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Once again the DPTI bushrangers simply blast their way through with total disregard and disrespect for the citizens who live along the rail line that runs through the City of Unley.

One might well ask when will it end.

I have had a chance now to confer with Unley management and staff as to what was agreed and what was not agreed with tree lopping along the Black Forest/Clarence Park section of the corridor. Again the storey from our people contradicts what DPTI are telling us. And I fear what will happen this coming weekend when the bushrangers no doubt will return.

The Pepper Trees in Parker Terrace were trimmed last weekend way beyond what was necessary according to our arborist in a conversation I had this morning when I happened (due to still being home recovering from my recent respiratory complaints) to see him come to inspect the trees.

The cutting that has taken place was on our side of the fence and this was not needed or warranted. This species I understand only needed cutting at the electric cut off line and does not need trimming back to the main branch. He fears that they have now been compromised which worries me sick.

One of the Peppers remains to be trimmed. It is the most significant one of the group and the one that needs close supervision to prevent to being compromised enough to warrant removal.

The way it is going DPTI may as well just drive down the corridor and remove everything in its way because but by bit that is what appears to be happening by default. All the promises about which trees will be saved are being broken, one by one.

The Cedars at the end of Parker Terrace look set to go next and in their case their intrusion into the electric space appears undeniable. If this is the case and they will be so compromised as to warrant their removal we as residents will need to accept this. My worry now is that the shrubbery at the south end of Parker, which my measurements suggest do not trespass into “that” zone may be in jeopardy.

And for the record my understanding of what would have occurred in that conversation about the Princess Margaret Melaleuca. The DPTI representative did start the conversation by saying they were going to prune the limb that is adjacent the new light. Our arborists involvement WAS to say well if you have to take the limb the tree would be sufficiently compromised to warrant taking the tree out.

And I will repeat what I have oft said during this sage that DOES NOT constitute approval by Council. So stop blaming Council.