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While we await confirmation from DPTI of the final mast locations the masts for the electrification of the Noarlunga (Seaford) line themselves have been delivered and placed in the corridor being the inaccessible gate 39.

We have been advised that residents in 4 “nodes” will get the opportunity to walk their section of the line to identify where the masts are going to be located. This is something, along with confirmation of the location of the corridor fencing that will enable Council and residents to look at landscaping options for renewal.

Seems that moment is not far off, although delivery of the masts leaves one with the impression we will get to know their location when they are erected, because when we are shown the positions will have been finalised with no chance for residents contribution into their location.

In the meantime the tree on the right in this video clip was damaged minutes after the video as the workers struggled to get the masts around it. I am also relatively informed that a tree to the left was damaged when later they maneuvered the truck.