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Council on Monday night directed our management to look into two issues that have come out of the rail revitilisation projects. They are dilapidation of council assets and compensation for trees lost by the revitilisation works.


Goodwood South’s own, Cr Jennie Boisvert successfully moved as follows:

In relation to dilapidation of Council owned assets as a result of construction
work related to the Goodwood Junction rail project being undertaken by DPTI
Council request Administration to:
1. Identify any long term damage that has resulted in reducing the
lifespan of Council assets such as roads, footpaths, and signs, that
may not need immediate replacing.
2. Negotiate with DPTI an agreed amount of money to compensate for
this loss to Council.
3. Prepare a report for Council on how this will best be managed before
signing off on the agreement with DPTI.

Significant Trees

A motion put by Cr Michael Saies and successfully amended by me to extend the investigation from one tree (the tree in  Arundel Ave) to all trees was also successful. This will include the two trees recently destroyed during the installation of signalling adjacent Clarence Park Station.

This motion simply asks our administration to 

1   investigate and prepare a report into the damage or removal of any trees caused by DPTI or its contractors working on the Rail Revitalisation Projects in Unley.
2   investigate whether prosecution could be pursued by the Council, under the Development Act, 1993, against any contractor, the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure and/or some other