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No Council issues raised for a change at Kate’s latest street meeting. Federal issues (as they should) took centre stage.

Federal issues are more prominent on our rate payers minds than local issues judging by the conversations at yesterday’s meeting at Dora Guild Playground. I understand it was a similar situation at the meeting prior, at Forestville Reserve.

An number of issues evoked some powerful emotions. These include on topics such as the boat people and off shore processing, carbon tax, rail freight diversion, water resource management and power pricing.

The meeting was unlike others I have attended and whilst I sense from the meeting that Kate is still well respected by her constituents, they have a problem with the performance of her colleagues. Clearly there some issues for Kate to take back to Canberra.

At the local level I took the opportunity to encourage our rate payers to participate in the Community of Possibilities survey currently in progress (refer my post of earlier today). A couple of rate payers with issues they wish looked into stayed behind to air their concerns. The issues raised I am happy to investigate.