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The resurfacing of East Avenue (north of the rail line) has been coming for while now after the road suffered significant disintegration as a  result of DPTI works on the rail corridor.

Patch work has all but held the road together up until now but it is full steam ahead.
Residents at that end of East Avenue and adjoining streets have been mailed alerting them to the works. For those of you not on the mailing list or who did not get the letter, like me (yet) please note as follows:
·                    Ø   Road surfacing treatment will commence on Tuesday 10 June for a 4 day period.
Ø  The Traffic Guys will be dealing with the traffic situation
Ø  All signage will be set up by 6.00am (apart from East Ave & Mills St closure to allow north bound traffic until 9.00am)
Ø  Full closure from 9.00am until 3pm
Ø  At 3pm south bound traffic will be allowed (removal of road closure at Leah St & Everard Tce and Leah St & Norman Tce)
Ø  25km/h Speed restrictions apply through site (day shift)
Ø  40km/h Speed restrictions apply through site (after hours) 

Have a great weekend guys ad celebrate East Avenue getting a face lift. I trust no-one is too inconvenienced in the short term.