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DPA 2 has, like a number of issues we were dealing with at Council and in the community last year, taken a back seat due to the November elections.


Due to be considered by the Development, Strategy & Policy (DSP) Committee before going to Council means it is unlikely to get back out for the next round of public consultation until May or June in my best guess. This is because we have yet to formalize our Section 41 committees including the DSP committee.

As I have recently posted we have appointed the elected members to the committee. We have yet to finalize the appointment of independent members to the committee. This will be ratified at this month’s full council meeting.

Council’s planning staff have been negotiating with DPTI on the feedback we received during the last round of public consultation.

DPTI and our staff are still working on the last few areas of differing opinions. I understand this will not be far away. Even though Council is not ready to deal with the amended plan it is therefore not ready for us to consider.

I understand also that they (DPTI) may be favourable to a number of our observations.

As soon as I can update you on this I will.