DN’s Jeremy Cordeaux promoted the concept. It is still going strong.
Pets were blessed by the priest while their owners took communion.
The day was an opportunity to promote and support the guide dogs for the blind. Of course pet sunday happens most weeks at St Augustines as two guide dogs in training are regular parishioners, following on from the lead set by Paddy who is now a fully fledged guide dog helping someone in need.
If it is worth doing it is not only being done in Unley, it is being led by groups in Unley. Well done St Augustine’s.
 Sorry – no photos – they did not come out very well.