Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

The great response from our community to our recent “Community of Possibilities” program was used by Council this weekend to inform our new Strategic Plan.

Yes! Your elected members met with our CEO and his new senior executive of 4 General Managers to work through the results from the Community of possibilities. We rolled up our sleeves and got stuck into planning what the City of Unley should look like in 2033.

Strategic Planning is as hard as it sounds but we have a really good team of people, both elected members and management. We worked well in pulling together not only our own thoughts on where Unley should be in twenty years but in taking on the hundreds of great ideas we got from you during our Community of Possibilities.
Rome was not built in a day however so the best of your thoughts and ideas and our considerations over the last two days will need to be re-drafted over the next month by our administration. This will allow us to make adjustments (in one or more workshops at the Civic Centre) to the draft before going back out to you for your edification of the draft.
It is expected we will be able sanction this at our council meeting of 24th September.
The following eight weeks have been set aside to allow further input by you because, let’s face it, it is your plan. The plan will guide our decision making into the future, so you have a vested interest, in making sure we get it right.
Once we have your feedback it will be reconsidered by Council, hopefully at our Council meeting on 10th December.