Unley Oval Improvement fails to take next step (yet)

Sparked by my motion on notice to Council back in October we received a report last night from administration that did two things. What it did not do is provide direction for us going forward.

The motion relevant to the report suggested by admin was that we simply receive the report. I understand that this was the case because Council’s administration are looking for direction from us (Us being the Council- the elected members).

The report provided us with insights as to how we might provide more open space for the citizens of Unley to make use of the facilities there. It also provided information about the requirements of the AFL that the SANFL are asking the Sturt Footy Club to comply with.

The speeches to the receive the report motion last night pretty much mirrored what I have heard from community members in recent days. That is firstly that we don’t need to create additional space, the facility is fine as it is in what it provides. The second observation is that Sturt deserve to have the amenity of their facility upgraded to a reasonable (if not AFL compliant) state.

This is what I heard elected members saying  lats night and it echoes what I have heard from the public. Yes the public are happy to upgrade the stands to make them AFL compliant.

As we have stalled waiting on direction it is my intention to move a motion on notice at our next Council meeting that will reflect what I have said in this blog post. To move a motion that does indeed move us forward and I have invited elected members to participate in putting this motion together.

Unley Oval Master Planning progresses

Council will receive a report for their consideration on Monday night’s extra Council meeting and will be asked  to agree in principle with the direction of the development of concepts for the Unley Oval precinct.

Two workshops this week, one for elected members last Monday and for the Unley Oval Reference Group last night, were held to obtain feedback on what is now Mark III of the Plan. Mark III is the result of deciding between two original options (Marks I & II) that were presented us a short while back.

The observations by elected members and more importantly, the Reference Group members (made up of the clubs and residents (Only 1 of which attended this meeting) mean that Mark III is well away from what may finally evolve. The exchange of dialogue from all these people was positive however and I believe all can see good reason  for the process to continue.

In true Local Government form however that simply means looking at the concept and while recognising it is only a concept to refine the concept and take it out for another round of public consultation. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed I suggest before this happens.

For all those interested in the future of Unley Oval please be patient. We are far from ready to look at Detailed Design. It is not yet ready for this even though the ability for it to be flexible to accommodate varying scenarios is starting to show through.

Also as I have said earlier and had to repeat to a local resident only an hour after the Reference Group meeting this is not about providing solutions for the Sturt Footy Club’s challenges. It has been my contention for a while that it will be the Sturt Cricket Club’s wish to return to Unley Oval that will challenge us more in ensuring the general community does not lose out. And this was born out last night at the meeting.

Having said that I believe that with continued hard work and a willingness by all who are contributing to come up with a workable solution we are likely to find one that will provide a better facility for all going forward.

As always of course. Watch This Space!