Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

Today’s meeting, my second with Rod Hook, this time with Jennie and with our own CEO and our General  Manager Infrastructure, shows the value of talking with decision makers.

The meeting was arranged to discuss a number of issues still alive and needing direction on the rail corridor projects. We scored a number of wins for our residents courtesy of a CEO who wants to not disadvantage residents, and who is quite open to providing choice where this can be done without compromising the project profile set by the Government.
The major win today was confirmation of the latest saga to beset the project, and which was the subject of a public meeting last week. THE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING AT MILLSWOOD, Arundel to the Bowling Club, WILL NOT BE CLOSED.

We also queried him on what is going to happen with Graffiti not just at the end of the rail revitalization projects but by way of ongoing maintenance. Whilst we (Council) indicated we might be able to contribute through our volunteer program, Rod indicated they will be letting a contract similar to that being used on the nearby Gallipoli Underpass.

This involves regular observance and removal within 24 hours. Seems to be working on my experience on the Underpass.

The walkway between Cranbrook Avenue and Victoria Street will be retained which will be well received by residents in that Millswood pocket between Goodwood Road and the Belair  rail line.

He will also look into why there is only a 1200 high mesh fence along Canterbury Terrace, agreeing with my observation to his staff a couple of weeks back that is was not safe.

All in all it was a successful meeting and i look forward to the fruits of our discussions on location.