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It has been a fun day in Parker Terrace, Clarence Park today watching workers requiring access to the rail corridor use all forms of ways of gaining that access.

I watched with amusement but without camera in hand to capture it in pictorial form to watch workers, scale the fence and even slide under the bottom of the fence like a gopher or a wombat. Others came and went in bemusement.

Heavy equipment came expecting access too. They drove off never to be seen near gate 39 again.

What was the problem.

Gate 39 has become the Clayton’s Gate….you remember the add….the gate you have when you don’t’ have a gate.

Seems the original contracts on the rail corridor have met their time frames, and the fence removed for access was replaced late last week, avoiding any penalties for non completion on time. But the temporary gate remains and that is in front of the fence.

So open the gate and you are met with the fence.