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The ink had barely dried on my post of 9 March on this blog page when we see the flood water rise with yet another public interest group. I have received indirectly a letter from this new group, the FORTREES.


FORTREES is as pronunciation …. for trees.

They have invited people to visit their Facebook page and like. I could not find the site.

This communication is yet another negative response to one of many proposal being put by the experts. Another in a long line of don’t you dare do this.

No dams, no culverts, no easements and now simply leave the creek alone.

As I said back on the 9th, I can’t wait for the full flurry when the consultation becomes official.



PS    In the meantime the ridge park dam construction is well under way and on schedule. Word is that the project is proceeding well with local residents appreciative of the contractors efforts to minimize inconvenience.

And while many thought we would lose many trees including one tree older than civilization this has not eventuated.