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Just Retired and Inspired by those who Precede me is my take on this morning. Just retired I am grateful that I am part of a Council that supports older people.


Regular readers of this blog website know I have recently retired.

With the development of an Active Ageing Strategy in 2014, we (the City of Unley) has been leading the charge in celebrating ageing and implementing initiatives that support people as they get older.

The latest initiative in Partnership with Resthaven, Unley Legends, is an absolute winner. It was launched at another Unley Legend, the Capri Theatre today.

Unley Legends is a video series celebrating ageing.

The series of short videos showcases seven inspiring legends of the Unley community who are still young at heart, including 99-year-old Millswood resident Harold Sammells who still travels overseas. He could not attend because he is cruising in Canada.

I was inspired too with the Legends in the west. Two contributors of and one participant at the Clarence Park Community Centre out here in the west of the City were featured among the seven. They include:

  1. 72 year old Peter Moors who contributes to the centres TOYS program.
  2. 73 year old Evaristo Barrera who conducts Yoga lessons at the Centre
  3. 90 year old June Harris who participates in line dancing at the centre

These guys have provided me and you if you care to hear what they have to say some great mentorship. I heard all of them tell me that it is important to stay active. Physically,mentally, socially and spiritually. The other message is take your eyes off yourself and do for others.

So yes! I am just Retired and Inspired by those who Precede me. How could you not be.

Check out for yourself what the Unley Legends video series, visit