Mothers Milk. A way forward

Many of you may remember recent front page news when a car travelling down Unley Road veered uncontrollably into Maud street and collided with Mothers Milk southern wall. Luckily there were no sidewalk patrons at the time.


Council had no option at the time but to revoke the licence for mothers milk to have sidewalk tables. That of course created  a plethora of support for the small business, some of which slated the Council for stopping this outdoor trade in spite of the clear Safety issues demonstrated by the crash.

The cafe was able without too much delay to restart their sidewalk trade thanks to our generosity of providing and sharing the cost of water filled barriers located in Maud street.

We considered a number of options at our last last Council meeting for a permanent solution going forward and agreed on the following. Most members contributed to the debate as we worked together to work our way to the best solution.

Striking a balance between supporting small business while having them take responsibility for their own future we passed the following motion.


1. The report be received.

2. Administration be granted approval to have discussions with the owners of A Mother’s Milk café in regard to Options 1 or 4. Option 2 be the preferred option.

3. The infrastructure cost (if any) involved in implementing the preferred option be borne by the A Mother’s Milk Café, operator of the Outdoor Dining Area at the location.

4. Appropriate community engagement be undertaken with the local community if the owners wish to pursue Option 1.


Mother’s Milk now have the opportunity to consider what we are proposing and I eagerly await their response.



New Manager Business & Economic Development appointed

The City of Unley has appointed Peter Kennedy as its new Business and Economic Development Manager. Mr Kennedy comes to the Council from New South Wales where he held a similar role at Leeton Shire Council for the past seven years.


Our CEO Peter Tsokas says Peter brings significant expertise and the necessary level of leadership and strategic vision to excel in the role.

“Extending our recruitment reach nationally was vital in ensuring we attracted a high caliber of applicants for this very important role. We received considerable interest, and after significant time spent narrowing down the field, we feel we have the perfect person,” says Mr Tsokas.

“Peter is very experienced in dealing with businesses, individuals and stakeholders and we all look forward to seeing his people skills in action here at the City of Unley.”

I have had the opportunity to get to know him a bit and I look forward to what might bring to Unley’s Business & Economic Development. As a member of the UBED committee I will get the chance to work with him

Peter boats an impressive resume having held high leadership roles in all levels of business. During his extensive career in the banking industry, he managed branches across NSW. A career change to the education sector followed, firstly as Site Manager of Narrandera TAFE Campus and then as Public Relations Manager for 17 campuses in the Riverina Institute. Most recently he held the role of Economic Development, Tourism and Events Manager at Leeton Shire Council where he was also responsible for the famous Roxy Theatre.

Peter is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and to bringing his national experience to the role.

“The City of Unley in my eyes has always been a prominent Council in Adelaide and one that punches above its weight, receiving attention for its innovative initiatives on a national scale,” says Mr Kennedy.

“I feel that the simple art of respect, both internally and externally is crucial in any management position and this along with flexibility and integrity will be the cornerstone of how I approach this role.”

His family will follow him to Adelaide in the coming weeks.


20 Unley Businesses Dished Up As Finalists in 2014 Restaurant & Catering Awards

Finalists of the prestigious 2014 Restaurant & Catering Awards for Excellence have officially been announced, with an outstanding 20 businesses from the City of Unley nominated across 23 categories.

This is fantastic news and one that shows that the businesses that are apt of th changing demographic of businesses along or shopping strips are of the best class in what they do. Our CEO, Peter Tsokas obviously agrees in being quoted as saying the announcement was a great reflection of the flourishing food and coffee scene in the City of Unley.
“Our City is blessed with a diverse range of restaurants and cafes which is hugely important not only to create vibrancy but also as a key economic driver,” he said.
“One of the great benefits of living in and around the area is that a short walk will take you to a number of dining options. This is why so many visitors are attracted to our City.”

I agree whole heatedly.
Our Business and Economic Development Manager, Matt Grant attributes the increased awareness of Unley restaurants and cafes to the Council’s creation of digital and online marketing initiatives such as the ‘Find Your Everything’ website.
Matt also said “Initiatives like the ‘Find Your Everything’ website and the recently launched FYE free quarterly digital magazine provide a fantastic platform for our main street businesses to market themselves, and greatly assist in promoting destination businesses in the City of Unley.”

As a member of the Unley Business & Economic Development Committee I concur also with Matt. The Find Your Everything digital strategy is helping to produce great results for our businesses.
The City of Unley was also named as a finalist in the ‘Best Service Provider’ category for the ‘Find Your Everything’ campaign supporting the region’s hospitality sector.
Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on Monday 4 August at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.
For the full list of 2014 finalists please visit
To visit ‘Find Your Everything’ please go to

The Awards keep rolling in

Yes Unley has received yet another award for it’s digital strategy in helping it’s main street businesses.

This time we won the SA Tourism award for destination marketing for our “find your everything” initiative. Yes a tourism award. Seems all the judges are looking in in awe on what littler ol’ Unley is doing. 
This now means three economic development awards within a month ( 2 state and 1 national).
Congratulations must go to Matt, Laura and the trader associations who have embraced this initiative. In particular, without Matt’s drive and energy, we would not be where we are today.
It is also a testament to our UBED committee and the hard work and enthusiasm they have been doing over the last 18 months or so!
While we don’t do projects to win awards, it is nice to be recognised by our peers and industry groups.
Well done again to all involved!
PS    A little birdie told me today that Lord Mayor Steve Yarwood is a little miffed that the City of Adelaide’s small neighbour is scooping the pool.

Teething Issues with new Committee Structure causes embararasment

City of Unley’s new Committee Structure, the ground breaking initiative of our CEO Peter Tsokas, has experienced its first teething problems.

All new systems will experience teething problems and our new committee structure is no exception. Public & Councillors alike were confused by recommendations put to Council by the re-badged UBED committee.
The Unley Business & Economic Development (UBED) comprises not only elected members and representatives of our various street trader associations but experts, selected to provide us valuable guidance in matters relevant to the committee.
This committee agreed at its last meeting that it felt it should provide input to council on two issues, including the local heritage DPA. It seems that their recommendations, which at the end of the day were in the form of no decision motions which were just requests to ensure certain factors were considered by council when deciding on the final DPA.
Council has delegated this function to one of its three major committees, the Development, Strategy & Policy Committee (DSP). This committee recently heard submissions from a number of residents, businesses and from FOCUS amongst others.
Cometh the problem!
UBED is a section 41 committee and can only report and make recommendations or suggestions to Council. That meant Council had to receive the motion (rather than UBED talk direct to DSP) and to pass this onto the DSP committee to include in their deliberations. Unwieldy perhaps but it could be, as far as I can make out, no other way.
So UBED pass a motion and Council had to receive it and form their own motion to pass it onto DSP.
In doing it this way councillors and FOCUS both felt that UBED was circumventing DSP and that in accepting the motion the Local Heritage DPA Council would be usurping the DSP and ignoring the submissions of those who represented to the DSP.
On behalf of Council and the UBED committee I apologise for this misunderstanding.
As a member of both Committees I can assure everyone that all UBED was doing was making sure economic issues it identified are considered. I can also assure that the DSP will take on all points raised before it.
And as member of Council I can assure everyone that Council has the final say. And when I mean final say I mean the final say of what goes to the Minister for Planning, John Rau.
PS    We will be looking at the Local Government Act to see if there is another way that this communication can occur in future without raising undue concerns for whomever.