Goodwood Road, Mitchell Street intersection.

With our recent success on Goodwood Road with the Pedestrian Crossing now in action we can move our focus to the corner of Mitchell Street and Goodwood Road.

I can report that ETSA has advised that the stobie poles that reduce vision for cars in Mitchell Street looking to turn into Goodwood Road (whether north or south) will be relocated as part of the undergrounding works in this location commencing in 2013.
I can also report that no objections were raised in a recent survey to installation of parking prohibitions in this location. Signs will therefore be installed this month
Unfortunately modifications to the shop front, such as setting back can only be considered when and if the site is redeveloped.


  1. Rufus   •  

    Just for a moment I thought the good news was going to be that once the undergrounding of the ETSA wires and removal of the poles was completed, the intersection was going to be signalised. This would improve safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike and is long overdue.

  2. Don   •  

    I agree Rufus. It is a heavily used intersection and many a car waiting to access Goodwood Road can wait forever to get out.

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