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The Good. A short while ago we (my wife & I) happened by chance to witness the trialing along our stretch of the line the new electric trains.
The Bad. Our neighbourhood suffered a black out at the precise moment it went past.

It is great news that the electric trains are being trialed along the full length of the Seaford Line. It means they can’t be too far away from carrying passengers. This adds to the news that the Wayville Station will be open on the 17th, maybe a precursor to the electric trains commencing even though there is no word on this yet.

As I said we happened on this event. The trains ARE so silent you don’t know they are coming. It was a fluke in other words I got to see them.

I did manage to get footage of one passing our door.

But my wife and neighbours were worried about a black out we experienced at precisely the time the train passed our door. Co-incidence or a fault that impacts on the power grid. I hope it is the former because (if not) there is going to be further outrage.