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The City of Unley is embarking on a new initiative, the brain child of it’s CEO Mr Peter Tsokas. We are looking at having three Section 4 Committees in lieu of the City Strategy and Policy Committee…AND…we are looking for public participation.

This initiative is designed to cut the work load of elected members and to avoids some of the messy handling of issues we have experienced in recent times with all elected members being part of the City Strategy & Policy Committee. These committees will meet on an as needed basis but initially it is expected they would meet tri-monthly. This compares with the old committee meeting monthly and handling non strategic items rather than strategic items.
Each committee will have 4 elected members, allowing us to concentrate in detail on fewer issues, while trusting our colleagues on the other committees to deal with their issues similarly. This is in lieu of all of us being involved in depth with all issues.

Here is the exciting news. We are looking for three people from the community to participate on each of these committees. That could mean you.

Yes you might be the person we are looking for. And as an independent member you will receive a sitting fee.

The three committees will be Community and Culture Committee, Development Strategy and Policy Committee and Infrastructure and Capital Projects Committee.

Applicants are required to have expertise relevant to the Committee to which they are applying. Terms of reference are available below.

Community and Culture Committee Terms of Reference
Development Strategy and Policy Committee Terms of Reference
Infrastructure and Capital Projects Committee Terms of Reference
If you are resident of the City of Unley who believe you possess the required knowledge and experience you are encouraged to apply.

Please submit your confidential application outlining your qualifications and experience to:

Carol Gowland, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
City of Unley
PO Box1, Unley SA 5061
Applications will be received until 5pm Friday 21 December, 2012