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I asked in my last blog post, is the North-South Corridor Reference Design getting close.

Before the Reference Design is considered complete, I believe there remain many issues that still need to be addressed. I struggle to see these issues being resolved by the end of the year.

I identified in my last blog several issues that are being addressed. In this blog, I identify issues that have not been discussed at any length. This includes:

  • Connectivity with Cross Road and B-Double traffic.
  • Addressing local traffic issues.
  • Tree and vegetation planting.
  • Stormwater issues.

Cross Road B-Double Traffic

The Department has another project team looking into master planning Cross Road to facilitate taking the B-Double traffic that now uses Glen Osmond Road. This work has only recently begun and has not progressed far. As a result, they have not addressed (as far as I can solicit) how Cross Road will interface with the Corridor.

Emerson IntersectionThe north-south team, notwithstanding Minister Wingard’s public iteration to the contrary, are not addressing the Emerson intersection.

I have unsuccessfully (to date) requested the Reference Group being briefed by the Cross Road team. With the end of the year approaching, I wonder if this will happen. Of course, there may be nothing to be gained by this if that team has not done enough work to provide a reasonable briefing.

In my mind, this is a vital component of the project in that the two projects must talk to each other. Irrespective of the reason, this is not happening. A briefing therefore may (at the very least) ensure one of the teams turns their head to this vital concern.

From a property acquisition point of view, it would be poor to leave some property owners believing they are safe from acquisition, only to find the Cross Road project needing to interface with South Road and requiring it anyway.

Local Traffic Issues

I am hearing the Department suggest that local traffic management issues can be dealt with easily after the fact by working with the Councils. Let’s face it, local traffic is a Council’s responsibility. Due to their local knowledge, Councils are better equipped of course to do so.

Because of this, however, the department sees this as something that can be addressed after the completion of the reference design.

Leaving it to after the reference design is complete is however expecting too much from the Councils. Leaving it until after the reference design will surely limit the capacity of the various Councils to come up with the best possible solutions. It is therefore unfair to expect Councils to find solutions after the fact.

Not engaging the Councils at this stage, I therefore believe is dangerous.


The Project Team has also not addressed stormwater issues. They again appear not to see this as needing attention now. And yet stormwater MUST be addressed before tunnelling begins. Once again, Councils will have to be involved with this. Like with Traffic management, they are best positioned to take the lead. They know the problems.

We can’t expect them to have the solutions after the tunnels are built, however. They should be invited to participate NOW.

Stormwater in Adelaide is primarily east-west navigation. The Corridor places a physical barrier preventing what is happening now.

Potential resolutions will be harder to achieve post the reference design. I suggest therefore this needs to be addressed urgently.


So, in keeping with my earlier blog. Is the North-South Corridor Reference Design is getting close, or not?

Whilst I struggle to see this happening, hopefully, some of the answers will become known in a month from now.