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The Goodwood Oval initial draft of recommendation s that come form the consultation conducted recently will be put to the Council meeting next month, on July 28.

The members of the Goodwood Oval Reference Group were briefed at their meeting last night and I believe those present were amenable to what was being suggested.

Extensive community engagement is now complete with the findings of this engagement informing the development of the draft improvement plan.  A first draft is with Administration for consideration and is currently subject to change.  The document will include project and site background information; considerations, profiles and analysis;  key findings and an improvement plan for each site including a series of recommendations, indicative costing and concept plans for Council’s consideration.

The improvement plan report is anticipated to be presented for endorsement at the Council meeting on 28 July 2014.  If endorsed the next stages of this project will include detailed design and further engagement with the community and user groups.