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Deputy DonLast night I was elected unopposed by my peers to take on the role next year of Deputy Mayor.

The position of Deputy Mayor is a position elected by council under clause 51 of the Local Government Act. It is a position elected by the members of Council for terms set by Council not exceeding 4 years. Council have previously determined that these terms be for 12 months.



The role of Deputy Mayor, under the Local Government Act is to

              (6) In the absence of the mayor or chairperson, a deputy mayor or deputy chairperson may act in the office of mayor or chairperson.

I look forward to working with our Mayor Lachlan Cylne in the coming year. It promises to be full of opportunities and challenges. My term begins on January 28 next year. So in the interim it is Deputy Mayor elect.

Cr Rabbitt filled the role this role last year and Cr Schnell before him. Cr Rabbitt’s term finishes on January 27 next year. Both Cr Rabbitt and Cr Schnell have done a sterling job during their respective terms. On behalf of Council and the ratepayers of Unley I thank them.

This is Deputy Dawg. Oops! Deputy Elect Don signing off.