Mothers Milk Offer seen as sweet by Council.

Mothers Milk, the cafe on Unley Road and who experienced a vehicle crashing into its outdoor eating area, has made an offer to council to share the costs. That offer was seen as sweet by council. We approved it at this weeks mid month council meeting.


Mothers Milk

Following on from my two blog posts on how to address the safety issues that exist for the outdoor dining at this location I can say that the proprietor of Mothers Milk has put an alternate offer to council concerning the costs of rectification.

They recognised and accepted that they have a responsibility for safety of their patrons and accepted that they should pay for the installation of the bollards needed to make this happen. The cost of bollards will be in the vicinity of $ 50.000.00

They felt however that the kerb build out we proposed to find room for their installation is a council responsibility. After reasoned debate Council accepted this logic and voted to accept the Mothers Milk offer.

As Council looks at rejuvenating it’s strip shopping precincts we will be looking at modifications not unlike that proposed in Maud Street to accommodate the Mothers Milk bollards. For instance if we ever get around to changing the amenity of King William Road we will surely not be charging each of the businesses.

The need for bollards comes about because the main street fronting this intersection is a 60 kph road.

Unlike the installation of bollards the kerb build out is work that needs to go out to public consultation. If there is significant opposition to the kerb build out then it may not occur and it will be back to the drawing board.  I doubt that will be the case however.

When council pulled Mother Milk’s licence for safty reasons immediatley after the crash there was significant public disquiet about the closure. So I believe the public will likley be in favour, even thoguh they (the rate payer) will be footing the bill, around $ 35,000.00



Mothers Milk Gone Sour

Council is again the villain in this weeks press with the smell this time of sour mothers milk after a proposal by council regarding outdoor dining safety is  questioned in the press.


It would appear reading the headlines of the current Eastern Courier edition the proprietors of Mothers Milk are less than impressed with what Council has proposed to allow them to safely allow outdoor dining at their Unley Road premises. What Council has proposed is spelt out in my recent blog post  found at

Seems there are some who believe that Council should foot the bill for providing infrastructure to allow outdoor dining at this location. Sounds a reasonable proposition doesn’t it. Local Council supporting local business in a tangible way.

The question then must be asked is why other rate payers, be they residents or other businesses pay to allow a particular business to be profitable. Let’s face it, if we do this for one business with the potential for outdoor dining and we will have a raft of businesses saying what about me.

And before you can blink we will be on the front page again for raising rates too much.

Having said all that let us wait and see what the Mother Milk proprietors have to say to us when they respond to our request.

Mothers Milk. A way forward

Many of you may remember recent front page news when a car travelling down Unley Road veered uncontrollably into Maud street and collided with Mothers Milk southern wall. Luckily there were no sidewalk patrons at the time.


Council had no option at the time but to revoke the licence for mothers milk to have sidewalk tables. That of course created  a plethora of support for the small business, some of which slated the Council for stopping this outdoor trade in spite of the clear Safety issues demonstrated by the crash.

The cafe was able without too much delay to restart their sidewalk trade thanks to our generosity of providing and sharing the cost of water filled barriers located in Maud street.

We considered a number of options at our last last Council meeting for a permanent solution going forward and agreed on the following. Most members contributed to the debate as we worked together to work our way to the best solution.

Striking a balance between supporting small business while having them take responsibility for their own future we passed the following motion.


1. The report be received.

2. Administration be granted approval to have discussions with the owners of A Mother’s Milk café in regard to Options 1 or 4. Option 2 be the preferred option.

3. The infrastructure cost (if any) involved in implementing the preferred option be borne by the A Mother’s Milk Café, operator of the Outdoor Dining Area at the location.

4. Appropriate community engagement be undertaken with the local community if the owners wish to pursue Option 1.


Mother’s Milk now have the opportunity to consider what we are proposing and I eagerly await their response.



The perfect Valentines Day Evening-Under the Stars

Unless you have been elsewhere you would be well aware that this is the last week of A Taste Unley Road. Traders have been providing all sorts of offers and bargains.

Evening under the stars 2015

Have you picked up a bargain this week, and entered into the draw to win our Romance Prize Package? If you haven’t I suggest you get down there while the opportunity remains. It’s all a buzz.

The promotion finishes next Saturday evening, which happens to be valentines day. The Unley Road Traders Association is holding another of their famous Opera under the Stars.

For a romantic Valentine’s Day I encourage you to take your partner along to the Traders Evening under the stars. Bring a rug, a bottle of Champagne, and enjoy a free outdoor concert in the Unley Soldier’s Memorial Gardens on Saturday 14 February.

