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Yes that is what the DSP committee determined last Monday night to recommend Council consider at their meeting next Monday night.


My DSP committee voted on Monday night this week to recommend that Council accept the offer by DPTI to split the DPA2 into 2; DPA2 part 1, and DPA2 part 2. This would reduce the cost of going back out to the community in both the east and west fringes of our City when the original DPA2 was not widely opposed in the eastern suburbs.

It means that the changes that were not widely opposed can be put to the Minister for approval. It also avoids the Minister reacting unfavourably to the revised recommendations.

It means in turn that the revised recommendations in the west designed to address the concerns expressed by those citizens can go back out in time to consultation. I believe this may well be timed to go out at the same time as the next DPA, known as the General DA, goes out for consultation.

Of course Council must sanction or otherwise this next Monday night when they meet. Watch this space.

I will observe on the General DPA in another blog post.