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Goodwood Road will soon be the focus of both Council activity but State Government activity. This will result in Goodwood will truly be Alive and Vibrant.


It all started back in 2009. The Unley Business and Economic Development Committee recognised this main commuter road as narrow and full of obstacles.  identified this road as a priority for redevelopment. It developed an Urban Design Framework to improve the road. The committee recognised that under grounding the power lines would be good for improved visibility and movement.

Goodwood Road

Under grounding the power lines would therefore make this section of road a safer place to travel and visit.

A couple of years ago the Power Line Environment Committee (PLEC) committee approached Council to work towards under grounding the lines. They represent SAPN (South Australia Power Networks, formerly ETSA). We agreed last year to their offer to underground lines between the tram line and Victoria Street. This work is scheduled to commence in September and be complete by July 2016.

Seizing on this Council has also determined to dovetail into this project and improve the footpath street scape.

Completing the package we now know that the Government’s Budget includes $70 million to improve “critical road infrastructure”, including this section of Goodwood Road. So Goodwood Road is going to get a facelift that is so significant it will rival the recent Goodwood Grade separation of the Seaford and Hills rail lines. And that keeps a strong focus on Unley’s west.

Back to our part in the multi project.

Our focus is to make the footpath environment a more user friendly and inviting landscape. Concept designs reflecting feedback from the community survey during April 2015 have been put together.  The Concept Plans are now available for review. They identify a range of opportunities to improve the usability, function, character and sustainability of the village. They have a focus on greening the intersections with the side streets, such as Rosa Street, Lily Street etc.

The concept plan is too large to reproduce here so I recommend you check it out at the Unley Civic Centre. It is also available on our have your say website. Please have a look and give us your feedback.

As the design develops we will keep coming back to the community to ensure the concept reflects the aims of the community and the ‘alive and vibrant’ identity of Goodwood Road.