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Did you miss the public notice in last week’s Eastern Courier? Then check this. Council’s March 2017 Community Grant funding is now open for applications.  

Each year Council provides chances for community groups to seek assistance in funding their community programs. I always enjoy the chance to see what our community groups are getting up to. A chance to be inspired by my neighbours. A chance to be enlightened. Consequently I find the Community Grant program as energising.
If you are participating in a community project this is your chance to secure funding support from Council. Funding will be available to successful applicants in early June 2017.
In submitting an application for your project please note the following:
1.       If your project commences prior to 1 June 2017 sorry, it is not eligible.  
2.       Projects involving renovations or capital works are not eligible.
3.       If your project requires support, approval or permissions from other areas of Council please make sure you have done this before submitting your application. This includes such things as Development Applications, traffic management issues, etc. Also include any relevant documentation with your application. 
4.       Applicants must reside within the City of Unley and/or be principally providing a service to our residents.
5.       If you have previously received funding for another project, have you must have spent your grant funding?
Guidelines and application forms are available from the Civic Centre. Alternatively you can also download one from Council’s website,. If you would rather you can contact Pam Hocking on her phone 8372 5108 or by emailing her at [email protected].  
If you need assistance with your application afternoon or evening workshops will be held for you to assist you. Furthermore, if this is your first time applying for a grant I encourage you to take advantage of this. Our staff are always keen to help you qualify.
Finally, applications close on Friday 31 March 2017.