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The ICAC Bill, passed last week the Legislative Council in an amended form and subsequently ratified by the House of Assembly, has focused would you believe on the one level of Government most in need of controlling.


It is expected to be assented to today.  



Yes you guessed it the bad boys of Government –Councils – are the ones to cop it in the neck.The angels on North Terrace are exempt; surprise, surprise!

The Bill, as originally drafted, provided for the establishment of the Parliamentary Conduct Committee to keep Parliamentary conduct under review, to promote compliance with standards of conduct, to investigate alleged contraventions by members of Parliament and to report contraventions to the relevant House. These provisions have been deleted in their entirety meaning Members of Parliament are not subject to the same level of scrutiny and accountability as elected members of Councils.

So after all this time the public who have been asking for a mechanism to prevent corruption etc for Parliament have not got what they were expecting.


………………….thought you all might like to know…………..