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There can be only one real confirmation that this is going to happen and that is seeing work undertaken to permit it to happen. Well that is about to occur so there is no longer an argument about it.

The State Government Transport Services Division is sending letters today to residents surrounding the Millswood Station to confirm work will commence as soon as this coming Monday, 30th June.

Some preliminary works have been undertaken in recent weeks, including vegetation clearance
ahead of the start of upgrade works to commence next week.

The $500,000 upgrade works will include raising the height of the platform to reduce the step and
gap, including ramp modifications for improved access, new lighting, shelters, platform furniture,
voice annunciator, platform fencing and electrical works.

Following the successful completion of these works, the Department for Planning, Transport and
Infrastructure (DPTI) expects to begin the commencement of rail services at Millswood Station on a
trial basis later this year.

Residents are being advised that during the works, they may hear sounds from heavy rail equipment and machinery. Heavy vehicles will be accessing the site via Vardon Terrace and traffic management will be in place as required.

In order to complete these works safely and efficiently, it will be necessary for some work to occur
during the night to avoid closure of passenger train services. Further advice will be provided as it
becomes available.

Great news indeed and this should put an end to the continuing doubt that has existed. Of course, as I have suggested before, this success of this trial rests with us. Use it or lose it will be the catch cry I guess.