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There is much on the agenda tonight as we consider the following:

Kelvin Avenue.

Beginning obviously with Kelvin Avenue I am expecting, in fairness to all who are interested in this project (whether for or against), that this will be deferred for further consideration at the next City Strategy Meeting, due for 19th September. I am still keen to find a solution that provides a win for all. To that end our Traffic Officer will be meeting shortly with Jennie & I to review the thoughts of how the egress from Mills Street in particular can be improved.

This time I hope we can have canvassed all the issues and have a more detailed report on which to make our decision. This should include an assessment of how proposed traffic control measures on Leah Street might impact on the volume of traffic using East Avenue.

Deputy Mayor

Jennie has foreshadowed moving that we now appoint a deputy mayor. As I blogged recently I am happy to vote in favour of this as long as we are doing it for the right reasons. Refer my blog of 19th August.

Eastern Region Alliance

We have a request to contribute to funding to support the development of the Federal Initiatives Group. With the federal government paying more attention to regional rather than local approaches to access federal programs this seems like a necessary initiative.

No Smoking Initiatives

As a non-smoker and someone with respiratory challenges I am very receptive to offering significant discounts on permit fees for outdoor dining to encourage non-smoking in outdoor dining areas. I would expect this one to be approved.

Inner Metro Rim

As I reported on the 8th August the Government backed down on imposing inner rim strategies that were in direct conflict with our understanding of what they were prepared to accept. With some further minor amendments on our part I expect we will endorse the inner rim plan.

Culvert Street

And then there is Culvert Street. Culvert Street has for reasons that go beyond council and local government experienced a similar history as Kelvin Avenue. Rate payers in this area are also making claims of a lack of consultation.

With works to undertaken by DTEI unlikely to proceed for some time the turning of this street into a one way street has proved premature.

Per a motion from Cr Rufus Salaman we will be considering temporarily reverting it back to 2 way, not without cost. Subject to further information indicating DTEI will be bringing forward their work and/or the cost implications this seems like something we need to do.