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Those of you on the DPTI mailing list would have received this communication. For those of you who aren’t. 

The electric lines have been switched on.

The overhead wires along the railway lines between Seaford and Hallett Cove Beach were energised in June 2013, and between Hallett Cove Beach and Hove in November 2013. 

In January 2014, the remainder of the Seaford (formerly Noarlunga) line from Hove to Adelaide Railway Station is being ‘switched on’.  Overhead wires and attachments within the rail corridor will therefore be dangerous if interfered with, carrying 25,000 volts of electricity. 
Please click below for further information. 

Community update – rail electrification ‘switched on’ from Seaford to Adelaide Railway Station
Please, please, please do not interfere with the lines in any way!