Another Meeting with Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis discussed a number of contentious issues at 2 street (or park) meetings held in the west of the City of Unley this morning, one at Everard Park in Goodwood Ward and again at Dora Guild Playground in the Goodwood South Ward.

I attended both these meetings are can report they were quite interactive. That is what her street meetings are about, hearing from you.

Topics concerning all three levels of Government were discussed, and for the first time since I have been attending these meetings I can say that State agenda was the main focus, with some local thrown in.

At the Federal level the Gonsky report was discussed, as was the boat arrivals.

Rail Revitalisation Works

At Dora Guild the State focus centred squarely around the rail corridor and the issues concerning residents concerns/perceptions that DPTI are paying lip service to their needs and running roughshod over them.

Residents along the corridor made an impact on their local state representative Steph Keys. I assisted by pointing out that residents outside the immediate area of the Goodwood Junction have felt disenfranchised and that they can not get a proper airing at the G-RAG meetings because of the shear intensity on what is happening around the junction.

She appears to have taken up my suggestion that these groups need to be heard separately and not be forced to fight for priority at G-RAG. I expect that she will attend personally at any house meeting arranged to ensure that they have someone in Government listening to them and advocating for them.

A time is being set up for Cowper Road residents as we speak. I will encourage the same thing to happen for Cranbrook residents, as soon as I can set Cowper up.

Leah Street Speed Humps

Of interest to Goodwood South residents, the local focus at Everard Park was the concerns of residents other than on Leah Street about the negative impact the newly installed speed cushions (by Council). So Goodwood Ward residents share the concerns of the residents East Avenue and like streets.

In the budget currently under public consultation we have allowed for a LATM (Local Area Traffic Management) survey of the whole area surrounding Leah Street. The purpose of this is to prevent us simply making more decisions on the run, without taking into consideration the impact a decision may/will have on surrounding streets.

I personally feel we made a mistake in approving the cushions. But let’s do a proper survey and not rush the next decision.

DPTI Distrust

The Public Meeting organised by local state member Steph Keys was held last night with the predominant feeling in the room being one of distrust of DPTI and their alleged lack of consultation.

Amidst sometimes heated debate about whether or not the “horse had bolted” an interim committee was formed to head up a resident’s action group to advocate through Steph to DPTI as the project moves forward. This I believe to be an important step towards residents affected by the project having some say on the project.

Maybe this will refocus people’s attention away from Council and back to where it belongs; the State Government and DPTI. Whilst the mood was clearly one of mistrust and non believing of what they were hearing from Luigi Rossi, who is DPTI’s Executive Director Public Transport Strategic Projects, we also heard an under current that the Council was to blame for all that they felt was going wrong.

This is disturbing as we have little or no say in what happens, where it happens and when it happens. What we could do was advocate for residents who believed that DPTI where not listening to them. This I think we did well and I am proud of concessions I have secured on behalf of those residents who voiced their concerns to me.

I would hate to think that any resident from my ward thought Council had not down all they could to represent them and advocate for them. Those from my ward and those who read this blog would be well aware of what Jennie and I have done to achieve the minimum disruption caused by a project that was going ahead irrespective of public opinion.

Unfortunately however the Brownhill Creek project, which is not scheduled to proceed for another three years and for which detail design was not going to be done until late next year, has had to be bought forward in the environs of this project because the tunnel of the Goodwood Junction will cut the creek in half.

This has meant Council and the Stormwater Management Authority(SMA) has had to rush the hydrology design for this area and to bring forward work in this area of the Brownhill Creek stormwater scheme to avoid flooding prior to the main stormwater project going ahead.

The culverts for the stormwater diversion have had to be redirected from where they conceptually had been planned and look like having to go through Forestville Reserve, something that was not originally expected by the SMA. My information suggests this was always going to have to be the case but the design time and consultation has been savagely compromised by having to do it now, before the tunnel is built. This is soemthing we (Coucnil) regrets but it has been totally out of our hands.

This is Council property so we have some say in what happens there however. It appears there is no option but to run it through the reserve but we do get the chance to determine what form it takes. A number of options are being considered.

True to form Council WILL consult on the options and we expect, given the rush being imposed on us by the January 2 start for Goodwood Junction, to have a public meeting on this next week. Our communities thoughts WILL be taken into consideration with what eventually is constructed there.

Goodwood Junction Residents Action Group

I can now confirm, for those who may not have recieved notice, that there will be TWO public meetings organised by Steph Keys regarding the Goodwood Junction project.

After speaking with her office I can confirm as follows:

1   Two meetings will be held, both on Thursday night coming (the 4th December) at the Goodwood Primary School.

2   The first meeting will be commencing at 6.00pm and is intended to form a resident’s action group.

3   The second meeting is a Q&A session commencing at 7.00pm with officials from DPTI answering your questions.

Questions will be answered on the three projects affecting the rail corridor through Unley including  obviously on the Junction, but also on the Rail Electrification and the Greenways projects.

If you want answers and want to be heard take advantage of Steph’s in initiative. If you have any specific questions you need answered you may wish to forward your question onto her office ASAP.

Her Office contact details are:

Phone:   08 8371 5600
Fax:       08 8371 5211
Email:   [email protected]