From 8pm, popular FIVEaa personality Mark Aiston will be MC for an evening of live music from Antonio Villano and Kate Lara (fresh from performing with Elaine Paige and Marina Prior) and their band. Local Unley Road businesses The Cheesemonger Unley, The Snake Charmer Restaurant, and Abbots and Kinney will be serving refreshments from 7pm.

Part proceeds go towards the Unley Rotary Club.

Once Upon A Time – coffee style

Once upon a time, instead of going to the movies or watching TV, people would gather to listen to someone tell a story or recite a poem. This was a custom that celebrated the beauty of the spoken word and engaged the community. The City of Unley has brought the oral storytelling tradition back to life by presenting live poetry performances in local Cafés.

In the lead up to Double Shot Unley Coffee Fiesta, five local cafes will host performance poets working in their spaces for around two hours. Writing, reading, performing and chatting you can meet, listen to and drink with professional poets.
Then, join our poets at Double Shot on Sunday 16 March for more action!.
Full program to be announced. Watch this space.
Participating cafes are:
  • By Blackbird Coffee and Desert Cafe, Shop4, 100 King William Road, Hyde Park
  • Hyde Park Bakery, 1 Mitchell St, Hyde Park
  • Pellegrini Café, 169 Unley Road, Unley
  • Lunch Club, Unley Shopping Centre, Unley Road
  • Carnevale Coffee 114 East Avenue, Clarence Park
This project is an initiative of The City of Unley’s Where Business Meets Art project in conjunction with Friendly Street Poets and SA Writers Centre.
All enquiries please contact Matthew Ives [email protected]  83725134
View the photos from the 2011 Coffee, Tea & Poetry project.

Free Community Concert Unites Unley

The Unley Road Association (URA) has recently announced the return of ‘An Evening Under the Stars’ for February 1, 2014. 

This free community event run by the URA will once again take place in the Unley Memorial Gardens with live entertainment delivered for the enjoyment of the public.  It is the highlight of the ‘Taste of Unley’ two-week promotional campaign epitomising the essence that is Unley Road and presenting the best the street has to offer. Commencing January 24, 2014, competitions, discounts and various other promotional activities will be rolled out in the shopping and business precinct for the benefit of the wider community. 
Stephen Finos, Event Organiser (URA), believes the ‘Taste of Unley Road’ campaign is crucial in reminding South Australians of the importance of supporting our local businesses.
“Our specialty shops and business service providers offer an unparalleled consumer experience and we look forward to once again seeing the traders of Unley Road unite to showcase the magnificent shopping precinct to which they belong,” he said.
Following the success of the inaugural event earlier this year it was undoubtedly a must have to complement next year’s promotional period.
“This year’s concert saw a turnout of over 700 people and it is expected that next year’s will bring even higher figures with plenty of fun and excitement in store for the whole community,” said Mr Finos.
It has been announced that the 2014 line-up will see the return of Adelaide’s own outstanding singing duo Tasso Bouyessis and Annamaria Beni. Several supporting artists will accompany them, providing dazzling entertainment for young and old.
The Salvation Army has proudly been revealed as the major charity for ‘An Evening Under the Stars’ 2014. The URA is delighted to have the opportunity to thank the Salvation Army for their ongoing support as a vital component of the neighbourhood.
Coincidentally, The Salvation Army is celebrating 130 years supporting the Unley community. Attendees will have the opportunity to give back to this wonderful charity through donations and various giveaways. The concert will also be supplemented by a sausage sizzle run by The Salvation Army, raising funds for the Unley sector of the organisation.
The Unley Road Association is working tirelessly to connect local businesses with their community, providing new and exciting mutually beneficial opportunities for all. ‘An Evening Under the Stars’ 2014 is sure to impress and is an event not to be missed.

Unley Mainstreet Champion Matt Grant wins 2013 Individual ‘Outstanding Contribution’ Award

This is a copy of a press release from our management.

Business and Economic Development Manager for the City of Unley, Matt Grant was presented the Individual Outstanding Contribution Award at the Mainstreet SA 2013 Excellence Awards Dinner on Friday night.  Held at The Observatory in Hackney, the awards recognise, promote and celebrate great South Australian mainstreets.

