Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

One of the best parts of being a Councillor at your local Council is the satisfaction of knowing you can be a positive help to your rate payers.

I have often helped individuals navigate the sometimes tricky process of communicating with Council. Whilst maybe not as difficult as dealing with a State or Federal Government department it can be daunting.

 As I have previously reported I have also helped a number of our residents in their dealings with one State Government department in DPTI. Sometimes I have also simply been able to help one of our residents in a totally non government situation.

Some time back now I had such an opportunity to help Chris, who is a Crows supporter.

Chris was embroiled, as a tenant in a neighbour dispute over fencing. At the end of the line as a tenant, she was having to negotiate with not only her landlord but through the Strata Corporation’s Property Management Agent to resolve problems with the developer of her neighbours property.

A land mine of communication and it was great to see that the Mayor and I were able to play a part in making her life easier.

I came across a video that the Mayor organised during that time earlier tonight. Quite frankly it tells the storey better than I can. Have a watch by visiting this link to our Mayors You Tube site