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As a grandfather with a grand daughter living at home and another on the way I am all for this one. As noted in the article it is a must move.

Below is a press release we have issued.


Did you know that in Australia, we send 2.1 billion disposable nappies to landfill a year and because they take around 150 years to break down, they become a significant ecological issue as they take up valuable landfill.
As part of an ongoing city wide Waste Management program, The City of Unley is consciously trying to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, therefore an important way of achieving this is to encourage residents to use cloth nappies rather than the disposable type.
Cloth nappies have come a long way since the old toweling squares. Modern versions are much more absorbent, less bulky and easier to wash – plus they are just as easy to use as disposables and they look great!
The City of Unley is offering a subsidised program to encourage parents to use cloth nappies via a Cloth Nappy Library.
The Cloth Nappy Library gives you the opportunity to try out different types, sizes and brands of modern cloth nappies for two weeks, helping you find the perfect nappy system for you and your baby.
Information and demonstration sessions explaining the benefits of cloth nappies will be held as follows:
Wednesday 6.30pm 21 March.
Fullarton Park Centre
411 Fullarton Road
Monday 6.30pm 26 March 
Goodwood Community Centre
32-34 Rosa Street
Bookings are essential.
Please RSVP to Grace at [email protected] or phone for further information on mobile 0406 001 216 or visit
Dads and babies are more than welcome!