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We may have to keep pushing our case with DTEI to make sure we do not get something in Unley we don’t want.

I am led to believe that consultations are occurring now via written feedback submissions and tha t a public meeting is not required given the small number of affected residents. If this is true it would suggest DTEI does not have the same legislative parameters for public consultation we have.

As a resident only 30 metres from the rail line and with only a road between my house and the line I would trust I would be one they will invite written submissions from. As your local member I am keen to know what they are proposing and that it does not have any adverse affect on your amenity.

On a positive note they (DTEI) are still working on the design of those less intrusive rail cross sections and clearance requirements I reported on in my last blog.

Our own staff are also surveying the area to identify opportunities for further greening along the line.