Matt was acknowledged for his work in the Unley region, developing, implementing and delivering longer term visionary strategies for the local economy.  The Find Your Everything digital campaign, one of Matt’s most successful initiatives to date, has achieved a membership of more than 3 000 potential shoppers in only 10 months, with more than 32 000 direct clicks through to local businesses.
The award recognises Matt’s hard work to promote, support and lead local mainstreet programs and activity for the benefit of all.
“The City of Unley is delighted by Matt’s success in achieving quality outcomes for our local businesses” says Peter Tsokas, Unley’s Chief Executive Officer, “and it’s great to see his achievements recognised by his peers”.
Since commencing this role in 2009, Matt has displayed the ability to build meaningful relationships with local business, trade associations, property owners, developers and Council to achieve the best outcomes for Unley’s mainstreet communities.
Unley’s 5 mainstreet precincts include Goodwood Road, King William Road, Unley Road, Fullarton Road and Glen Osmond Road.

Pedestrian Activated Crossing – Unley Road near Culvert Street

If you are venturing out Unley Road way in the near future be aware of the new pedestrian activated crossing being installed adjacent Culvert Street.

Engineering construction firm CAMCO Pty Ltd have been appointed as Council’s contractors to undertake the installation of the pedestrian crossing across Unley Road that will link the linear trails at Culvert Street and Charles Walk.
CAMCO expect to commence on site during the week of 28 January 2013 and will initially establish their site facilities within the Charles Walk shared path (adjacent to Unley Road).
Construction works will run for about 6 weeks, after which the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) will commission and activate the crossing.
Whilst Council, and their contractors, are committed to minimizing disruption to traders and residents, temporary traffic and parking controls will be put into place adjacent to work areas at certain times throughout the construction period.  We encourage residents and visitors to the area to be vigilant in observing these temporary changes.
Please contact our Customer Services team (08 8372.5111) if you require additional information.

The Unley Road Traders Association are inviting everyone to take a night out under stars. An opportunity to relax under the stars and listen to some fantastic music.

The concert will be held in the Unley Soldiers Memorial Gardens on Saturday evening the 2nd February and will be hosted by popular Cruise 1323 breakfast radio host John Dean. 

Concert-goers will enjoy music from opera, music theatre & popular songs performed by Adelaide’s own singing duo Tasso Bouyessis and Annamaria Beni, accompanied by the Vivente Salon Orchestra. 

Food and refreshments will be available for purchase on the evening from 7pm, including a BBQ run by volunteers from Foundation 21, an organisation dedicated to giving children with Down syndrome a brighter future.
The event is the culmination of the week long ‘Taste of Unley Road’ shopping promotion, which runs from 21st January 2013 to 2nd February 2013, to promote Adelaide’s largest and most prestigious shopping and business district, Unley Road, to the South Australian community.

Unley Council is new landlord of Sturt FC BarZaar property

Unley Council has purchased from Australia Post the property of 166 Unley Road , the site that houses the Sturt Football Club’s BarZaar.

The following is an extract of a press release from Council.

The City of Unley’s purchase of 166 Unley Road from Australia Post is a significant step in the development of the Unley Central Precinct.

166 Unley Road, currently occupied by the Bar Zaar Restaurant and Bar adjoins the Council-owned Memorial Public Car Park (168) in the heart of the Unley Central Precinct.

City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne said “Council’s $2.1 million strategic purchase enables Council and the community to work together to unlock the precinct’s potential and positively influence the development of a vibrant hub for the Unley Central Precinct.”

Mayor Clyne said Council’s ownership of both properties (166 and 168) is an advantage.

“The relationship between 166 and 168 Unley Road is significant,” Mayor Clyne said.

“166 has significant property rights and interests, including easements, encumbrances and right of way that impact 168.

“The purchase means Council will control both properties; however it will be business as usual for the owners of Bar Zaar. This creates greater flexibility for Council to facilitate a comprehensive development and avoid a piecemeal approach that fails to do justice to the precinct.”

Mayor Clyne said Council will facilitate a co-ordinated, mixed-use development to invigorate the Unley Central Precinct.

“Several years ago, Council identified the need for a master plan for the Unley Central Precinct,” he said.

“The combination of 166 and 168 creates a large rectangular site that enables a master plan approach.

“We want to see medium density, around six storey’s, with a mix of businesses, retail, community facilities and residential spaces. Council, together with the community, will drive the future direction of the Unley Central Precinct and set the agenda for an integrated and high-quality development.

“This means more people, jobs and community facilities and, importantly, a vibrant heart for Unley. This is good for Unley and all South Australians.”

The master plan for the Unley Central Precinct is expected to be developed with community input over the next two to four years.

Mayor Clyne said this master plan will be part of the “bigger picture” for Unley Road and the area.

“The Unley Central Precinct master plan will complement Unley Road as a whole, to ensure maximum benefit for the community and businesses,” he said.