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Further to my last blog post, I offer the following update on the Mike Turtur Bikeway Overpass for you. It is good news. At the very least it is buying time.

Some of you would be aware in subsequent conversations that I was hoping that we could convince DIT to brief the Council on the project. I indicated to those people that I was hoping it might be as early as this Monday.

I can confirm they have agreed to brief us. It will NOT however be next Monday night. They have indicated that they will be in a position to brief Council in April. We (Council) will try and lock in a date with them in the next few weeks.

This timeline is fine as SCAP will be considering the planning approval at their meeting in early May.

In light of the above, we have advised DIT that the report on granting them a licence will now go to Council in May. There is no point us considering this unless and until the project has received development approval.

Therefore, we will extend the Council’s current consultation for a few more weeks. While we are doing this, I must reinforce that (as this is a DIT project) any submissions concerning the design of the structure be directed to them. That is who must hear it. Submissions to us should be simply around whether or not we grant a licence.

Feedback from DIT indicates that they have received quite a few submissions about the project, and this will require some further thinking on their part. That sounds encouraging.