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Bloody Elections. Over It. That is what I was hearing from so many people not that long ago. Well guys I am sorry to say there is another one on its way-just 123 days away.

This one is for Local Government.

And as part of the process of preparing for it Council will enter a period of being in “caretaker” mode. This will commence on 16th September after the period for nominations to be received has closed.

During this time council cannot make any decisions that would bind a incoming council. They will also be a limit on what we, as Councillors, can do or respond to. This is in order to protect all candidates and ensure they have a fair and equal opportunity.

If you have any pressing issues I encourage you to air them with me prior to this time to ensure you don’t have to wait until after the election. Having aid that the CEO will answer any correspondence during that time addressed to elected members.

If you want to vote and influence the result of the election of your ward Councillors, or for the Mayor then I suggest you make sure you have enrolled to vote and have that opportunity. And you may be surprised that you might be eligible.

Council elections allow tenants (including non-Australian residents such as international students over 18 or working 457 visas who have lived in Unley for over a month; as well as landlords, holiday house owners and business owners.

To qualify however you do have to jump some hurdles. There is a form to fill out, thankfully just a one pager with 10 boxes to fill in.

The completed forms must be lodged prior to August 8th in order to qualify.

The form can be obtained here.

If you have any query you can speak o one of council’s helpful staff on 8372 5111 or if you prefer the Electoral Commission on 1300 655 232.