What new programs should we run with young people this year?

Unley Council is asking our youth via our have your say website what new programs should we run with young people this year?


Only a handful of ideas have been put forward thus far. The consultation has been open just a month so far and closes 16 November. I encourage you to either contribute because you can or ask those who should to. You can access the Have Your Say webpage here.20151027_104147

Of interest to me is one from the west which I like and it appears has attracted interest thus far from the majority of observers.

That is to provide additional infrastructure to the recently revamped skate park in Forestville Reserve. I like what “Seabrookbridge” has to say. Logical and appropriate. A user for sure. Find out what “Seabrookbridge” suggested here.

What ideas do you have?


Living Young Action Plan Endorsed by Council

Council endorsed last night the draft Living Young Action Plan for our Young People 2015- 2017.


The development of a Young People’s Action Plan is a specific Year 1 action in Council’s 4 Year Plan to support the objectives of the Living: Our Path to a Vibrant City theme. The draft Living Young Action Plan for Unley’s Young People 2015-17 has been developed to consider the needs and aspirations of young people, as well as the City of Unley’s approach in supporting this segment of our community.

Young people represent 24% of the City of Unley population and total 8,680. According to the 2011 Census:
• 5.6% of the population were 5-9 years old (approximately 2,000 people)
• 5.1% of the population were 10-14 years old (approximately 1,900 people)
• 5.6% were 15-19 years old (approximately 2,000 people)
• 7.7% were 20-24 (2,800 people), the largest five year age group in the City of Unley.

Living Young represents a new direction in our engagement with young people and is a consultative document which trials new programs and approaches. Through the Plan, the aim for the next two years is to increasingly engage with our young people in the community, putting the City in a better position to inform future planning and program delivery.

In addition, Living Young is not just for young people; many of the actions will interest the broader community and encourage inter-generational opportunities wherever possible.

The actions included in the Plan are aligned to three key objectives:
• Engage and Enhance Leadership in Young People
• Encourage Positive Connections and Learning
• Promote Wellbeing and Resilience

Check out the plan on our website.

For the Geeks Among Us

StreetGeek is heading up to the Goodwood Community Centre for its all-in signature event, StreetGeek X on 4 and 5 October.

A non-profit organisation, StreetGeek strive to hold LAN (Local Area Network) Parties that emphasize a social atmosphere, providing a welcoming and friendly community for all ages.
StreetGeek X will run for 34 hours from 10am Saturday 4 October to 8pm Sunday 5 October, providing an excellent opportunity to make new friends, or catch up with old ones, reduce stress and keep minds active. StreetGeek X will also play host to a variety of tournaments.
With a dedicated team of 18 volunteers, StreetGeek can see the positive impact the LAN parties have on the lives of people that attend.
Zane Adams has attended events since 2006. “StreetGeek is where those with a love of gaming can come and socialise and own a noob or two”, says Zane.  “Be it board games, card games, console or the PC, there will be players who share your favourite games and will have a laugh or two with you. I’ve made friends at StreetGeek that I have had now for 10 years. Not many places can claim that kind of social community”.
This year, The City of Unley is supporting StreetGeek Xfor the fourth time. Community Development Officer for the City of Unley, Amelia Birvé, is collaborating with StreetGeek to organise the event, “We want young people to have the best possible chance of success and happiness. If gaming is their passion then we want to celebrate that, let them share it with others and build up the networks that we know are important for wellbeing at any age.”
StreetGeek X 2014
Saturday 4 October, 10am – Sunday 5 October, 8pm
Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood


Pacesetters again, the City of Unley is the first council in South Australia to trial the Bizifyd youth employment program.

A program which will support both our local young people and our business community, Bizifyd provides young people aged 18-25 with business and enterprise skills that give them the opportunity to set up their own social media business and gain valuable work experience and skills.
The young participants of the Bizifyd will be provided with 6 weeks of training, followed by 6 weeks of hands on experience in delivering social media services to small businesses in Unley.
We are currently seeking five local young people aged 18 – 24 years to be part of the free 12-week program and who are passionate about social media/technology and are interested in running their own business.
We are also seeking expressions of interest from local businesses to be part of the initiative. Participating businesses will receive valuable social media and IT services at an affordable rate, while helping young people in our  local community gain valuable skills and work experience.
The program starts 30th September 2014 and applications for participation will close 19th September 2014.  All application forms will soon be available on Council’s website.