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The Unley Swimming Centre was announced as the winner of two separate awards at the annual awards ceremony of the Parks and Leisure Australia and Recreation South Australia 2015 Sate Conference.

Recreation South Australia- Channel 9 2015 Watch Around Water Community Innovation Award
The 2015 Watch Around Water – Nine Adelaide Community Innovation Award is coordinated by Recreation SA to recognise and reward outstanding registered Watch Around Water Centre’s who promote the Watch Around Water safety messages, beyond the marketing tools that are provided by Recreation SA and recognise creativity and innovation and active contribution to Watch Around Water’s water safety message.
The Swimming Centre team are particularly proud of this award as we are the inaugural winner. Our innovative Centre first introduced Watch Around Water and its principles to the South Australia in 2006.
The second award was the,

Recreation South Australia- CASA  2015 Leisure Community Fitness and Recreation Initiative Award
Free Friday 1The 2015 CASA Leisure South Australian Community Fitness and Recreation Initiative Award is coordinated by Recreation SA to recognise and reward organisations or individuals developing positive community fitness and/or recreation initiatives. This initiative will be an ongoing or repeatable (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, annual) program that meets a community need, demonstrates inclusivity, community involvement, usability and accessibility.
The award was received for the Free Friday Initiative and the Swim Centre team recognised all Elected members who unanimously endorsed this initiative to operate.