Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

While the Expert panel appointed by the Deputy premier works through developing a new model for approving development in this state John Rau determined unilaterally some time back to take certain classes of development out of the hands of Councils.

Not only has he indicated we are incompetent to handle large scale developments but he is also suggesting by his saying we don’t even get to contribute to the debate that we are not capable of contributing to a healthy outcome.

And he did this in contravention of an agreement between the state government and local government which indicates the state government  would  consult on all decisions they may make that affect local government.

In doing what he did he has been quite vocal on the role of elected members on DAPs suggesting they are likely to make political decisions rather than in accordance with the relevant development plan. That is notwithstanding he can act unilaterally and override DAP decisions where he has a differing view as he did recently with a development on South Terrace for the St Andrews Hospital.

Do as I say not as I do.

Enter Mark Parnell MLC who is making good on a pre-election promise to disallow the regulations so that a proper debate can be had.

I moved a motion in Council last night supporting Mr Parnell who is seeking support from Councils for his move. This was supported unanimously from memory.

We should wait on the Expert Panels findings which are due soon. Of course you have to ask the question, how much are they being influenced by the Minister by the actions he has taken.

I finish this blog post with a question to you. Who would you prefer assesses an application for a 4 or 5 storey development next door to you? Council or a bunch of people without an intimate feeling for your neighbourhood, your street?